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A New Beginning?

Senator Gaius

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Good Afternoon, and welcome to the Daily News with Jacopo Williams. You join me here in San Marco, our new capital, today, for the historic ceremony that will change life as we know it!

Today the Senate of the Interim Republic will formally step down to allow proper democracy, as existed five hundred years ago in what was once the Republic of Burgundia-Venezzo, to flouish in the Serenissima once again!!

The Consuls of the Republic and their Praetors, hell, the entire senate, will surrender their powers to a parlamento. Now, back in the old days that was a gathering of citizens in St Mark's Square, but today this will be national network of voting computers, one in every household. A President and Council will be elected for terms of a year to guide our fledgeling democracy onwards.


Wait, now, Consul Borso Valiani has stepped up to the podium to...what the hell.....

<explosions, screams of terror and dismay>




What the fu...




<anchorman appears, blood on his face> Ok ,folks, we have just witnessed. I don't know what. The whole damn square...is blown to sh*t. What the fu... hang on, we just received word that there will be a statement from Senator Gaius Valiani.

<Valiani appears, covered in blood>


"Fellow citizens of Burgundy-Brabant. A horrific tragedy has ocurred. A bomb has exploded in St Mark's square, killing many civilians. It has talken a heavy toll of our government too. Consuls Borso Valiani and Deppe Tyrehhnian are dead, as are most of Praetors, and the majority of Senators. And i have just been informed that in Brindisi, Royalist rebels have seized the city and declare the return of the Grand Dukes.

I can reliably inform you that the bombing was the work of Dr Kleiner, the renegade Sevrunian scientist we have been hunting these last few weeks. We believe him to be in league with the rebels.

I will not allow these Royalists to overthrow our democracy! I will not allow the Serenissima to fall back into privation and anarchy! I, and the surviving senators, have decided to restore for the period of this crisis, the post of Dux Dictatum Generalissimo, Doge. There will be now held a parlamento of all citizens in this city, to choose who will become emergeancy leader.

<there are inumerable loud and raucous cries of 'Valiani, Valiani'>

Very well. I will take the post of Doge until such a time i can say that order is restored. I will announce my Companion Councillors later. Thank you."


sh*t. This is Jacopo Williams, for BBTV.

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To all Nations.


This is an internal matter. We warned you this would happen, we said Kleiner was a threat to us all, and you ignored it. We will handle this uprising, we will capture Dr Kleiner, and we will execute him for crimes against the Serenissima. Look to your own borders, and beware of similar uprisings.


Doge Gaius Reman Valiani.

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We have seen no proof that Kleiner was connected to this, in fact we still don't know for certain whether or not he was responsible for the Jaihu incident.


He is to be brought in for questioning and that is final. Guilty or not, we will not stand by while he is executed under these circumstances. He is to be returned to Sevrun for questioning and possible trial.


Despite what he may be, he is still a citizen of Sevrun. Once again, he is to be captured, not killed.


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To Sevrun government

From Gaius Reman Valiani, Dictator of the Serene Republic,


Very well. If we find Dr Kleiner, we will take him alive. We aren't happy about it, three thousand people, including my father Consul Borso died, but in the interest of peace and justice we will do this for you.

The rebels however, we shall crush, and anyone helping them.

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Republic High Command reports the complete destruction of the Rebel Imperial forces at Pikon Ridge. Two legions were destroyed, with barely 500 losses for us.


This brings an end to Imperial designs on Tyhrren Province, leaving them with only the Upper Cisalpine lands.

Victory to the Republic!

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