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Speed Date 1: Immigrants - Sign Up

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So, I had a great idea a while back, people loved it, etc. but I became busy and thus, I never got to executing it. Now, however, is as great a time to try it out as any.

Speed Date 1: Immigrants
Also known as 'The Test Run'

Next to being the start of an amazing Eurth tradition, this will also be a test run to see how we all like it. For that reason, I'll also PM people some questions afterwards to ask about their experience in general, their experience with their partner, how long everything took, etc. From the original thread about the speed date idea:


Sign up
Easy enough. Each time the subject changes, I'll make a sign up thread for people to sign up in. This allows people to decide their participation based on whether they'll have time and, also important, whether the subject interests them.

The how will be kept as open as possible. For example, both participants could come together to write a short story such as a critic's review of the famous restaurant I mentioned in 'Subject'. Or a travel guide bit, news articles, a wiki page, etc. Obviously, it'd be great if this leads to something both nations could use in their RPs, although that's not always possible of course. The goal is a bit of nice worldbuilding in ways some/most wouldn't have thought about with people they might not have thought about.

I'd imagine a sign up time of a week being good enough, as it would be as simple as 'I want to join in this round'. For the duration of the IC thread, I feel two weeks should be good for discussing things and writing them out especially as this is meant as a way to set up the connect, start it up. Theoretically, we could do the sign ups for the next thread once everyone has put in their bit, which might done sooner than the full two weeks, or during the last week of the IC thread in case things work out and it doesn't feel too rushed. It's all up for tweaking while we do it, of course. Learn and adapt and all that.

It all seems clear enough to me but obviously, feel free to ask any questions that you might have, either here or privately. There are no dumb questions so don't worry. As this is also a bit of a test run, I'd say we can shorten the sign up time for once to last until Sunday, say 18:00 my time (GMT +1). We'll still maintain the two weeks for the IC thread.

As you can see, the first subject is immigration. Go wild with it. Historic immigrants? Weird reasons that made people move to/from your nation to the other? Mixed heritage ethnic groups? Specific immigrants that had an impact on one or both nations? A mix of this? It's all possible. I'm also accepting ideas and suggestions on subjects for the next thread, it's all going in my list.

To give the right example, I'll be the first to join. So: I want to join in this round!


How to join: Just post that you want to join in.
When do sign-ups end? This Sunday, 18:00 GMT+1
Subject of this round: Immigrants
Is it fun? Yes.
Are you joining in? Also yes.

Sign-up sheet:

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Sign ups are now closed! 







Variota and S.I.C.

Fulgistan and Oyus


You/We now have two weeks to worldbuild together. One thing is 'required' but ambitious duos may always make multiple stories/posts. I'll open up an official IC thread this evening or tomorrow at the latest and tag everyone in it. Haven't done that now because I'm typing this off of a mobile. 

As said before, you're completely free to decide what to do so don't be afraid to get creative. News posts, short stories, wiki page are just some of the forms you could use. If you have any questions, PM me or post your question here; this goes for participants and non-participants. 

Of course, we're always accepting subject suggestions to add to the list! 

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