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National Anthem Lyrics Generator

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Over on Reddit someone asked for help to write their own national anthem.

While it's always more original to do this yourself, there exists a free and easy National Anthem Lyrics Generator to help you write one.

So if you don't know how to write a song, this tool will help you get there. You enter some details and it will spit out some lyrics for you. Some results look quite well, others are completely random and incoherent. So give it a few tries. And yes, you an also end up with Soviet communist national anthems.

Note: this is not a song maker. It won't compose any music for you. Just the fake national anthem lyrics.

National Anthem Lyrics Generator

Source: Build Your Own National Anthem (Slate, 6 February 2014)

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It definitely is great for a framework, but not writing it for you that's for sure. Definitely will need to do some editing 😂


Word of beauty and of fame,

For the nation of Oyus.

This is the country of every tribe,

The land of Baloch and Uzbeks,

Pashtuns and Hazaras,

Turkmen and Tajiks.

Sava, Drava, keep on flowing,

Danube, do not lose your vigour,

Deep blue sea, tell the world,

That a Croat loves his homeland.

A mighty will, great glory –

These are your heritage for all time!

The fearful night has ceased.

Sublime Liberty

Shines forth the dawning

Of its invincible light.

With glowing hearts we see thee rise,

The True North strong and free!

Oyusards are fighting,

Fighting for their rights!


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3 hours ago, Oyus said:

Oyusards are fighting,

Fighting for their rights!

For their rights to party? 😄

A couple of years ago I wrote this simple anthem.


Freedom's Sun
(Numbers indicate seconds when each strophe begins.)

3 High on the horizon,
9 Rises now the Oriental Sun

14 Light of the true justice,
20 echoes on in the ears of time

26 Voyagers, brave immortal,
29 true freedom
31 is imprinted
33 on our souls

36 Enduring,
39 Eternal,
42 Empire of Orioni


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