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Build up in Amberly

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Greetings friends and island brothers,


I am here today as a MATA member and as a friend to ask a favor. We would like to request permission to continue a build up of SS Naval ships and bases in and around the city of Amberly. We feel Amberly is at a crucial position and would be valuable to us in any military actions we were to take in future conflicts. At all times any ship or personell of ours would be of full access to you. You would be informed of any action or movement before we did anything.


We would also like to open our nation to your military as well. We welcome any joint ventures into the S.S.S.S. by the Niederostereichian military any day. Training missions and joint war games are also welcomed. We believe that united we are much stronger and could provide an even better situation for the people of our great island. We await your response.




President Pot of S.S.S.S

MATA Board Member

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To: President Pot of S.S.S.S.

From: Niederoestereichian Government

Subject: Amberley Military build up


At current we will allow the S.S.S.S. to further build up naval forces around Amberley, but ask you to limit it to no more then 15 vessels of Frigate, Destroyer, Cruiser or Battleship classes, unless the need for more naval ships are required for whatever reason. Although coast guard vessels are welcome. To further strengthen the security of our island, we propose to form a multi-national coast guard fleet made up us both our nations, and to provide further security to other MATA members whom may not be able to afford such measures. And a railroad network from our boarders into your country, to streamline heavy industry trade and allow rapid deployment of troops in case of ether country coming under attack. Of course a line would be built from Amberley direct for military use only for re-supplement overland.


Niederoestereichian Government

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