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A Summit Request

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TO: The Federative Republic of @Shffahkia

FROM: Kingdom of Seylos



To our friends in Shffakia, we would like to invite President Adélaïde Larue and also any of her advisors to participate in a summit meeting we wish to hold in Loughrea, the capital of Éire. Many important events have occured over the last several months, events that we believe both Seylos and Shffakia have mutual interest in. Most pressing is the recent integration of Éire in the kingdom. Their government has long held closer relations to Shffakia due to the presence of many who have Éire ancestry in your country, and with their inclusion into the kingdom, it is only right for Seylos to continue that relationship into the future. As well we wish to discuss the recent expansions of Rihan and their recent, violent, change in leadership. A development that no doubt causes concern for both of our nations. We hope soon to hear back from your government and begin this summit in earnest.

-King Aidan Redmond


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Á: The Kingdom of @Seylos

DE: The Federative Republic of Shffahkia

To our venerable peers in the Dolch See, the recent passage of salient events both near and far has indeed been noticed to say the least. Due to the notable presence of Shffahko-Éireann within Shffahkia, our administration has been especially keen to keep an eye on the inheritance of the Kingdom of Éire, with which the Federative Republic of Shffahkia has had special relations, into Seylos Proper. Thus we are especially glad to hear that the Kingdom of Seylos is interested within the upkeep of such relations. The recent instability within Rihan as well as the war and violence commenced in the name thereof has awakened concerns not only in Aurelia but also the wider world. We see that the summit meeting proposed will serve as an excellent opportunity to create open dialogue and exchange between our two nations in great scope which has not been seen before. It is first and foremost with great hope for such dialogue to be opened between the Shffahko-Éireann and Éireann Proper that I, as the acting President of the Union of the Federative Republic of Shffahkia, accept your invitation to the Loughrea summit meeting. 


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