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An Ahranaian Celebration

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It has been a Year since Sigrid was elected to the Highest Executive Office in the Ahranaian Federation and is in technical terms the longest Democratically Elected Head of State and Government of Ahrana since the fall of the Kingdom. Yet while some Nations may say the Presidents Term has been somewhat Authoritarian in some aspects the Federation currently needs an Authoritative Executive Leader for the time being. Yet today was to be a Celebration of her Election and Oath that she swore to the People on her Inauguration in Peoples Square. Sigrid has been planning the celebration for some months now and just a few weeks ago had sent an open invitation to all Countries around in hopes they would come and join in the Celebration, People would Hopefully start arriving in the Moskovo International Airport at any time and will then be transported to the Strasberg Estate instead of the Presidential Palace.



Strasberg Estate Outside of Moskovo

Sigrid had made sure that her Assistant's had sent out all of the Invitations and Itineraries to everyone that does and does not have a Current Embassy in Moskovo and likewise with the Ahranaian Government Abroad:





For those who wanted to respond to the Foreign Affairs Letter you can go ahead and note that the dates are changed to the 16th, 17th and 18th of October.

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"Eugh! Who do they believe us to be?" the Assistant Minister of International Politics had read over the Ahranaian regime's invitation to a celebration of their peaceful transition since a year ago. She shook her head in disapproval. Unfortunately, despite the fact that even the Kera secretly had a low opinion of a seemingly troubling regime in Ahrana, she and Minister Epol looked to strengthen diplomatic relevance and reputation. As such, they had given the Assistant Minister the task of deciding who to send. The truth was, it would be insulting to send someone like Kayleigh Hani or Winston Susman. Senior diplomats that command and deserve respect. Sending them to a regime's pat on the back for further concerning activities would come just shy of being the Ambassador to Dniester. She couldn't send no one.

As the Assistant Minister pondered her dilemma at hand, a young intern came in and set down a cup of tea gently, slipping a tablespoon of honey. "Is everything alright, Assistant Minister?" The Asssistant Minister, an experienced elder within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, took off her spectacles and reclined back in her chair. She stood silent for a moment, as the intern started to apologize before she would interrupt her. "No no, it is all well. The one instance they give me something I can make a decision on, it is some mockery like this." she says, clearly peeved.

The intern read over the invitation with the Ahranian foreign ministry's letterhead while her superior observed her closely. Her facial expression only seemed confused more than anything. "I'm not sure I follow, Assistant Minister. Wouldn't we just send Susm-" The granny eyeglass wearing envoy would cut her off not letting her finish to explain how much of an insult it would be to him. The intern in turn shrugged, walking out the door "I'm sure you'll figure it out. It could provide networking potential with others?"

As she began closing the door, "Wait. I have a question for you. How much do you know about Argis and Ahrana?" The intern poked her head back in confused, stammering a little,"I- I- uh, well it is kind of what I focused most on in my studies so-so a lot I would say." Shuffling over to her, the intern's boss placed her hands on her subordinate's shoulders. "I think it is time you go out and about."



To: Sigrid Anne Victoria Goring, President of the @Ahranaian Federation
From: Lili Epol, Minister of Foreign Relations

President Sigrid Anne Victoria Goring,

On behalf of the Kera, we congratulate a full year of transition from the previous government. In response to your invitation to the world, we will be sending as an official delegate of the Matriarchy and unofficial ambassador to Ahrana, Allegra Kini. I hope you receive her well. She is a dedicated and intelligent civil servant within the Matriarchy.


Lili Epol

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It was no secret that Ahrana and Arhomaneia did not see eye to eye. It wasn't so much the political ideology of the two states – communism and socialism were mere fads in the face of the two thousand years of the Aroman Empire. They would fade away once again. It wasn't that the revolution had extinguished an imperial line as, after all, barbarians having pretensions to such lofty titles was patently laughable in and of itself, although the loss of life was of course regrettable. Rather, it was the recent events within Ahrana itself.

The nation that was now referred to as Ahranaian Federation had seen a tumultuous few years, so it was certainly something of a blessing that Ahrana had seen a year without any further governmental changes. The Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion nonetheless maintained some reservations towards Ahrana. The trial of Ivanoff had seemed to be nothing short of a whitewash and the events surrounding his death were far, far too convenient for them do anything than raise suspicions in Tagmatika. Subsequent trials of apparent minions of the former Secretary General also seemed to be little more than scapegoating, especially as some of those on trial were merely low-ranked officers and non-commissioned officers. The rot was still within the system.

Nonetheless, the government of the Megas Agios Basileia was willing to ignore its misgivings and suspicions. Pursuing them would be fruitless and just sour relations even further. If nothing else, the trials did show that the Ahranaian government was trying to turn over a new leaf and become a reliable member of the wurld community. Truly stable nations on Eurth often seemed to be a rarity. And what did it hurt Arhomaneia to send an official to at least show that it recognised the achievements of Ahrana over the past year? Even if the achievement of having a functional government for a whole three hundred and sixty five days should really ought not to be something considered worthy of celebration but rather the norm for a fully functional nation.

Those were the thoughts of Ioannina Vatatzkhina as she sat across the desk from the Megas Logothetes ton Barbaron, her superior. They weren't too far from the internal feelings of the Arhomaneia itself, which likely spoke of the patronising point of view that the country had towards most others. Goulielmos had a vaguely benign smile on his face as he watched Vatakzkhe put down the printout of the letter from Ahrana.

“So?” he asked once she had put the letter down on the ancient oak surface of the desk.

A slight frown creased her brow, although the Megas Logothetes continued with his smile. It was an odd question, for several reasons. It wasn't as if Goulielmos was truly interested in her thoughts. She guessed that he had already decided to send her as the representative of Arhomaneia to Ahrana. It was undoubtedly a prestigious one, too – Vatatzkhina would be the lead of the first official Tagmatine mission to Ahrana for many years and it was obvious that the Federation itself thought that the occasion was to be one worth celebrating. He knew that she wasn't going to turn it down, as it would mean that any number of rivals within the Logothesion would go in her stead. Turning it down would likely not do her career any good, especially since the Agios Basileos himself would likely hear of it.

“It would certainly be a great honour to represent Arhomaneia, Megas Logothetes,” replied Vatatzkhina. She paused for a moment and sought to cover up the pause by reaching for the fine porcelain cup in front of her and sipping the tea within.

“I hear a 'but' there, Logothetissa,” said Goulielmos. The smile was still there but Vatatzkhina could sense a slight tone of disappointment in the minister's voice.

“It's just that it is, well, Ahrana...” the Logothetissa said. “They've seen more changes in regime recently than many barbaroi change their socks.”

“That is certainly an opinion shared by many within the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion. And, in all honesty, by many other foreign ministries across the world.” Goulielmos sighed slightly. “The Red Revolution, the whole Ivanoff affair... They were all pretty unpleasant. And what came afterwards. However, it does seem that Ahrana has been able to put itself back on its feet and has remained stable for the past year. That is worthy of respect.”

Vatatzkhina sat still at her superior's words. It was still just another barbaros nation and their brief flickers of stability were little to the centuries of continuous Aroman government.

“And because of that, and that they are one of the main players in central Argis, we need to send someone. This is our opportunity to try to normalise relations and hold out a hand.”

It made sense, certainly. She just didn't especially want to be the person going. It was supposed to be cold in that part of the wurld right now, although she'd also heard that it wasn't much colder than Arhomaneia itself.

“It says it's going to be a three day celebration though, Endoxotatos. What are we going to have to do? Squat in their frozen halls, drink vodka and eat beetroot soup?” She couldn't keep the scorn out of her voice when she said that and Goulielmos raised his eyebrow slightly.

“And watch a military parade and a ballet, yes.” He leant forward in his chair and crossed his arms on his desk. “Because you're there representing Arhomaneia whilst in those frozen halls, you're also going to have to pretend to like vodka and beetroot soup.” The edge to his voice wasn't unkind but it did remind Vatatzhke that she had perhaps spoken a little too freely. “They are showcasing their cultural highlights and whilst it may not be up to the standards that we are used to, they will undoubtedly be earnest despite their lack of sophistication. This is a proud moment for them, as it will show that Ahrana is over the turbulence of its recent years.”

The reproof in the Megas Logothetes' words was clear enough and she nodded her head.

“You will also have to attend a service of their local denomination of Christianity,” continued the Megas Logothetes. “You will, of course, have several priests accompanying you on your staff, and they will be able to help you in case you are exposed to anything too... incorrect whilst attending this service.”

That was a bit of a bombshell to drop on any true Arhomaios. Of course, she was aware that other nations in the wurld didn't necessary follow the correct thinking when it came to religious matters, but actually attending a service in person would be something most shocking. Many of these heretical sects often had pictures of Christ and the saints. She shuddered to herself.

“As the military parade is also open to foreign units, I have been told that a platoon from the Ikanatoi will be taking part.”

Undoubtedly the soldiers, dressed in red armour and cream robes, would be a far cry from all of the scruffy barbarians around them. The Logothetissa was not really listening, as she was still worrying about the heresies that she might have to face. It didn't seem that Goulielmos had anything to add beyond that, however.

“Thank you, Logothetissa. I am sure that you will act as a true Christian and Arhomaios whilst in the Federation.”





To: Sigrid Anastasia Anne Victoria Florence-Goring of Strasburg, Federal President of the Ahranaian Federation (@Ahrana)

From: the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion of the Megas Agios Basileia Arhomaion

Your Excellency,

There are very few nations in the wurld that have seen such a peaceful and successful transition to democracy as your nation has. This is in stark contrast to the awful events surrounding the overthrow of the Unified Imperial Kingdom and the bloody conflict that followed. It is clear that you and your predecessor, the former General Secretary Alexsandra Misha Lars Core, have striven long and hard to bring your country to the position that it is in now. The temptation to rid your nation of those who had done it harm in a much more dramatic fashion would have undoubtedly been strong, but you have done God's work by not giving into those desires and showing your people and the rest of the wurld that the cycle of violence, of coup and counter-coup, can be broken.

This means that the anniversary of your inauguration is much more of an important day than just the start of your wise leadership of your nation. It will undoubtedly be the start of another year of normalcy for Ahrana, which will be followed by another and another, until the period of bloodshed can be looked back upon as a momentary blip in history, and one that your people have learned from and never replicated.

Rather than merely celebrated within Ahrana, it should be a noteworthy date across the rest of Eurth, as it shows that there are peaceful alternatives to the violent uprisings that are sadly far too common. Due to this, I am pleased to announce that the Megas Agios Basileia is accepting your invitation and dispatching a member of my Logothesion to attend, as well a modestly-sized staff for her.

Indeed, as a mark of the respect that Arhomaneia has towards the successes of the recent year, and as you have invited the attending nations to take part in your military parade, I have the following request. I ask that you allow a platoon-sized unit from the Ikanatoi, a regiment from the Tagmata, the guard units of the Arhomaiki army, to take part in the parade.

May God see to it that this is but the first of many years of peace and stability for your honoured nation,

Eugenios Goulielmos,

Megas Logothetes

of the

Logothesion ton Barbaron

of the

Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomaion

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"Comrade Almas? We're about half an hour out."

Stirring from sleep, the General Secretary winced as he craned his neck out the window, seeing only the cloud cover above the Mediargic.

"Next time, I'm gonna buy one of those neck pillows."

"The captain's been in touch with the other plane, they're making good time as well."

"Everything's okay? No major disasters related to transporting 21 equines by air?"

"Apparently not. And the troops are in good spirits, as well."

"Wonderful, wonderful."

Tomur Almas took his plastic glasses from the pocket of his suit and cleaned them methodically with his tie.

"We're coming to Ahrana in very different circumstances than the last state visit."

"Quite so. To think, in so short a time, Ivanoff, then Core, then this one. It is not a system which inspires confidence, or trust."

"You are correct, but what does this phenomenon exhibit about the Ahranaian people?"

"Hmm...this indicates that the people of Ahrana exhibit revolutionary fervor often and intensely, but that they are unable to produce a democratic people's government in any form, and instead rally behind strongmen."

"Quite right. The Party organ in Ahrana failed utterly, and was monopolized by Ivanoff the bandit. This failure to police the party ranks and root out not only rightism but base corruption and ignorance. The corruption runs deep; do you know how many representatives sit in the Ahranaian federal congress?"

"I do not."

"1550! 1550 petty bureaucrats with no power and little reason to care collecting a salary from the public pocket! It's a farce! It's like some kind of imperial kickback scheme."

"That's crazy. I struggle to understand that sort of thing, really."

"In what way?"

"This sad fact that people could produce, you know, this sweeping social movement only to either preserve or create this sort of hideous, bloated bourgeois democracy. What victories have been won here? There have been tanks in the streets in the past few months. It's really almost pathetic. Tragic, perhaps,it is better to say."

"You know, you're very insightful."

"Thank you, Comrade."

"Comrade General Secretary, Comrade Secretary for Culture, we're beginning our descent."

Almas pulled his seat up, putting on his now-clean glasses. Tekin buckled his seatbelt.

"Do I look alright? How's my hair? I get bad bedhead."

"You're good. And you can always touch it up, you know, slip away for five minutes with a comb."

"Certainly, certainly."


To: Sigrid Anastasia Anne Victoria Florence-Goring of Strasburg, Federal President of the Ahranaian Federation
From: Tomur Almas, General Secretary, Worker's Republic of Fulgistan

It is my great pleasure to inform you that on behalf of the Worker's Republic, myself, Secretary of the Bureau for Culture Bayanchur Tekin, and the mounted drill team of the Blue-White Banner Bozaan Regiment, led by Major Zohreh Bozaan. It is a great honor to return to Ahrana once again and to meet with you, Madame President, after this past years Triennial Summit. No doubt this will be an eventful gathering.


Tomur Almas

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Commissioner Alec Gothred this is President Sigrid calling from the Strasburg Estate.

Yes Madam President what can I do for you at the present moment?

Alec place the Capital on High Alert and lockdown the Airport please Sir. Also I have mobilized the Local Home Guard to man the Streets along with your men and women till the Dignitaries have arrived to the Estate. Also as soon as they arrive if they wish they can begin transporting to the Estate if the Dignitaries are okay with that please. I want you to also tell the Air Control Station no other Plane after this time when last speak may leave and no other plane other than those coming with Dignitaries may land understood? 

Aye Madam President Understood all matters will be implemented as soon as I get off the Phone with you.

Very Good and get to it please sir. President Sigird out.

As Sigrid hung up the phone she walked over to her Aids and asked them to finish readying the rooms that would be used during the duration of the Celebration. After that she walked to her Personal Office to put on her New Uniform that she would wear during the first day except at the Ballet which she would wear a Dress of Course. As she placed the uniform on she gathered her medals from both the Federation and the Kingdom she would display all of them today and Tomorrow as. As she continued to get dressed one of the Minister knocked on the door it was none other than the Minister of Intelligence Alexsandra Core:

Madam President its Minister Core, I came as soon as you request may I come in?

Yes please Alexsandra please do come in I could use your help with a few things.

Very well Madam President. What is it that I the "Great Core" can do for you.

They both began to laugh at the statement as it was Cores Nickname given to her by the People.

Alexsandra what can you tell me of you experiences at State Receptions I never really joined in the Ones Gustov had when he was in power I always asked to show up but never could due to the things going on with me.

Well mostly the majority of the people who attend are quite fun and amusing people, each person brings a bit of their homeland with them and shares it with everyone so to say. Some of them are even Party lovers like the Government Personnel in Variota and then you have some that are just plan socially awkward like the Derthalen Personnel. But I say the guest list most of the people coming I have heard of or have met personally and they will get along with you very well I am sure of that.

Well that's a relief at least, as long as I can avoid a incident like what Ivanoff had I think I will be doing good. Alexsandra do you remeber what Ballet is playing tonight at the Strasburg Theatre?

No I do not but I do know its a newer one that Alesandra of Moskovo highly recommended for the Celebrations, hopefull she will be there or will arrive here at the Estate before everyone arrives.

Ah that would be lovely actually I haven't seen her in over a year. How has she been the pass few months?

She has been well she has been kept apprised of your Presidency and looks to you with great respect and regard and states that she will back you till you step down or no longer have the support of the people. She has also stated she wishes to stay out of Politics for the current time till further notice and asks that her request be accepted.

Well of course I will respect that request from her, I value her input when I ask and when she deems it needed that's why I have asked her to be kept in the loop she is after all basically my sister. Anyways, did you see the latest 'Ahrana Today' edition?

Yes I did and they had some important points there, it is as if we have abandoned some of these people and we must or might I say you as their President must see about amending the situation. What ideas have you come up with?

Well I have spoken to...….

They talked politics for awhile till a aid interrupted them saying that Alesandra of Moskovo had arrived and that the Commissioner had radioed that the Convoy was on its way to the Estate. Sigrid, Alexsandra Core and Alesandra of Moskovo walked to the from of the Estate outside the door and waited for the arrival of the Convoy. Each one of the Ladies in State Reception Uniform of the New Military Uniforms that were introduced to the Officer Cores across the Military.



General Misha, General of the Army

(Presenting the new Uniform)

As they walked out the Presidential Guards made their way around the front of the Estate Entrance pathway and the Gate itself




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As the last of the Presidential Guards dressed in their Ceremonial Blue Tunics with their Silver White plume Helmets and their SK-5Cs and White Shoulder braids, each Man and Woman lined down the entire pathway all standing in attention with nothing phasing them. Their faces clean of emotion with only pure emptiness as if they were statues lining the pathway.

As Sigrid scanned the pathway from the steps she could hear the motorcade making its way to the Estate through the sounds of the Federal Police Sirens and sounds of engines roaring through the Country side. Then just barely she could see a white and blue top of a helmet of a Federal Police Officer, then there they were. As they neared the gate the Guards came to life like a Nutcracker does when it has be winded up. The Officer let out the order:

Open the Gate!

The gates opened swiftly and in unison like a birds wings flapping to flight, same swift motions and no faster than the other. Sigrid standing at the top of the Stairs had allowed several members of the Press to be present today but under the understanding pictures only no questions, that would be later at some point. As the cars entered onto the Gravel Sigrid, Core and Aleksandra of Moskovo walked down to the bottom of the stairs to meet and shake hands with each Dignitary that had cleared their Schedules to come to the Celebrations, she was determined not to have repeat of the Ivanoff run but instead to make this one for the books that would be remembered for the hospitality and enjoyable time everyone would hopefully have. As they reached the bottom of the stars so did the cars come to a stop everyone had made it to the Estate, Sigrid waited to see who would come and say hello first.....

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