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Federal Republic of Stalgora - Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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Minister of Foreign Affairs
Jor Hrovson

The mission of the the foreign affairs office is and will always be the peaceful interactions between Stalgora
and the states of Eurth. Charged by the Federal government with establishing social, economic, and           
 political relationships; the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has executed its  mission since the 1900s revolution.    

We welcome nations to open a dialog with the federal government. Should you have questions, please feel 
free to contact myself and my staff Embassy Head Office in Havgard, Stalgora. We are actively developing 
our outreach program, and welcome development in our nation.                                                                     

I send my regards to my fellow diplomats and look forward to building relation ships with the remainder     
of the this great wurld.                                                                                                                                      




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To: The Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomanion @Tagmatium Rules                                         
From: Jor Hrovson, Minister of Foreign Affairs - For Her Premiership, Kariana Vinterness                                                               

        On behalf of My Premiere, It my great pleasure to respond to your most generous message. On behalf of the people of Stalgora, it is a
pleasure to receive a message from your great nation and its people, and while - as you said so well - mountains and seas         
separate our people, we both call this wurld home. We are both subject to our own actions, and both feel the repercussions of    
the things our people visit on one another. By that very fact, I am compelled by duty to your people as much as mine to reach     
out in the face of your generous message.                                                                                                                                       

While you accurately note the harsh beauty of our land, we welcome you and your representatives in our state and look proudly  
towards the opportunity to build a line of communication between our two great nations and great people.                                   

At the request of my Premiere, we have enclosed the initial steps for establishing an embassy in our national capital, and our laws
governing diplomatic immunity and sovereignty of embassies built in our territory. As with our people, your representatives will also
enjoy protection under Stalgoran Law in the face of criminal acts executed by our people. However, I would remind you that we     
will not sign broad reaching extradition treaties and extradition of Stalgoran citizens will be on a case by case basis.                     

We look forward to establishing full diplomatic relations, and what we can achieve together as partners in peace.                           

Most Respectfully,



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To: The Foreign Minister of the Republic of Iverica @Iverica                                                                                                            
From: Jor Hrovson, Minister of Foreign Affairs - For Her Premiership, Kariana Vinterness                                                               

To the foreign minster of the republic of Iverica, I send my greetings on behalf of Her Premiership, Kariana Viterness. It is with her 
      blessing that I reach out to you on behalf of the Republic of Stalgora and the Stalgoran People. Your nation is a great power on the    
continent we call home, and many look to your nation as a leader both here and abroad. As our world changes and access to the 
the Argic sea becomes more regular and reliable, Stalgora looks to the rest of the wurld to find people who share our ideals and   
our goals. Iverica represents not only these characteristics, but a common heritage on our continent.                                              

As our nation pushes past the troubles of our past, we look to a future where we can come to the wurld stage in both unity and in 
fellowship with our allies. Iverica and your people - we feel - share that common interest and that desire for diplomatic and             
peaceful resolution to the challenges and tensions the wurld faces.                                                                                                     

It is with these facts in mind that the Premiere has directed me to reach out to you and your office in hopes of establishing a            
dialogue and diplomatic relations. We humbly seek a permanent embassy in your nation at a location that best suits your               
government, and invite you to establish your own in our capital.                                                                                                           

I know I speak for all of the Stalgora when I say that I hope this message finds you well, and we look forward to establishing           
a dialogue with your nation in hopes of benefiting our two people and the greater wurld.                                                                     

Most Respectfully,


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