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[WIP] De Legatis Foederationis Creaturae [Factbook Megapost]

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Creaturae General Factbook (Temporary, will edit overtime)

The nation's name comes from the Ancient Aroman word for "Creation." This was decided by the first group of Aroman colonists settled on the Eastern coast of the southern peninsula. They had created their new home and had expanded the Aroman Empire across the Adlantic and onto yet another continent.

Following the collapse of the Aroman Empire in the early 2nd century, the people of Creaturae became known as the Advenae (which roughly translates to "immigrants"). And soon afterward, Creatum society became noticeably distinct from their homeland, only retaining some of the core elements of their ideals and mannerisms, as well as language. The exact reasons as for why have been speculated for centuries, though many historians now believe it to be, in part, the acceptance of the native people into their settlements. The shift in identity and culture has since been named the "Reidentification of Creaturae".

The Creatum flag contains the national animal of the nation, the Argic Hawk, to represent the nation as free from their colonial roots and can now soar to their full potential. The laurel wreath is an Aroman symbol that the Creatum used to mean peace between their people and the natives who lived here. The red and gold color scheme represents the red and gold colors found in the sky during the sunsets, as well as the gold representing the desire for wealth and power.

Geography: (I will update actually fill out after getting a place on the map)

Creaturae was originally settled by native tribes-people over three-thousand years ago, inhabiting much of what is modern-day Creaturae. After the arrival of the first Advenae in the year 102 C.E., the natives were either killed off from plagues and illnesses they had no immunity to, relocated to make room for more settlers or integrated into the Creatum society. The latter option became quite popular in the 2nd and 3rd century after the Natives had developed immunity to the Europan diseases, many Advenae welcomed them into their society. The natives' spiritual believes influenced the major Creatum religion, de Cultu Deorum, and those influences can be easily seen when comparing even modern-day purists of the two beliefs.

Following the collapse of the Aroman Empire with Creaturae nearly joined them. Many died during the Great Suffering, as lack of imports meant that there wasn't a constant influx of food and other materials required to sustain the start of a colony. Miraculously, the Advenae recovered from the famine and elected the Colonial overseer, the Caesar-appointed colonial manager, as their temporary leader. This would end up becoming a permanent position in the Creatum government.

After being cut off from their only trading partner and without the resources or luxury to create their own ships, Creaturae was completely cut off from the sea and, by extension, Europa. Knowledge of Creaturae disappeared completely. It was only in the 15th century, over 13 centuries later, that the Europans rediscovered the old colony, now only vaguely similar to the once-mighty Aromans.

Now, in the modern era, Creaturae is relatively uninvolved in international affairs. Their main influence over other nations is their large influx of tourists and immigrants, as well as their significant population and protection of Native-peoples (larger than other Europan colonies).

Government: (Will update later)
The government of Creaturae has existed in many forms over its nearly two-decade-long history. Starting as a mere extension of the Aroman Empire, to establishing the first national Vilicus, nearly becoming a theocracy, and steadily introducing more and more democratic elements to the system.

The modern government of Creaturae consists of one Vilicus, # Principes Provinciae (number will be updated after location is decided and provinces are drawn), and several dozens of lesser Ambactuses. The Ambasctuses are not represented in higher government and cannot create laws or officially voice their opinion on anything political. Their only obligation is to collect the taxes of the people and carry out that which the Principes Provinciae and Vilicus have decided.

Military: (Will update later)
The Creatum military consists of an entirely volunteered force. There are three main sections of the military, the marine, navy, and air force. The budget for Creaturae's military is extremely low, sitting at only 0.9% of the nation's GDP or 2.700.000.000⊂

Economy: (Will update later)
The main industry of Creaturae is tourism, as the nation holds many historical landmarks that relate to the Aroman Empire. The currency of the Creatum government is the Creatum dollar (is subject to change) and is represented by the ⊂ symbol. The Creatum dollar is backed by the government and has no inherent worth.

Demographics: (Will update later)
Creatum (76.5%)
Natives (14.2%)
Other (9.3%)

There are three main beliefs of Creaturae: de Cultu Naturae (the native beliefs), de Cultu Deorum (a sect of the Aroman religion), and agnosticism.

Culture: (Will update later)
A blend of ancient Aroman, Native, and international ideals and behaviors. The Aroman influence on Creaturae has waned significantly after their collapsing, though relates itself in the language of the Advenae and the general's spiritual views.


Nationstates Factbook:


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