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[Academy Post] Final Elections List (Candidates)

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The following is a list of the candidates for Prime Minister by political organization, following the final selections for each, and the required debates.

Hanke Van Aalsburg Democratische Socialistische Partij (DSP)

Political Position: Center-Left

Economic Views: The government should control major parts of the economy to ensure the lower classes benefit as well.

Military Views: Less money and focus should be spent on expanding the military, and instead facing foreign threats peacefully.

Environmental Views: We should do more to protect the environment.

Gun Rights: There should be more restrictions on who can own a gun and who can't.

Daan Ekireifen Nationale Conservatieve Liga (NCL)

Political Position: Center-Right

Economic Views: More should be done to ensure economic growth.

Military Views: The military should be grown to make sure that the country is safe from threats from invaders.

Environmental Views: The environment is completely fine as it is.

Gun Rights: People should be given more rights to own a gun.

Mathijs Daalmans Het Centralen (Centrum)

Political Position: Center

Economic Views: The economy shouldn't be messed with, and it's fine as is.

Military Views: The military should get more funding, but peaceful measures should be taken as well.

Environmental Views: The environment should be protected, but that doesn't mean that companies can't expand, it just means they need to adapt.

Gun Rights: People should be allowed to own guns if they meet requirements.

Marieke Van Bueren Groene Partij (Groen)

Political Position: Center-Left

Economic Views: Companies should be forced into protecting the environment, and more importantly, our future.

Military Views: The military shouldn't be changed, and it's fine as is.

Environmental Views: Huge steps should be taken to solve our environmental problems.

Gun Rights: There's people who should own guns and people who shouldn't.

Gerlof Aarens Aurora Nationale Partij (ANP)

Political Position: Far-Right

Economic Views: The economy should be controlled by the government, so the government can do what they need with it.

Military Views: Peace is never a requirement. In fact, we should use our military to our advantage...

Environmental Views: Companies should be able to expand as much as they want, as long as they fund the government.

Gun Rights: Authorities and those with power are the only people who should own guns.

Suus Van Houten Rode Banneralliantie (RBA)

Political Position: Far-Left

Economic Views: The government should take an active role in what the economy does.

Military Views: The military should be completely under control of the leader.

Environmental Views: The environment shouldn't be dealt with as of yet. Set it for a later date.

Gun Rights: No one should own guns without express permission from the Prime Minister.

Bernard Romeijnsen Het Kruis (Kruis)

Political Position: Center-Right

Economic Views: The economy needs a few improvements.

Military Views: The only military action required is against those who challenge our faith.

Environmental Views: The lands of god should be protected.

Gun Rights: Guns should only be used for self-defense.

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