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October 20, 2019 | Days of Sigrid, The President

0800AST | Strasburg Estate

It had been a few weeks since the Edition of 'Ahrana Today' concerning the situations of Vulga Supra and Uppasla and many other towns and cities across the Federation that have been neglected and had the Federal Government turn its back to it, that edition of the News had hit Sigrid hard to the point she felt she has failed her people which she knows she has to a point. She had promised to repair what had happened under the Ivanoff Administration and the Revolutions that had followed before and after. Sigrid had been contemplating in her Office at her Private Estate for days away from the public eye, she had been having a rough time here lately and didn't wish for the Central Government to really see her in this shape and form. The only people she truly trusted were Minister Core of Intelligence, Minister Claire of Internal Affairs, Director Amalie of the Security Services, Aleksandra of Moskovo, Rita of the Presidium Secretary and Minister Paul of Agriculture all who were devout supporters of her Political Alliance and who were from all parties in that Alliance that believed in Sigrid in being the right person to lead the Government.

Sigrid was looking out her Office Window when one of the Aids came in and turned on the radio and put it on the Ahranaian Folk Music Stataion, Sigrid had turned around and smiled at the aid and gestured for the aid to come over to her. 

Would you care to join me for some Tea here in the office I need some company for the time being if your up to it Joaan?

That would be alright Madam President I'll bring the Kettle and Cups over to the Table at the Window.

No you come and sit I will do that okay, I prefer to do that for the time being ive got too much on my mind currently.

Sigrid walked over to the Small Kitchen that was in her Office and put a pot of water on the boiler and got the Cups, Sugar, Milk and Tea Leaves and placed them on the tray. She had stopped for a moment and went into a daze for a moment till the whistling of the kettle alarmed her. She picked up the kettle and walked over to the table and sat down with Joaan.

Joaan, would you like Sugar and or Milk or neither for you tea?

Just Milk will do fine for me Madam President.

Ah very well nothing wrong with that there.....and here you go Joaan. 

Sigrid passed the cup over to Joaan and then poured her cup of tea and added Sugar and Milk along with some honey and took a sip from it.

Joaan I want your opinnon on something for a moment and do feal to talk freely with me its alright and just call me Victoria will you no reason to be formal in this sitting.

Very well Victoria what is the question you have?

Well recently I've been thinking of that Edition of 'Ahrana Today' the one where they did a special on Vulga Supra and Uppasla and showed the hardships those people were and are going through and I just cant seem to not stop thinking about them. I wanted to ask you what do you think I should do and how should I go about handling this situation because its not just happening in those two Cities its happening Nationwide and I feel responsible for everything.

Well honestly its not entirely your fault if you think about it, the Cities across the Country are still suffering from the Socialist Revolution which you remeber more to a point than me and then some are just suffering form the neglect from the Ivanoff Government. Which the neglect from Ivanoffs tenure is seeded deep into some cities like Vulga Supra. He had promised the Collective Government there that he and the Socialist Government would bring with it sweeping reforms and many new things to help bolster the area up to the rest of the Federation. However as we know that didn't happen he made it a warzone and made it a death trap, one that would and will kill a wee little child and probably already has honestly. Then when Madam Core came into Office she tried her best with what support she had and she really wasn't able to do much due to the Congressional Politicians in the Congressional Houses. Under her rule and technically yours as well the Federal Assembly technically runs the Country due to them being a total of 1550 Members of Congress, half or well the majority of the budget goes to their pockets if you think about it Victoria. The only way you are going to be able to make sweeping changes to the Infrastructure is if the Federal Assembly is reorganized to a reasonable amount of Members that are not outrageous.

Well yes that all makes perfect sense when I think about it and hear you say it but if I did that I could possibly face a revolution happening within my own Government as the majority of them support a big Legislature and Medium Executive and Small Judiciary. If I did this then I would have another Operation Clean Up failure which I do not wish to repeat if you understand me there.

I completely understand you Victoria. Yet you are the Federal President, you are guarantied certain Powers of Authority no other President, Secretary General, King or Queen has been granted in over one hundred years in the History of Ahrana. Not since the last Great King of Absolute Authority has the Head of State and Government been in control of so much Power like you, as long as you abide the Constitution they have nothing to say you are out of line. The Courts would back you along with the Military given your history within the Ranks. If the Federal Assembly even tried to overstep you the Chamber of Republican Deputies would see that the Assembly would stand down since its the Lower House. So overall you would have the support of the Majority of the Government and the People because they really do love you and see that you are trying your best to better our beloved Motherland. Everyday on my way to work where ever we may be that day, when I get off the bus I hear the people on the streets talking about how much they love and care for the President.

Joaan picks up her cup and takes a sip of tea for a moment then begins again.

They are all in cheerful moods compared to the past few years and even with Operation Clean up being a failure they still have expressed that you attempted to reform the Drug Policy in the entire Federation and see that you care for them and their Children and the Children of those Children and so forth.

I do suppose you are correct there Joaan. You tend to get out in the public more than I can and do which I wish I did more of but physically I cant do between all the Paperwork and so forth. Im almost to the point to where I am going to appoint someone to the Position of Public Relations which would be a Presidential Appointment. I have a few people in mind and one in particular sticks out to me and that is you Joaan. Would you be up for the position of Public Relations?

Well I am honored that you have considered me such a position but in honesty I would have to run across with my family and all, but I can almost assure you that I will want to take the postion since you are offering. I feel like I can do so much in that postion for you and the People.

That is great to hear!! I am glad that you would consider it and would take the postiton I need someone like you in that Office, you understand what the people say and need. I just need someone like you in my sphere of my world to help with some of the decisions concerning the people and their everyday lives. You see more of it than I do. The Job would Start on Monday the 21st of October if you really want the position.

It would be my honor Victoria.

Great! You know not many people know this but much of my life is centered around my Family then my Entire Family. My Family is that being my Kids and Husband but then the Entire Family is the People. I do try my best and I just want to be able to show for it you know.

Sigrid stands up and walks over to the window and stares out the window looking at the Gardens, Trees, and the Sky then she say:

Some day I never really know what will happen and how I am going to react, I have moments where I elapse back to the Revolution and the Times of Trouble in Tatani in those battles hearing the bombs going off and the firing of bullets. Sometimes it really scares the hell out of me knowing that those things like that can happen again one day. I remember the faces of each person I had lost in those battles and the faces of their families as they looked at me with disappointment that I didn't bring their Mother, Father, Son or Daughter back to them alive. Everyday I see their faces and sometimes I just shut down......those days I feel alone and feel that I have failed everyone because I haven't even kept those promises back then and the ones I have made since taking office. It all haunts me.

Joaan just listened to Sigrid talk about those things, she walked up to the window and stared at the Trees and then looked at the birds in the sky and said:

Wars happen. Wars come and go. Death is a thing we all face and know will arrive on our doorstep one day when we least expect it sometimes, we all do things with the thought and the knowing that each day isn't promised. Those Faces you see are memories of those who gave their all and trusted you and died knowing you would take care of their families in any form you can and would. And that is exactly what you have been doing and will do because that is who you are, you are a giver and a provider. That's who you are Sigrid.

Sigrid looked at Joaan and embraced her for a few minutes. Sigrid looked at her watch and realized she had talked with Joaan for roughly an hour and knew her Ministers and other Guests would be arriving soon to discuss what actions she would be taking concerning the National Infrastructure and other things. Sigrid thanked Joaan and reminded her to be ready tomorrow at the Presidential Palace for her new Job. They embraced once again before Joaan left the room. Sigrid stood in front of the window for a few more minutes then came back from her moment then went to her Private room to get ready for the ministers and guests.

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October 20, 2019 | Days of Sigrid, The President

1000AST | Strasburg Estate | Conference Room

As everyone she requested showed up the Table in the Conference Room was filling up and at each spot there was a cup of tea before each of them, amoung them Joaan was present due to her new Position and Sigrid wanting her there for this meeting. AS the last person, Minister of Agriculture Paul, had took his seat Sigrid looked at each one of the people in the room before saying something:

Thank you everyone for meeting me here at the Strasburg Estate at such a short notice, I really do appreciate you all coming it shows me how much you guys support me. So after carful deliberation with a few close people to me and with talks with the Judiciary and the Procurator of the Federation I have decided on a few things that will do many things including improving the Infrastructure and the lives of our Citizens to which we owe so much to. At the end of this Year it marks the ending of the First Session of the Congressional Houses as we all know, it also ends the Legislative Year and Part of the Houses are up for Re-Election. After thinking I have decided that the Federal Assembly needs to go through severe re-organization in the terms of Members of the House. 1550 Members of the House are way to many and its a product of the Ivanoff Era. Currently this Governments Budget is taken over by the Federal Assembly and it leaves us in a bind when it comes to put spending in say the Infrastructure, Defense, Electricity, and so much more. The Courts have agreed that I am well within my Authority to down-size the House to a number 350 Members and to make the number of Deputies in the Chamber to the number of 325 Deputies. All of those men and women who do not get re-elected at this re-election will thanked for their Service and will be sent to the Republican Governments to work at that level. For those who just cannot leave the Chambers will sadly have to be removed by the Federal Police which I am anticipating several People will not comply. During these re-organizations the Federal Assembly will be remodeled on their Budget to remove the extra Seats and to place them into a Museum. Does anyone have any objections to this action?

Minister Clarie of Internal Affairs:

Madam President I understand the urge to want to re-organize the Congressional Houses and to try and gain more of the Budget to use in the entire Federation while we currently have a little budget to use for such purposes, but doing this could cause God willing it doesn't, but could cause a Revolution! Even if the Federal Police, Judiciary, Military and the entire Executive are behind you the Federal Assembly particular runs the Federation.

Minister Core of Intelligence:

If Sigrid wishes this to reform the Congressional House then the Intelligence Community and the Security Services, I am sure of, are behind her and will do what needs to be done to ensure the transition is completed peacefully. However I do suggest a meeting with the Chancellor and State Councilor so they can inform the Houses of the Changes and to give some of the members time to find out what they need to do. May I also suggest that when the Congress reconvenes that they vote to amend the Constitution of the change and get it ratified by the People?

That would be a good idea to do, If this goes peacefully then it will be very good and would show the people that all of the Government wishes to reform for the need of the people. There will need to be a Press Conference and I would like for my Public Relations Official from my Office to make the Statement if there are no objects then we will move on to my next thing.

The room went silent for a minute or two then Sigrid begun talking again:

Very well, Joaan I will work with you over the next few days and get a Press Release ready and we will go through It all. So if you have any question please do ask them then.

As the room went awkwardly silent while each of them took a sip of tea while looking at one another Sigrid made another point come across her mind to talk about:

Also while we are on about Party Matters I believe now is the time to talk about what the Houses and the Offices stated in the News the other day. The Offices of Chancellor and State Councilor will be combined but will be two people and ran by two people, each person is a member of the Congressional Houses once from the Assembly and the other from the Chamber like it is currently. The Office will be called The Federal Chancellor. Its something I believe that will evolved into what we used to call a Prime Minister whenever we no longer need an Authoritative Head of State and Government Leader which I hope is near in the future. I want to be able see Ahrana Transition into a full on Democracy close to how it was before the Revolution. As for the position of Protector of The Federation, I see it as a title mainly but in order for me to hold it I want the People and all Parties to be able to agree that I should hold the Position and what comes with it. I do not want to be in the spot if no one wishes it.

Minister Clarie of Internal Affairs:

Madam President I am sure that the Houses would not have created the idea nor motioned it if there was not a unanimous support in both houses and if they felt like the people would not support it.

Minister Core of Intelligence:

I am still personally skeptical about this and how it came about honestly Madam President. We got rid of a Dictator not that long ago and yet they are giving another Leader this title that makes them all powerful and above Democracy im sure you see that?

Minister Paul of Agriculture:

I can speak on half of the Democratic Party that we are very warry about this idea and the authority it gives you as it can make you corrupted by what they want honestly. Perhaps this is what they are wanting in honesty a way to rid themselves of you from the Office so they can avoid any major changes to their political base and strongholds. If even a simple amount of the Assembly and Chamber Congressional Members have caught a smell of any dramatic reform this could be their way of stomping it out.

Minister Core of Intelligence:

I agree with Minister Paul on that, the Intelligence Community has seen a rapid increase of letters and messaging exchanging across the area of the Capital and other areas of major importance to the Congressional Houses. Many of our Informants have been saying that several Office Holders have been holding meetings like this saying they're meeting to discuss policy but instead they are not. From what my resources have said and im still receiving intel they are trying to find a way to get things on you so they can say you are corrupt and in-moral because some of them have smelled a reform coming in the wind so they say.

Well if this is in-fact the truth then the reform that I will be ushering in will need the support of the people for sure if these changes are to be enacted and succored, they would not dare to oppose the people as I would not either. Alright now that we have that taken care of its time for some lunch wouldn't you all say. Im sure they have lunch ready down in the Dinning Room, you all know where it is I will be there shortly I have a few things I must put before joining you all.

As everyone agreed in head nodding and talk Sigrid got up and went over to her desk and waited for everyone to leave before she opened the desk drawer and sat down with a glass of water. She opened the bottle that read:

Sigrid A. A. V. Florence-Goring : Paroxetine (800MG) Take one as need for Depression or Anxiety Attacks

Sigrid A. A. V. Florence-Goring : Acetaminophen/COD #4 (300/30MG) Take one or two needed for Migraine every Six Hours

She took two out of the bottle she was having a difficult time concentrating on what is real and what was during that entire conversation. As she necked the water she sat the glass down and looked up and Minister Core was there looking at her:

How long has it been like that, I could tell the entire time something was off with you. You know I have my moments to and so dont the rest of us that went through the wars and such. I am your Friend and you that im always open to talk.

I know Alex I know, just here recently its gotten worse the nightmares and everything. That's why the pass few Government Announcements are made by the Press Secretary or the Public Relations Official. The last one I made I almost lost it with all the flashes and noise in that small room, then with the explosion at the beginning of the Term that hasn't helped much I cant stand to stay at the Presidential Palace and I know the Presidium are asking questions on my sanity. Im still me and im still sane I just need breathing time and time away from the Capital, can you explain it to the Presidium tomorrow morning at the meeting as my Representative?

Of Course of course you know I can and I will and if they start asking more question I can always question their Loyalty to the Cause and their Logic and they'll back down like always.

Thanks Alex now lets go join the lunch im famished!

They both let a laugh out and walk down the corridor to the Dining Room and join everyone else


To Be Continued...…...

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October 20, 2019 | Strasburg Estate

1200 AST | Dining Room | Small Lunchon

As Sigrid and Core walked the corridors Sigrid went into a daze while walking and following Core as she wasn't completely there in the metal capacity, she was hearing bullets screams and loud explosions all around her like that day in Tatani.

It was a painful day that day in Tatani, it was a defeat and one that everyone that was there would remember. Over twenty-five men were lost within ten minutes into battle due to buried land mines that were on their path. The minesweepers didn't pick them up before the Trucks and Jeeps carrying the men and women of Sigrids Imperial Household Guard the 12th Guard, as they entered the area Two jeeps exploded along with the trucks carrying the group of soldiers. Black smoke filled the area along with dirt and screams of agonizing pain filled the air, as Sigrid the Commander at the time started rolling orders out. Asking for Medics and for cover on all sides of the trucks and road. She had called for the dogs to come out and to scan the area as something had failed. While this was going on the radio chatter went static as some interference was placed in. 

EVERYONE ON ALERT! Watch all sides, no radio contact possible ambush com.....

As she shouted the orders all the sudden Bullet fire from the east and west begun, it was indeed an ambush one she should've seen coming as soon as they entered the road. She took her postion and begun providing coverfire for men near her. Everywhere she looked one by one men were dying. Then out of the blue the Imperial Air Brigade had flown over their position, she picked up the radio and attempted to get contact with Air Command and HQ, some how she managed. She radioed for Close Drop on both the East and West Side of their Position, knowing damn well they could be taken out in the process. She pressed her luck anyways. The Light was given and before she knew it both sides were engulfed in fire and huge explosions that shock some of her own men as well. She looked up and all she could see was fire and lots of it. They had used the new bombs just then ones she didn't like, ones that were inhuman to her. As she stared in the flames she could see people running around on fire and hear them screaming in excruciating pain. It was something she would never forget.

As Core and Sigrid turned the corner before entering the Dining Room Core stopped and looked at Sigrid, she could see her eyes wide open as she was in shock which she was. Core said her name a few time and patted and rubbed her shoulder a few times. Then all the sudden Sigrid was back just like that in a flash like nothing had happened.

Madam President.....Sigrid, are you okay? Can you hear me?

Yes sorry what was it you were saying Alex?

I was asking if you were okay Sig, are you okay?

Yes I am fine just hungry honestly. Lets go eat I wonder what is to eat.

As Sigrid walked passed Core like nothing happened Core thought to herself that something wasn't right with Sigrid anymore, something was really off more so than ever before. She had never seen her like that or this ever before not even during exile was it this way.

Minister Core walked in and took her seat to see what was laid before them in the plates and bowls. Today the menu was something simple:

Main Dish-

Honey Glazed Chicken with Mixed Local Vegtabules with Potato's and a Chick Broth Soup


Raspberry Stuffed Pastries with Mint


Water, Sparkling Water, Champagne, Red Wine 1950 Edition, Tea

It was a typical Lunch menu for the Strasburg residence honestly, simple but elegent. They all began to eat and one of the Miniters asked a question:

Minister Paul of Agriculture-

Madam President, how long do you intend to stay President pass your First Term as you will actually be the Technical Precedent Setter in Ahranaian History of the Democratic Ahrana?

Well Minister Paul that very question has been across my mind the pass few weeks actually. As of currently there are no limits and the Constitution ensures that as long as I have the Popular Vote of the People and the Mandate of the People I should stay as President. The way I see it is, the day the People no longer support me and my Government is not Supported by the very people it is for then that is when I will step from the Presidency. However long that may be I do not know but I will know when I should step down and heed way to the next great Leader.

Minister Core of Intelligence:

Spoken like a true Politician there Madam. Those are the exact words I had said to you at the start of my Term as Secretary General was it not?

As they were indeed Minister Core, ones that still resonate with me to this day. I dont want to be in a position that the people do not support me in that is what I believe.

Minister Clarie of Internal Affairs:

Well that day is hopefully a bit of ways away, we have a lot of work we must achieve before you leave the office. Who knows what the next President will be like, they could be like you and Madam Core or they could be well like Ivanoff and the Revolutionaries.

Well if that is the will of the people then so be it, but while im President I will make sure the people keep confidence in everything we do.

As they ate an Aid came over to Official Joaan and gave her a note the note read:


Public Relations Official Joaan,

As the leader of the Sub-Committee for Political Investigation, I, Assembly Member Jackson, ask that you appear before the Committee to answer a few questions we have concerning your position and your relationship with the President as well as other things concerning the President. This meeting is to take place Today at 0300 AST at the Sub-Committee Chamber in the Congressional Houses Building, please be present for the meeting.


Thank you,

Assembly Member Jackson

As Joaan read the note she was looking around to see of anyone were making eye contact with her everyone except core were talking to each other. Core was looking right at her into her Eyes. A very chilling look no doubt as she is after all the Intelligence Minister.

I am sorry but I am going to have to step away for a moment Madam President. Its a matter that requires that I get to my office here and handle it very quickly I will return shortly Madam.

Very well Joaan take your Glass of Water with you never know you might want it.

Ah right Madam you never know.

As Joaan got up Core was looking at her over the top of her glass as she was walking away, Core was no fool she knew she had been asked to appear before some Congressional Committee since she is in a Appointed Position ones Congress hates with a passion. Core got up from her seat and walked with Joaan and Sigrid just nodded to Core knowing she has her reasons and so forth. Everyone began chatting in the Dining room again and as soon as Joaan and Core turned the corner Joaan gave the note to Core. As Core read the note she had a puzzled look on her face.

Hm Interesting, knowingly I knew one of these Committees would send you a "Note" which in their formalities are technically a Summons to appear before a Congressional Panel for Questioning. There timing though is rather alarming as it is really early for them to send this, you haven't even made your first Public Appearance and they're already asking for you to come to them.

Well what do you make of it Madam Core?

Well you must go to them for sure if not they will find a way no doubt, but what catches me is the line where they say 'Other matters concerning the President'. That is unusual of them.....So first thing first what I need to know from you is can you do this?

Well Yes of course.

Okay I figured, next thing how much do you know about everything, and I mean everything?

when she said everything she had turned her head and looked at the President then looking at her at the last time she said everything.

Well I know about the PTSD, the Anxiety, the Dreams, her episodes so everything literally everything. I was her Head Aid or the Head of Staff so to say so I know it all honestly.

Core starred at her with a look of joy and displeasure at the same time.

Well I am glad she is talking to someone else other than me but this puts you in a terrible situation honestly. If the Committee and the entire Congressional Houses find out exactly what you know they will say she isn't metally fit to be in Office. You know as well as I know that this is true but she must be the one in the position and must lead these Reforms and the Federation foreword no one else can. She's the middle ground between the Left and Right, she believes in both sides and sees what she must see in both sides but believes peace and a true Democratic Ahrana can be made if all Parties are unified. This is something I cannot do or anyone else. She must lay the foundations and we must make sure she can no matter what do you understand?

This I do understand and is one of the reasons why I support her with everything I can. But what do I do when they ask questions about her metal capacity?

Deflect it with another question or state that she is fit and that she does what she can as can anyone in her postion. You have to remember they most likely want her gone from office. If they get that then who knows what will happen. If they also ask about reforms you say you dont deal with policy just Public Relations, they will know you are close to her but deflect the question and stick to 'I do not deal with Policy, my office is not a Policy Office but a Public Relations Office.'

Very well, im sure it will all go well hopefully. I wonder will you be there though?

I can be and most likely I will be, being the Intelligence Minister comes with its perks no doubt.

They finished talking and could hear everyone getting up from the table and walking towards them they finished up their Conversation and waited for everyone to join at the door.

Madam President may I suggest we take a break from Politics for a bit and just relax I know some of us have correspondence we need to respond to and all?

Very well good idea I could use some private time, we will meet back in my Office at say 0300 and finish business up before the evening.

Madam I will not be joining at 0300 I have something I must attend at during that time in the Capital I hope you understand?

Completely I do, take Alex with you also as back up you never know she quick witted you might need her help.





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October 20, 2019

Congressional Houses of Ahrana | Sub-Committee Chamber | 0300 AST

As Joann stepped out of the Car that she had took to get to the Capital for the Committee meeting that she was summoned to she stepped out and looked at the Congressional Houses Building and looked around at the water that surrounded the building, in no doubt was the building and its surroundings magnificent but she could feel the corruption and she could smell it. This is where people came for the Power and this is where they stayed as Power Corrupts all no matter who or what they stand for.

As she looked around she could tell there were more people than normal, like someone has called a joint session of the Congressional Houses. But that wouldn't happen till a few months so she ignored the fact. She started forward for the great entrance at the top of the stairs, she walked passed the flag poles that held the Flags of the Federation and her Member Republics, atop the tallest was the flag that was recently adopted the flag that holds true to the history of Ahrana, the Yellow, Blue and White Northern Cross Flag. It hasn't seen the light of day since the first Unification Wars and now it is back as a symbol of what the Presidency of Sigrid is all about. As Joann reached the top of the stairs she could see Minister Core there awaiting her and behind Core was the President.

Official Joann of Public Relations:

Madam President! I didn't expect to see you here.

That I know and nor do they, now is the time to make the announcement of the changes. I have called for a Convention of the Congressional Houses in the Federal Assembly, I've request all be present for the announcement including the Press. Today I will announce the changes and the entire Federal Government at the Executive will be by my side. 

What do you mean the entire Executive?

After lunch I had made calls and asked the other Ministers to do the same and all parts of the Executive Government have agreed it is needed and they are backing this change for the better of the Federation and the People. Along with the Executive the entire Judiciary are backing us as well as the entire Governments of the Republics, they all believe it is time for this form of change. 

And what of the Chamber of Deputies, we cant face two Chambers that will not support the change? We need the support of the Chamber of Deputies.

That to has been taken care of, I am confident in the Chancellery in the hopes they will make the Houses fall in line or face expulsion from Government.

Minister Core of Intelligence:

You didn't think the President was going to let them summon you like that let alone make a fool or mockery of you just because you are an appointed official and not an Elected one, let alone an Official that is close to the President? There are things she tolerates and so forth but this witch hunt is not oneof them, and the Constitution grants her this Executive Power to do what she is going to do so it will be done now.

If they think embarrassing my Government and the Officials in this Government is going to be how they stop reform then they are mistaking. Now lets go, the other part of the Executive Government are waiting for us inside.

As they walked through the doors the idea of what power the Congressional Houses held became clear and evident, gold was all on the walls capping the molding and lining the walls. Pictures of great politicians and even a painting of Gustov of Tatani the ruler of the Kingdom in 1709, one of the greatest Political Figures of his time and one of the last greats. They walked to where a large group of people where standing, all members of the Executive Government awaiting the President and the others. They all begun talking to one another in a tone of voice and dialect that isn't used in Government in the hopes that the Members of Congress wouldn't understand. As they were talking a person in a suite walked up from the Federal Assembly chamber and told Minister Core that everything was ready. She nodded and sent him on his way.

Madam President, and Ministers it is time to enter the chamber.

I will lead the way the rest follow behind Minister Core and Official Joann please.....right lets do this.

They all began walking to the door which was closed as to await the announcement of the arrival of the President and the entire Executive Government.

Attention all, The President of the Ahranaian Federation and the Federal Executive Government are now here. Please stand and respect!

As the doors opened the March of the President was played, she entered the Assembly Hall and slowly walked to the podium at the base of the chamber. As she walked down the Members of both Houses of were standing, some clapping, some cheering, some not so much. Those who looked at her eerie were the ones she knew who would oppose everything. As they walked down the reached the podium and everyone took their seats. The Chancellery all shook hands with the President and walked her to the seat from which she would make the announcements.

As she took her seat she looked around in the chamber and saw many faces, she raised her hand and motioned for them to sit.


Members of both Houses of Congress, Members of the Press, Members of all branches of Government and Military, thank you for coming on such short notice im glad you could all make it. Today is a great day, last week we celebrated One Year of Democracy and many more to come to that one year I know it will come because I just do I have the faith in this Country and her People. But that is not why we are here today. No, Today I have asked you all here to introduce and to begin the uninventable. Today marks the day of one of the greatest reforms this Federation has every seen, as of today the reforms are in place and after this speech it is done. 

After careful deliberations and many nights of long hour conversations with all members of Government both Federal and Republican and all branches of Government as well, the Presidium and the Entire Executive have decided that the Congressional Houses must face a reform. Now I know many of you will chose to oppose this reform, but how can you outright oppose a reform if you do not even know what the reform concerns? That is why I called this session today, to explain it all at once and only once to you all here today.

When this Federation was founded and established as the Socialist Federation of Ahrana under the all watchful and authoritarian Eye of Greggor I. Ivanoff, he created one of the biggest Governments in Ahranaian History that still exists to a point today. Yet, his structure has been reformed and for good reason as it is Democratic Government now and a Democracy is what Ahrana is to be in this world today. The vary basis of that early Government was entrusted to a strong Legislative and even Stronger Executive Government headed by Ivanoff himself. Now yes that was what was needed then, but now......we need a united Government at all levels and equal in all ways including numbers. As it stands currently half or more than half of the Federal Budget goes to the Congressional Houses because there are 1550 Members in the Federal Assembly and 300 Deputies in the Chamber. The Chamber of Republican Deputies however was one of the most reasonable things Ivanoff created. Three Hundred members is the right amount for that chamber but 1550 in the Assembly! That number has broke this Government and because of that we have failed the People! We cannot afford Infrastructure Projects and to create more jobs because we are paying you the Assembly the entire Federal Budget. That will change today. It will even if the members of the Assembly do not wish it or want it. It will happen and it will stay.

The Federal Assembly will be dropping from 1550 to 365 Members total, with the upcoming Legislative Elections coming those who are not elected to the seats will receive their pay for the previous term they served and after that they can be placed in the Republican Governments or just retire and receive a pension . The retire clause however is only if you are 65 years of age no earlier than that no exceptions. Now you say what about the other Chamber, The Chamber of Deputies will not change its current configuration is the way it needs to be. However, they to will be in this Legislative Cycle so if you win a seat there but not the Assembly consider yourself lucky you got to stay. 

Now I know many of you will be a bit pissed off but know this, if you try to stop the reform it will not end well for you. The People have backed this reform and want it to happen. Now I look to all of you, do you want to stand in their way? If not then I would suggest make this happen and make sure you remember what Democracy has done for this nation. So as I stand here before you all today I say the following:

As an Executive Order number 021 the Reform on the Congressional Houses is a Presidential Decree making it law and making not possible for repeal. As of today the change has started. Gods speed to you all and have a good day.

 As she finished the last line she looked up then to Core and motioned to leave..



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  • 2 weeks later...

Days of Sigrid, The President

Somewhere between Moskovo and Strasburg | 1800 AST

20 October 2019


The Public Announcement in the Congressional Chamber had went over well to Sigrid, many Politicians finally got to see what she was about and what she wanted for the Country of Ahrana. This was important to Sigrid and not just publicly but personally, it was something that she believed in and had wanted to happen since day one. With several failures plaguing her Government she desperately needed something to go right for once which would have a huge impact in the Country and in her own mind. Since taking Office Sigird had been plagued with many issues ranging Governmental and Personal, some which may never come to the light of day as long as she lives others not so much.

As the car she was in driving to the Strasburg estate as she sat in the back she was having difficulties again and she was no where near her medication nor was Core near to help with the newest episode, this one was the worst to hit Sigrid ever:

Somewhere in Tatani

It was a cold and wet day in the central of the Dukedom of Tatani with mud puddles littering the entire area along with bodies of dead soldiers and some children, civilians caught in the crossfire of the Communists and Tatani Socialist Nationalists. As Sigrid was walking along she heard a noise that sounded far but closing in fast and quickly. 

Everyone hit the ground incoming!!

As she let the words out rockets were falling from the sky coming to their location, as they exploded on impact the shockwave of one that landed not far from Sigrid sent her flying from where she fell onto the ground. She flew along with several others and bodies of dead soldiers and children to where a grave had been started for some of the bodies. She was buried under several bodies and dirt, then again another rocket landed near her throwing tons of dirt into the air and falling down on her and the bodies. She was paralyzed she could not feel her legs nor move her arms, she was having difficulties breathing in this now grave for her as she thought. She begun letting out a cry for help but she could still hear the noise of rockets hitting the ground....but then everything went silent. She begun crying for help again hoping someone would hear her eventually or that in the process of this she would begin to have feeling in her arms and legs again. As she laid there yelling for help she begun thinking that this may be the end for her, this may be how she is to die...then as she was breathing the air getting thicker by each breathe she took she saw a bit of light that was gradually getting larger. Someone had heard her and had found her. As they began clearing away the bodies and dirt she was removed from the hole. Then out of the blue one man who was carrying her medic bed was hit by a bullet, then the other guy followed by the other two. Out of the blue gunfire sprung up, grenades begun going off, Machine Gun Fire and mortors were being fired all around her. Still paralyzed with no way to move she laid there hoping someone would come for her and get her to safety. But as the firing went on no help came none. She just laid there in the middle of a battle field lifeless in the fear of an enemy soldier coming to her and killing her or worse capturing her. Then finally one of her medics came and dragged her fifteen feet through a heated battle to the positions where she was somewhat safe before getting her to the field hospital way behind the line of fire. As the medic got to take her to the hospital, the medic was killed by shrapnel from a grenade that had went off near them both. Sigrids legs now in sharp pain the first feeling in her legs for the first time since the rockets, was excruciating and painful. She let out a scream in pain and attempted to grab her leg but failed. As she looked to her arms she noticed in her right arm had blood covering it. She began to hyperventilate and cry out in sever pain. Then she turned to her left and saw a medic coming she then fell out of conscious. The next thing Sigrid saw was a hospital room and IVs everywhere. She was saved and in the hospital. She moved her arm and realized she could move them, then remembering part of what happened she looked to her right arms and saw no blood no scare her arm was fine. Her leg however looked like it had seen better days, gladly though she sighed that it was in the upper part of the leg so that no one will actually she the wound she thought. She remembered what had happened, an ambush in the middle of a military encampment. How did they find them she did not know...…

As Sigrid sat in the back of the car she was sweating profoundly and noticeably but kept calm and acted like nothing has happened. She then saw the Estate Lights and was soon out of the car and went inside the Estate to which she fell to the ground letting out a cry and a scream that the Assistants heard and along with her Husband ran to the door to which they found a estranged Sigrid. One that was crying and screaming out in pain and fear as if she was back in horrific accident. Stephan then told the others to go get some cold water a blanket and her medication. Stephan then ran over to Sigrid and attempted to calm her down but Sigrid fought each moment of the encounter thinking Stephan a Enemy soldier she began to hit him in the gut, chest then the face just to get away to which she did and ran to her office. Stephan then told them to block her way to keep her from the office. They soon had her held in arms and got her to calm down and got her medication in her and took her to her private room to lay down...…



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  • 7 months later...

Strasberg Estate

Many Days Later

Many days had passed since Sigrid announced the biggest change to the Legislature in the History of the Ahranaian State, however she knew many things needed to change and in due time these things would to change. Sigrid had been very rigid since her las episode of PTSD and it was the worst episode she has had to date, she feels tired and exhausted but knows she must continue on and that she will.

As Sigrid sat at her desk with the radio playing and going through emails a few things popped into her mind that brought her back to the Imperial times and how much more of a simpler life it was under the King. She had her Minister Duties she preformed and her Military Duties she preformed in harmony with that. She remembered one thing Gustoff had told her, "Sigird remember the basis of this Imperial Government is the People and their happiness and their ability to trust in you to protect them and do what is right and just in their names. If we fail them in that then we have failed not just the People but the entire History of this great State and that we must not fail." She knew Ivanoff had failed the Ahranaian People and that Core had started to gain their trust. But what about herself? She knew what some of the People thought about her and the Shit job her Government has done. Her government has had several failures and the biggest plunder was attempting to rid the country of its Drug issue, that blew up in her face as a failed operation and one that was bigger than life. She knew that some feared she was the next Ivanoff or worse bring another Revolution, if anything she would ensure that Democracy would flow through the land once again like it was under the Imperial Government. 

It was true that many in the Federal and Republican Governments wished for the return of the Imperial Government as well as did a good majority of the Population, but if that was to ever happen it would be a Imperial Government with a Written Constitution and one to stand to the test of time. Yet, she felt now was not the time but as Gustoff had once said it is not up to the Government to decide what is the best action but to the People to decide.

But now was not the time to think of these thoughts, now the time called for the President to be able to create what should have been created and if at one time in the future the Country was to revert to the Imperial Government she would make it to where the transition would be a simple one not to complicated.

Sigird walked to the Phone and picked it up,

Hello please patch me to Minister Core please and make it to the urgent call please....

The call was transferred and she waited for a few second till another voice picked up,

Minister Core here President what can I do for you?

Core I need you to draft up something in secret, I need a protocol for the Transition to Imperial Rule drafted and ready for me to read in two days time. Can you do this?

Yes well of course, but are you sure you want this....It will cause a few ruffled feathers if it happens soon.

Core this is a Protocol for the future if it is to happen, I do not see it happening while I am in government. I do know that if this gets out to the Public and to some Politicians in the Legislature that I had this drafted in secret and it actually exists they will revolt saying its for the people...… I know damn well what will happen if this is found out but I am prepared to pay the price if it gets lose and if it does well the protocol will not be hypothetical at that point.

Very well Sigrid I understand, it will be ready in two days time maybe earlier than that. When it is completed I will come to the Estate and hand it to you and we will discuss where it will be kept. Talk to you later Sigird.

The phone was placed back on the hook and she walked over to her desk and looked at files that held pieces of legislature that needed reading and approval by herself. this is what she would be doing for the next several hours.




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  • 3 months later...

Many Months Later

Security Council Building | Peterburi


Many days had passed since these meetings started at the Strasberg Estate with the phone call to the Directorate of Intelligence. Since that day the Security Council and all Levels of Government have met to discuss the idea that Sigrid has had.

The Security Council Conference Room:


Welcome to the last meeting with the Security Council, Parliamentary Council, Judiciary Council and the Federal Council we have all combined each Council into this one Council to discuss on this last day the final motion of Transition. As the Federal President I had decided that a Constitutional Draft for what would be known simply as The Third Kingdom of Ahrana or the Third United Kingdom of Ahrana. The Directorate of Intelligence, Constitutional Supreme Court and a few trusted Parliamentary Council Members were tasked to form this draft and I pleased to say that they have delivered on time as projected by the Director of Intelligence had stated they would. 

What you see before you is a thirty page document title Constitutional Proposal for the Third United Kingdom of Ahrana, its a proposal so don't all of you go pissed off on me about keeping you all in the dark This is how I operate and we all know how I operate. We will spend most of the day going over this draft and by the end of the day I hope we can all agree on the document. I move to open the floor to whomever wishes to speak next...

Viktor, Security Council member for Lockieeani Republic-

Madam President with all due respect to you, on behalf of the Security Panel of the Republic of Lockiee we agree that the Federation is week and is on the verge of collapse but is it really needed to change governments now? If we change it once again what assurance do we the Member Republics have that our Level of Government at the Republic level will not go away. I see that it is structured the same as it is currently but what assurance can you give me that it will not go away?


Councilmen Viktor, if you read Article One Section 3-4 you will see that the Constitution lays out a pathway and form of devolved Government between the Federal and Regional Levels just like we have now. As for your assurance its in the document and if it is signed then it is law and to change that would be unconstitutional if I am not wrong.


Very well Madam President but a Diarchy? We Ahranaians have attempted this in the past and it failed horribly, why repeat history again when it will turn out the same? I caution everyone to think about having a Single Monarch instead of a Diarchy.


Councilmen Viktor, look the House of Chayka is dying out and after considerable conversations between Aleksandra and myself as the two remaining true Bloodline Heirs to the Imperial Throne we agreed that a Diarchy would benefit the Country. Unlike before the Line of Succession to the Throne on both sides are Cognatic Succession. When they attempted this before it caused many issues due to the fact each Monarch was either extremely younger than the other or older than the other.

If you look at Article three Section twelve you will notice that this has been addressed. If one Monarch dies before the other than the Living Monarch must abdicate the Throne to the Two Grand Dukes or Grand Duchesses. Once abdication has happened the living Monarch is live secluded from Politics and cannot interfere in matters of State as an unwritten rule. If the Monarch refuses to abdicate then removal by force is permitted but no death may happen during this removal.

Olivar, Security Council Member for Peterburi-

Madam President if I may real quickly, Article One Section Five, states that the Chancellor and State Councilor are Heads of Government while the Heads of State are the Monarchs. Why exactly would the Monarchs hold the amount of power encompassed in that Office posting and not the Chancellor and State Councilor?


Councilmen Olivar, the reason for that being is to have a strong Federal Government and the need for strong Monarchy. At any time the Powers of State could be devolved over time to the Heads of Government resulting in the Two changing to Heads of State in the future. When you see the wording it does not specify exactly what the Heads of State will wield and it doesn't state in Article Three as well, it only states the powers granted to the Monarchs by the Constitution.

Simon, High Representative of Xara-

Madam President, this all sounds quite nice and all but when it comes to the Republics like Xara and Thralhaven, what will be done to to our Governments. Mind you that the Xara Accords state Xara is to remain separate but Equal to Ahrana in the International Level but is part of Ahrana at the sole. What I am asking is what will happen to our Constitutions created for our lands in our unique situations?


I do realize that Article Eight needs more evaluation and that would be a matter for the Federal Parliament to draw up Legislature to elaborate the Constitution to a level of understanding in Xara and Thralhaven. When it was drafted up the basic thoughts were placed in to help establish the foundations that would be needed and allow room for the Federal and Regional Levels to work together to full create what needs to be done so. To attempt to do that now in my opinion isn't need since this draft gives the Parliaments and Courts to create what may be needed.

Alright i suggest we all take a break real quick so I motion this hearing to recess and to resume at five pass 10 so lets say 10:05 AST. Any objections...…then motion of recess granted.

Each Council Member left the Conference room some going for a smoke some for a drink at the bar downstairs. However Sigrid stayed at the table and had a glass of water instead of everything else. She thought to herself saying it was going okay but several specifics that she never thought of troubled her.


To Be Continued...

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Many Months Later

Security Council Building | Peterburi

As the period of recess ended everyone returned to the Conference Room, some still smoking their Cigarettes' and Cigars and utterly not caring about the no smoking inside rule. As each Member entered and took their seat Sigrid looked around the room and motioned for those smoking to put it out, she pointed to the No Smoking sign and reiterated this with a deathful glare to each one of the members. Once all Smoking was put to an end the air thickened with silence and tension. 


Council Members, I know that since beginning to talk about this Constitutional Proposal has raised many questions and serious doubts that this Constitution will be the last for years to come. So what I propose today here and now we fix what we feel it is lacking. No one ever said this Draft was perfect and it is far from it Council Members. So let us work here and now on what needs to change and to be added Agreed?

The whole room let out a motion of full agreement, which was a sight of relief to Sigrid.

Alexander, Judiciary Council Member, Federal Courts-

Madam President and Council Members, on behalf of the Judiciary of the Federal Government of Ahrana, I must remind you what is discussed here today must not be discussed with members of the public till after the Official Announcement by the Federal President is made. Henceforth from this moment the Statute of Secrecy is in full effect, any form of violations to that Statute will result in the immediate arrest of the offender and a trial will be set forth for the offender. Please note that under Law a free and fair trial is granted and thus you will be able to prove your reasoning. I highly urge everyone to remember the Statute of Secrecy and all Statutes that we all promised to up hold when our Oath of Offices were placed. I open this Constitutional Draft session and motion for an open floor.

As Alexander took his seat everyone look around before the High Representative for Xara stood up to speak-

Madam President and Council Members, I speak on behalf for the High Representative of Thralhaven as well as my own Republic that we petition for more explanation inside the Constitution concerning our Independent Rights as granted to us by the current Federal Government. We also wish that nothing change from now to then on what we are able to do. We do agree that a Single Federal Government should govern our lands but the Regional must, should and will have the final say on all matters as long as they respect the Constitution we place after this Constitution.

Simon, that has been granted under the current draft. As I stated earlier the current format retaining to Thralhaven and Xara are going to stay in place, ultimately the form of those Governments under this new Constitution will be and is Identical as it is a lateral transfer of power in those Republics. As it is also stated the Independent Constitutions that will be adopted by Thralhaven and Xara must not and cannot contradict the Federal Constitution in any way. If this does happen then the Constitution the Republics draft will be nullified and declared invalid by the Federal Government. 


With all due respect Madam President, the two of us would rather these reassurances be written in the Constitution either it be an Article or Amendment to the Constitution. 

I am sure an Amendment to the Constitution was already in the works containing more explanation on Xara and Thralhaven Mr. Simon but I will make it known that will be the best way.

Vladimir, Federal Council-

In my opinion Madam President, we should elaborate more on the Power and Authority the Parliament will have in this Kingdom. Will it be like the First Kingdom where little power was wielded or like the Second Kingdom where the Parliament held huge amount of power and overruled the Executive?

The way it is written currently that is up for debate as the Office of Chancellor and State Councilor will ultimately decide that, it is not written but that is how it is seen as a whole. The Parliament will wield power but not to much it will be even to each Federal Level of Government none higher than the other.

Madam President no disrespect is meant here but are you sure that is wise to leave up to another Executive Level?

No disrespect is seen there Vlad, when we look at the break down of exactly what this Constitution outlines on the Governmental Type what do we see? It is outlined as a Federal Parliamentary Constitutional Diarchy, or in another terms a Federal State with a Parliamentary Democracy. So when you look at the Constitution you see that the Chancellor and State Councilor are elected by the Legislature to form a Government in the name of the Monarchs. So in some sense what we have here is a Prime Minister and Deputy Minister. If we look back we had the same structure many years ago under Queen Aleksandra's Grandfather. It worked fine just they had no Checks and Balances on Power and that is where we will rectify their mistake with Check and Balances.

Anna, Parliamentary Council for Tata-

Madam President, might I ask why the Political Neutrality clause is still heavily enforced in this entire Constitution? Does this not defeat the purpose of a Parliamentary Democracy?

Ah yes the Political Neutrality Clause, we all remember the time when the Federal Government Leader ruled with and through a Political Organization and what happened right? Well this is my attempt to stomp that out but I do know it is very radical and very restrictive. What we could do is word it to say what types of Political Organization is allowed at the Federal and Regional Level or we can just scrap the idea as a whole?

It is in theory a good idea to implant this into the Constitution but I fear it is to restrictive to a degree to what types of Governments will be asked to form.

We could allow them at the level you are mention but remember that Political Organizations in Ahrana have a troubled history. We could say five years after the transition of power of Constitutions and Governments that we will allow Political Organizations in Government therefore nulling the Political Neutrality clause.

Many hours went on and on with some repeated questions being asked. The sun was starting to set on the horizon meaning it was ending near end day. Sigrid looked over to Core the Director of Intelligence and nodded in her motion. Core stood up and took the floor:

Councilmen and Women the day is nearing end and we have to reach an agreement by the end of today so we have till 22:00AST to decide on if we will keep the Constitution as it is or not to establish it. We have to have a majority of votes meaning out of the Thirty-Five of us here today only thirty are needed to establish it by the Power and Authority of the Security Council and the Federal Council, The voting will work this way, if Yes gets twenty-five out of the Thirty-Five then a second round will commence right after. However if neither gets a vote count high enough then we will continue till either Yes or No gets the majority. Remember just because you get tired of being here doesn't mean you should vote either or just to leave. This is a Secret Vote and each person has ballets in front of yourselves. Please take the first paper and let us begin.

As each person took a ballet they looked down then around then wrote what they wanted Yes or No. It had been a long day and it was nearly done but just barely. As everyone placed their vote in the bowl the Secretaries took the bowl to the table and begin to count the votes.

Yes has 20 Votes and No has 10 Votes. Another round of voting is needed. Everyone please take another ballet and write your answer and come place it in the bowl here at this desk please.

Everyone started yet again and as quickly as they took the paper they placed it into the bowl.

Yes has 29 Votes and No has 6 votes. Neither have a majority and another vote is needed. Once more please take a ballet and write yes or no....The third results are as follow Yes has a Majority of 32 and No has the minority of 3. The end result is the Constitution as it is currently under the Constitutional Proposal has been agreed to be ratified by the Federal Government.

The room let out a deep breath and the air became lively again with everyone shaking hands and talking. Before the meeting was closed out of session Sigrid made an announcement:

In two days time I will call a joint session of Parliament and allow all Press Networks Internal and Foreign attend the Session. At this session I will announce the change of Government and who the Heads of State will be. It is my hope that this new Government will be viewed as and will make a legal transition and one that is viewed as seamless. I expect to see each one of you at that Session now, no games of politics and not facing what we have done today. The Vote is bonded to this new Constitution and several Amendments will follow after ratification that we have agreed on here today. Thank you all and have a good night.

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