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[OOC/Idea] Ahranaian Celebration

The Ahranaian Celebration  

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Okay so I am a few days late thanks to work and other things but anyways, so I had planned to start a thread that would start the 8 October as it marks one Year of the current Presidents Term (and many more to come). I had mentioned it in my last news post and I am curious to know who would all want to partake in the Thread. So here is the idea I have so far"


Grand State Reception of all Heads of State/Government, Foreign Dignitaries and National Representative

The Receiving of Rooms

State Dinner/State Party in the Palace Gardens

Meeting to Discuss some Politics and to meet People

Some form of Entertainment (Up for Ideas)

Free Time (Everyone has to have time to themselves)




Magnificent Breakfast in the Palace Dining Room (One of the Biggest Tables in Ahrana {Fun fact})

Attend Ahranaian Orthodox Church Mass (Very Important Feast Day not required to attend)

Getting Ready for the Military Parade Down Peoples Avenue (so basically getting to the Location which is literally down the road)

Military Parade (one of the biggest in Ahranaian History, hey least the weather will not be sweltering!)

Go to the Presidium Palace for VIP Party (Free Alcohol and Liquor of course!)

Entertainment (Up for Ideas)

Getting Back to the Presidential Palace (Its about Three Blocks from the Presidium Palace)




A Hangover Breakfast (for some) in the Individual Rooms or Palace Dining Room (Your Choice)

Still getting out of the Hangover

One Last Meeting to Discuss Politics and or to say goodbye to new Friends(Hopefully)

People begin Leaving 


So of course there can be more things added im still thinking but this is a general idea, I left the Entertainment part just as that because I want some input on that area from everyone really. I want to make this a fun and enjoyable RP Thread, so if you have any ideas let them flow onto the keyboard and post them on this Thread!!

****Also forgot to add that Foreign Military Units are allowed to partake in the Military Parade if you wish to have that happen****



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I'm certainly intrigued and it would be good for our nations to have more diplomatic contact.

And I'm sure a company of the imperial bodyguards or from one of the Tagmata would add some colour to your otherwise drab barbarian lives. The splendour of Arome would outshine everything else.

But... The fall of the imperial house and then the Ivanoff regime has left Tagmatium wary of Ahrana. Especially the events surrounding the trial, which seemed, at best, a whitewash.

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Bulgenstaz values her relationship with Ahrana. We can't exactly send our PM as elections are right around the corner, but there will be more than a few very important people who will be able to attend, such as the Minister of the National Agricultural Company, Hoja Korig, as well as a few others.

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Okay so there has been good feedback from some of you guys so I plan to make the thread next week between Tuesday and Wednesday.


Now as for the areas of entertainment which I left blank technically I want to ask what sounds good so here are some options:

  1. Opera
  2. Circus
  3. Symphonic-Orchastra Musical Group
  4. Ahranaian Ballet
  5. Movies
  6. Horse Races 

And that's all I have currently, if you can't think of anything let me know down below!

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Okay so I plan on making the main thread tomorrow since I'm taking the day off. So if you feel the need or urge to respond to the Letter that is in the Foreign Ministry Thread go ahead and do so. I will make a itinerary for the thread also and I'm adding a few things to it. Overall I'm looking forward to this thread and hope it is enjoyable as I'm wanting it to be.

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Okay so I went through a few things and such and I have decided that technically the celebration will take place on the 16th, 17th and 18th of October for reasons. So I will have the thread opened tonight before Midnight for sure.

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