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Bulgenstaz: Foreign Investment Opportunity

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Announcement from the Bulgenstazi Ministry of Foreign Endeavors:

Greetings to the companies of the world. As many of you may know, Bulgenstaz has recently passed the "People's Economic Outreach Program". What this ambitious program seeks is external investment from business interests across Eurth to enrich trade and to promote a reduction in manufacturing cost internationally. Our program has a variety of incentives for interested companies so long as they comply with standard Bulgenstazi wage and the Foreign Business Health and Safety Terms. Our wage standard is designed to be competitive with most foreign governments, so investment will likely bring up your companies sales, and reduce manufacturing costs. All foreign workers will automatically receive a visa so long as these requirements are met. So long as the employee is employed by the company there should be no need for renewal.

Our goal is, as with all of our economic agreements, to support foreign investment and benefits while also expanding job opportunities and general well-being of the Bulgenstazi people. To apply, our requirements are simple, and there are a variety of locations where a plant or factory can be established to best suit the needs of the investor.

  • Companies constructing in Bulgenstaz must meet the Foreign Business Health and Safety Terms, which are reduced compared to Bulgenstazi National Companies.
  • Companies constructing in Bulgenstaz must meet the Foreign Business Waste Management Protocols, which allow for significantly reduced restrictions for up to five years.
  • All foreign investments must primarily employ the Bulgenstazi people, the People's Economic Outreach Program describes this as 90% Bulgenstazi citizenry.
  • Companies must comply with the Foreign Business Effective Tax Standard, which allows an initial grace period of five years before taxation will begin on your company.

Our application is simple:

1. Name of company/companies

2. Planned production in factories/plants

3. Estimated native citizenry employed by company/companies

4. Estimated foreign imported workers

5. Ideal location/situation for the establishment of factories/plants

6. Additional details/specifications


Many thanks from the Bulgenstazi Ministry of Foreign Endeavors. We hope to see your company benefiting from the Bulgenstazi "People's Economic Outreach Program" in the near future.

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The Tadhg Brewery Group has identified multiple areas on Bulgenstazi land appropriate for the farming and cultivation of hops that is currently available. Tadhg would like to develop this land further for farming hops as well as constructing the necessary infrastructure required for export. Tadhg has also identified property locations in Khenkourt that are suitable for a processing plant that will prepare the hops for transport.

Our group estimates this will require around 500 Bulgenstazi workers in both farming and processing roles. We believe that around 20 management employees from Seylos will be required for this endeavor with the rest of the management workforce hired from Bulgenstaz. In accordance with the Royal Ethical Foreign Production Tax Scheme (REFPT), no Bulgenstazi employee of the Tadhg Brewery Group will make below the Seylosian national minimum wage, which is 10 Seylosian Pounds per hour, and shall not exceed weekly work of 60 hours, except in cases of paid overtime.

Farming and environment standards will be in accordance with what is required from the REFPT. These regulations are similar to those set for domestic farming production in Seylos. These standards will be followed, unless Bulgenstaz has requirements that exceed those set forth by the REFPT

We hope soon to be in continued contact with the Bulgenstaz government for the joint endeavor.

- Stewart Iain, President/CEO Tadhg Brewery Group

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Approved. The land is in the process of being set up and the citizenry of the locations have been notified of the new job opportunities. We expect your requirements will be met with rapidity. Thank you very much for your investment, we look forward to a safe and profitable relationship with the Tadhg Brewery Group. Given the REFPT either meets or exceeds the national required foreign business plans, there should be no problem concerning regulation, though we will maintain our own inspections to ensure national measures of quality are being met.

Thank you for your time,

-Dverik He Llong, Minister of Foreign Endeavors

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