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TRENDING: Sanguine Valerius │ DOMINICUS (2019) │ Eagles v Chariots


Welcome to Et Quotidie Verbo, Creaturae's number one source of fast and reliable news! Rated number one by the not-for-profit organization, NewsAdvisor, we provide engaging and factual articles on the happenings of the world. With centuries of experience, we at EQV knows how treat our readers with the respect and professionalism we know they want and deserve.

With roots dating back to some of the first messenger companies in Aroma, EQV is the only one who can give you the Fast. Reliable. Truth!

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Sanguine Valerius: Nearly Twenty-Two Years of Service

By: Septima Lucretia, EQV

(EQV) - In a little less than 2 weeks from now, the nation will be celebrating twenty-two years since the inauguration of Flavius Sanguine Valerius, Creaturae's Vilicus. To honor the occasion, we've written up a summary of the (mainly) ups and downs of Sanguine's rule.

Starting on the Vilicus' inauguration day, many may recall that the leader was late by a whole 47 minutes! After hurriedly giving his speech and being inaugurated as Vilicus, the ceremony ended without the traditional Five Minute Cheer. As it would later turn out, that wouldn't be the only tradition the new Vilicus would be changing.

In an interview with Sanguine, was quoted as saying "You wouldn't believe the traffic on the roads! It took me nearly an hour to travel from one end of the city to the other. It's time to change that." In a later statement, the Vilicus proposed completely reworking the road system of Confugerunt, a city that was nearly as old as the calendars! Skeptics of Sanguine's progressive ideas and policies began to force their concerns, as did we in a previous article; New Vilicus, new roads for Confugerunt?

Though the proposal to rework the entirety of Confugerunt's road network was quickly shut down by the Principes Provinciae, Sanguine's push for reworking the infrastructure of Creaturae didn't stop there. After many similar pushes to redo some of the nation's infrastructure, the Vilicus made a new push to invest in public transportation. Specifically, the Vilicus proposed a complete transformation of the centuries old railways to accommodate the trains of the future. While many doubted the idea would gain any traction after the Vilicus' repeated flops, the Legatis Foederationis ended up voting in favor of the proposal. The project budget given to the Department of Public Transportation was the highest in the history of Creaturae (at the time) at a whopping 680.000.000⊂!

Not too long afterward, Sanguine was again pushing for another infrastructure reworking, this time on the nation's water and electrical systems. By now, Sanguine had become infamous for his reinfrastructuring, as it began to be known as. So another proposal did not come as a surprise to many. And, despite previous criticisms and skepticism, the Creatum people were beginning to get on board with their Vilicus' plan to transform the country.

Though the proposal was again denied by the Principes, the idea of restructuring the nation was on the minds of the Creatum people. Many reforms began to be proposed on a local level to the Provinciae governments, where most of the reinfrastructuring took place from then onward. Sanguine let the Creatum people decide what was best for them and what they wanted and focused on the issues facing the international community...


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Just How Accurate is DOMINICUS (2019)?

By: Aquila Severus, EQV

(EQV) - Last weekend, DOMINICUS (2019) released in theaters nationwide. The film was met with praises by critics and audiences alike, both impressed by the level of detail and historical accuracy the film presents. But how accurate really is DOMINICUS? That's what we at EQV decided to find out.

At the start of the movie, we're introduced to the main character, Dominicus. In the first scenes, Dominicus is shown to have a great interest in the discovery of the New World, as well as a ship being sent there to colonize the region. We then meet his parents, who don't approve of his dreams and say that it is not his fate to leave. Dominicus does anyway, but soon regrets that, as the journey is long and leaves him with a great sense of guilt.

So, did any of this actually happen? We researched everything we could that had to do with the first Advenae, the creation of Creaturae, and the old Aromans. What we found was that yes, it is accurate! There has been multiple historical documents found from this time period, including a letter from Dominicus himself (and him writing it does also make it into the film)!

But what about the people who died on the Rimor? Again, another historically accurate fact, as there were three documented cases of the passengers dying on the journey to the New World. So again, quite accurate! One minor detail that has been brought up by critics is that the Rimor was a twin-sail boat, not a tri-sail. But when you look at the film overall, it's clear that the writers and director Publius Horatius did their research!

Now, after the Rimor crashes up against the shoreline, Dominicus is...

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