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Tech ladder for nuclear weapons

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Hello community. I would like to ask your help in creating a believable technology ladder for the development of nuclear weapons.

Since physics is far from my specialty, your help will be of great value. This is what I have so far.

For nuclear energy

Note: you are required to find a supplier in order to build nuclear weapons. This way you also need to cooperate, preventing lone-wolfs.

  • reactor design
  • nuclear materials supplier (not you)
  • nuclear refinery
  • nuclear energy
  • nuclear-waste management (and all protests that come with it)

For long-range missiles

Note: the development of ICBM's is tied into having part of the space program ladder.

  • flying bomb
    • autopilot
    • catapult test
    • prototype test
  • strategic bomb
    • gyroscope autopilot
    • advanced weather tests
    • prototype test
  • ballistic bomb
    • multi-stage flight
    • launch computer
    • prototype test
  • ICBM
    • guidance system computer
    • prototype test
    • SSBN

See also the existing ladder for space exploration: http://www.europans.com/topic/4121-capabilities-of-the-space-agencies/

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