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Request: Oyus Minor Things

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  • 4 months later...

Rather than create another thread for something still semi-minor, I have decided to post in this one as it is still marked todo which means presumably this is still in the cards to be done?

As I begin to add more depth to Oyus, I have come to a conclusion to utilize Malagasy as the base for what my people speak. As such, I can finally make changes to what have been seen by me as placeholder names, and additionally add some more sense and meaning to the names of my major towns.

  • Farla will become Vaovaohitra - a combination of words that mean "New village"
  • Brisore will become Costa Scura - Cristenese/Limonaian for what was originally referenced in Oyan as "the dark coast" and later embraced and adopted by the local population as the town's importance increased.
  • Matana will become Morlavitra - a shorthand combination of words that mean "Distant coast" as it is the major population center of the southern isle.

As always, thank you @Orioni aka Big O for your cartographic skills and dedication to the mapmaking you do for us and of your patience for my requests ❤️

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