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[Academy RP] Behind the Mask

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An aide walks up to Viktor Arvenkamp's desk carrying a letter addressed to the Prime Minister. He puts down the letter on his desk.


"What is this, Theo?" Arvenkamp looks up to the aide who had handed him the letter.


"It is a letter from the expedition in Corona, sir.", the aide answers.


Arvenkamp opens up the letter carefully, so that it did not tear, and he produces the small, folded piece of paper inside. It was simple; the content had been written on a lined paper that seemed to be out of a notebook, judging by the uneven jigsaw-like pattern across the left edge of the paper. There was a stain near the lower right corner, almost a perfect circle, though not quite. Arvenkamp straightens it out and reads the cursive text written on it.



September 21, 2019

Epsilon, Corona Territory, Aurora

To the Office of the Prime Minister

Rabzidion, Capital District, Aurora


To My Prime Minister, Viktor Arvenkamp,


I, Thijs Noorestav, will like to inform you of our findings across the borders of Corona. The flora and fauna exhibit mostly the same as that native to Corona, however we have found one unknown specimen that has been sent to labs in Epsilon. The lands are almost completely uninhabited, and such areas' natives seem to be friendly and willing to cooperate with settlement of these new lands, as long as they are allowed to keep their lands and traditions without interference. I advise you to stay to your word, whatever you make of this, for I have seen them hunt and if you go back on your word there will be consequences. Overall, the land seems as adequate as its life and people, and I believe it is in our best interest to expand to these borderlands. I do hope you consider our findings and put in place an act to expand Corona. Coming from a man who lives there, we need it.


Sincerely, Expedition Head Thijs Noorestav


Arvenkamp looks up from the letter and turns to the aide. "Theo, inform Thijs Noorestav that I am presenting the expansion of the Corona Territory to the specified exploration area to Parliament for voting as soon as possible."

"Yes sir." The aide leaves the room, and leaves Arvenkamp to himself until he is confronted again.

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Viktor Arvenkamp steps up to the podium at the center of the Senate floor. He moves the microphone down and coughs before putting it up to his face. He pulls a piece of notebook paper out of his pocket, and unfolds the paper.

"Two days ago, on the 28th of this September, I received a letter from Thijs Noorevstad, head of the expedition of the Coronan borderlands. I will read to you aloud its contents and purposes." Arvenkamp reads the letter thoroughly, then looks up to the Senators. "The purpose of this letter is to expand the territory of Corona, protect its wildlife, and more importantly, protect its indigenous population. Any comments, Senators?"

Daan Ekireifen, Senator from Uvdag, stands up. "Mr. Arvenkamp, why are we entitled to do such things for these natives? What have they done for us, and why do they deserve exceptional treatment?"

"You are very honorable, Senator Ekireifen, but you have to understand these people were here before us. They help guide us through this unknown wilderness we call Eurth, and we should at least to do something to give back to them. Besides, you heard in the letter, there are consequences for those who simply disregard these natives' existence.", answers the Prime Minister. Ekireifen, who is speechless and seated, is unable to conjure up a response.

"Voting on this matter will remain open for a week. I have other issues to attend, and I bid you all farewell for now. Enjoy the rest of your day." Viktor Arvenkamp steps out of the room and once again returns to his office.

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A man sits down and pulls up his recliner. He grabs up a remote that was sitting on the coffee table and hesitates before he presses the "on" button. He looks to his wife, who is in the kitchen.

"Honey, are you fine with watching the news? I hear they're trying to expand Corona."

"Sure. You wanna move to the country or something?" She laughs.

"Nah, just wanna know if they'll give us more room." The man presses the red button on the remote control. The television company logo flashes across the screen. Then there is a black screen and the news comes on. There is a woman with a few papers in her hand. She turns to the camera and shuffles the papers.

The reporter says, "Hello, this is Zoe Fredstraach with Politics Tonight. Our top story is the current Parliament decision on the expansion of Corona, with the main issue within this being what to do with the natives. Here is some footage from the Prime Minister's presentation to the Senate."

The Prime Minister's face appears on the screen, showing him with a notebook paper in his hand and speaking to the microphone. "...you have to understand these people were here before us. They help guide us through this unknown wilderness we call Eurth, and we should at least to do something to give back to them."

The woman appears back on the screen. "This comment was apparently directed to Senator Daan Ekireifen, who did not agree with the fact that the natives living on the Coronan borderlands should be protected as part of this expansion act. Here is a chart showing the current yay, nay, and abstain/undecided votes." An image is shown on the screen for a few seconds.


"Most nay votes are politicians who share the same views as Ekireifen, and do not feel that protecting the indigenous should be a requirement on this expansion bill. This comes as Ekireifen is expected to run for Prime Minister in the coming weeks and losing this chance to deny a bill that the current Prime Minister proposed would be a huge blow to his campaign. More updates on this situation are to come soon."

The news report goes to a commercial break. The man gets up so he can microwave some food to eat when he watches the rest of the news on the political landscape of Aurora.

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