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NationStates: World Census Rankings Changes

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As previously mentioned, the World Census occasionally changes the way it measures things—usually because of flaws discovered in the old methodology, as revealed by a few extreme cases.

These recalibrations are posted for public preview ahead of implementation on the World Census Beta page, so that nations can provide feedback. A batch have completed this process, and will go live in the next few days!

Most nations won't notice any change. But you might, especially if your nation is very unusual. In those cases, you will see an abrupt change in some of your World Census ranking scales as the new system is adopted.

If you're interested in what might be coming down the pipeline, a new round of betas has also just been made public! Previews are now available for:

  • Beta 012 affecting Tourism

  • Beta 014 introducing a new ranking, Generosity

  • Beta 017 affecting Civil Rights

  • Beta 019 introducing a new ranking, Patriotism

  • Beta 020 introducing a new ranking, Hunger

  • Beta 021 introducing a new ranking, Food Quality

  • Beta 022 introducing a new ranking, Ease of Commute

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