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Headlines from Eulycea

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Here, curated for the international reader's viewing pleasure, are selected headlines from some of Eulycea's most popular news publications.

Currently, these publications include:



Often decried as a "tabloid" and "gossip rag," The Royal Reporter offers current (though often speculative) news on the daily lives of the royalty and nobility in the kingdom.

2 NOV 2019
"Princess Christina denies pregnancy rumors"
"There's a new kid on campus: HRH Princess Lily Adrienne"



The Enquirer magazine reports on current politics and has a large and active opinions section, almost uniformly from the high-brow perspective of the kingdom's conservatives and traditionalists.



The Times of Eulycea, founded in 2000, is a modern attempt at more politically-neutral and fact-based reporting in national news.

8 DEC 2019
"Eulycea Defeats Oyus 38-26, Lining Up for Rugby Championship"

19 DEC 2019
"Eulycea Rugby Continues Winning Streak, Defeats Seylos 35-11"
"Blaise Albani declares creation of 'Democratic League' in Eulycea"


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Princess Christina denies pregnancy rumors
DPLDwnK.png?1Earlier this week, Her Highness, Princess Christina, the Duchess of Brisa, appeared live on Eu24 to discuss her new life among the royal family. After marrying last July His Royal Highness, the Duke of Brisa, Charles, the heir apparent to the throne, she has been "enjoying life quite splendidly." The newly-weds spent their nearly month-long honeymoon in the Tapeltans at an undisclosed skiing lodge that belonged to the bride's family, House Bosonona. "Charles and I are both very athletic," Her Highness commented. "We made great sport of racing each other down the mountain on our skis." But for all their athleticism, and all that time spent in serene seclusion, no pregnancy ever came. Neither Her Highness nor her husband made any comment, after returning from their honeymoon, on the lack of a child. But anonymous sources intimate to the royal family make note that rumors began to fly around this time last year that the couple was having difficulty conceiving.

A historical expert on the royal family, Dr. Augustin Beusas, weighed in. "It's no surprise to me," he said, confirming the information provided by our sources. "The Sybinan family has always demonstrated fertility issues. After all, was it not Queen Rose [1811-1876] who did not have her only son, Charles I, until she was thirty-one? And she, herself, was King Michael's only surviving child? And equally so with the Sybinans today: His Majesty and Her Majesty after thirty-seven years of marriage still only have two children."

Earlier last month, however, the rumors took an entirely different flavor. Her Highness, Princess Christina, cancelled a gala she was hosting on the 5th, and then a press event on the 7th, due to "unforeseen illness," in the words of the Public Office. It was not described as serious illness, and neither was she admitted to a hospital. Our sources tell us that speculation abounded about it being morning sickness, the first signs of her first child with her husband Charles. Apparently, such rumors became so widespread that she had been approached with many congratulations, gifts, flowers, and letters from well-wishers over the past few weeks, as Her Highness confessed to the hosts of Eu24.

"I am afraid I must settle the gossip and explain there is no pregnancy yet," Her Highness said politely, with only a hint of sadness in her voice. "Charles and I have been trying for a baby, yes, but nothing has come of it yet," she reiterated.

"Have you considered fertility treatments?" one host asked. Her Highness confirmed that they were.

It's the first time the royal family has ever considered such treatment in public," Dr. Beusas noted.

We here at The Reporter will be wishing her and Charles, nonetheless, the best of luck.

There's a new kid on campus: HRH Princess Lily Adrienne
If you study at the University of Brisa, there's a chance you might be rubbing shoulders with royalty. Her Royal Highness, the Princess Lily Adrienne, daughter of Charles IV and younger sister to the Duke of Brisa, is finally taking up studies in the university's international affairs program.

zquAMzb.png?1Initially, it was unclear what the young Princess, still only eighteen, would be doing after graduating St. Mary's Academy for Girls in Montelupo, her private secondary school of just two years. The Princess, who had been previously tutored her whole life in relative seclusion, remained an enigma then. Some expected that she would be engaged after marriage, with such wild theories as a wedding to the widowed Duke of Usco, though he is nearly fifty years her senior, but no ridiculous thing as that ever came. Instead, the Princess appeared to be taking time off for personal study (though she continued to compete publicly in dressage events).

Yesterday, the Public Office, in cooperation with the University of Brisa, announced Her Royal Highness would begin attending the institution's international affairs program. The reasons for her delay before entering school were ascribed to security concerns. We spoke with one anonymous student, who showed us they had been removed from a course unexpectedly due to such security concerns—a class, evidently, that the Princess is taking. Indeed, students and faculty have both noticed the intensified presence of suited guards around campus.

Though no trouble ever came to the Duke of Brisa when he attended the university in 2005 and 2006, it appears that Good King Charles is taking no chances with his precious daughter.

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Eulycea Defeats Oyus 38-26, Lining Up for Rugby Championship

Today, the Eulycean national rugby team defeated Oyus 38-26 in a remarkable victory from behind. Both teams met each other with spectacular aggression, making the game a dynamic toss-up in the first twenty-five minutes with the Oyusards in the lead. But soon their fortunes were reversed when the Eulycean team, led by captain and star player Louis Pagani, scored thirty-one points and ended the game with a twelve-point lead.

"This team is energy," Pagani told reporters after the game. "Our game is frenzy. We're going to go as hard as we can as long as we can, and I think that puts us in great shape to take the cup."

His Majesty, Charles IV, telephoned the Eulycean team playing in Gallambria and congratulated them after the game.

The Six Nations Rugby Tournament, hosted at Cobram Park Stadium, will continue until January 13th. It is not an elimination tournament, so the team with the most points (determined by their wins and margins of victory) will take home the championship cup.

Eulycea wishes her rugby team the best of luck!

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19 DECEMBER 2019

Eulycea Rugby Continues Winning Streak, Defeats Seylos 35-11
In the second week of the Six Nations Rugby Tournament hosted this year in Gallambria, Eulycea's rugby team trounced the Seylosian team with a solid 35-11 victory.

After 15 minutes of back and forth, #34 Denis Bercator was tackled by a Seylosian player on the first long run of the game for the Eulycean side. The tackle forced him to the ground awkwardly on his right leg and his ankle was injured. Team members helped Bercator off the pitch while on the sidelines the bench booed and jeered at their Seylosian opponents loudly.

Team captain Louis Pagani shut that down, however, and after a quick team conference, the team went on to start a 21-0 scoring run with a try from Pagani that completely shut down the Seylosian offense and penetrated its defense with ease for the rest of the game.

Team managers announced Bercator suffered a spiral fracture on his right ankle and was admitted to a local hospital for treatment. He will not return to the pitch for the rest of the tournament.

Pagani told reporters that "things were heated on the [Eulycean] bench," after the rough tackle the Seylosians gave Bercator without penalty from referees. "But we tapped into that anger for the rest of the game and it fueled us all the way to the end."

Blaise Albani declares creation of "Democratic League" in EulyceapyTleXt.png
At a press conference in Brisa today, the President of the Republican Party of Eulycea, Mr. Blaise Albani, announced that his party and the Young People's Party of Eulycea would be co-founding a coalition of parties unrepresented on the parliamentary ballot. Mr. Albani and Mr. Timothy Girardi, leader of the Young People's Party, signed an agreement before the press that they would work together under the auspices of a new "Democratic League of Eulycea."

Mr. Albani explained that the future aim of this Democratic League is the same as the current long-term goal of his Republican Party: to reduce King Charles to a ceremonial monarch and hand his executive powers over to elected leaders.

Political experts predict that other unrepresented parties in parliament, such as the Secularist Party and Socialist Party, will soon join Mr. Albani's coalition.

The Democratic League will hold its first convention in Brisa sometime early next year. With a broader coalition than merely the Republican Party's substantial membership rolls—last seen hovering around 90,000—Mr. Albani hopes that petitions to repeal the exclusionary acts that keep his party and others from Parliament will succeed.

However, he has already faced some criticism for this move, especially from existing detractors of the Republican Party such as Baron Benedict de Forgia, an MP of the King's Party. Baron de Forgia told The Times that "inviting radicals and extremists and all the riff-raff of the kingdom's politics will only turn His Majesty's Parliament away from [Mr.] Albani's cause."

Speaking with The Times, Mr. Albani replied that "the people out on the street and the people working for a miser's wage may seem like plain old riff-raff to a baron, but they ought to have as much of a say as any duke, count, or king in how this country is run."

His Majesty's Press Office could not be reached to comment.

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