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[Academy RP] Historical Accuracy

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"Dearest Mother and Father,
    I write this letter with the hopes that you will one day read of what I have experienced during the several weeks since I left you two.
    Back in Aroma, when boarding the Rimor, I was so certain in my decision to leave for a new life. One where I could control my fate and make a name for myself in a foreign and unexplored land. I should have known I shouldn't try to escape from Fatum's grasp! Even before the departure, something stirred in me that compelled me to leave this accursed boat. Oh, how I wish I had listened to that feeling!
    I do not remember how much time has gone by since that day, nor have I cared to ask. I fear knowing will only give my grief more influence on my thoughts. Every day, I imagine what I would be doing if I were still in the motherland. If we land, I never wish to see the waves of the ocean again!
    Two have already died aboard, a man and a child, and another one left adrift at sea after an incredible storm that nearly capsized the vessel. I fear that the dishonor I brought upon myself has brought ill-fate to the entire voyage. The desire to join the sea and to grant safe passage to this ship is strong. To sacrifice my own body and save my soul from damnation.
    But even so, my body will not allow me to. It desires life as much as I had desired freedom. I could not deprive my second half of what it desires most. I must go on until Fatum strikes my body down and strips my soul away from myself.
    I imagine this will happen during the first few months of landfall, as the creatures there are sure to be opposed to our settling there. So, if my fate is to perish and never see my homeland or my family again, so be it. But this letter will be my final testament to recount of my existence. Even if just for one person."

With much reverence and repentance,

The parchment note was placed down onto a dim candle-lit table, with a man's hand stowing away the quill and capping the ink. The whole room seemed to rock steadily but consistently, keeping the beat to a silent song. The man rose from his desk and walked and sat on the end of his cot with his hands on his face. He contemplated his existence and prayed, breaking down into despair as he repeated:

"Fatum, please forgive me."


A man spoke over the mumbles in a poor whisper to a woman sitting next to him.

"What is this?"


The young women didn't look away from the screen, not wanting to miss any of the details.

"What is happening right now?"

The woman reached into a bucket of popcorn and took a large handful out, stuffing bits into her mouth before eventually responding.

"He's praying for forgiveness, isn't it obvious?"

"Just sounds like mumbling to me."

Another man sitting next to the first turned his head towards him, rolling his eyes.

"This is why we don't invite you to movies, Appius."

"Oh shut up Max!"

At this point, Appius' volume had increased a significant amount and was now being shushed by other moviegoers near him. He slumped in his seat, looking back at the large screen and taking a sip of the large soda in the cup holder next to him.

"And this guy's supposed to be the first Vilicus? What a softie!"

Appius was shushed again, now by many more people. The woman, now over looking at Appius, retorted.

"You obviously don't understand anything about Dominicus or the founding of Creaturae. Why did you even want to watch the movie if you don't even care?"

Appius put his feet up on the seat in front of him, around the head of the person sitting in it.

"Cause, I thought there'd be a lot more action. Romance. Not some depressed guy praying for forgiveness about something stupid."

She rolled her eyes and looked back at the movie, which had transitioned to a new scene. Now, Dominicus was atop the deck and looking at the land, tears in his eyes and a wide smile across his face. She could feel herself starting to well up when she saw the joy in his expression. She couldn't help but clap along with several other members of the audience.

Nearly two hours later, the trio left the theater, throwing out their popcorn, drink bottles, and candies they had eaten. Appius yawned, stretching his arms and legs. He put his hands into his pant pockets, shrugging his shoulders back.

"Alright, I admit, it wasn't that bad."

"Thank you!"

"It wasn't great, either, to be fair."

Max interjected;

"Oh hush, we both know you secretly liked it. I saw you crying when Dominicus' wife died!"

Appius just walked off to the bathrooms, ignoring the two's claim that he enjoyed "The First Vilicus: Dominicus". It was a pointless movie, in his opinion.

The Max and woman thoroughly enjoyed the film. They were deeply interested in the history of Creaturae and Aroma, being historians themselves, and the movie was quite historically accurate!

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