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Request: Metztlitlalio

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Nation in Europa: Archpriest Dominion of Metztlitlalio





Capital Name: Altepetl Tekaken

Capital Location: A valley on the lower half of a mountain range (Basically anywhere on the mountain range that's not in the peaks.)


Factbook Link: http://www.europans.com/topic/5378-metztli-factbook-partially-work-in-progress

Newsroom Link: http://www.europans.com/topic/5481-the-provincial-radios-and-news-articles-of-metztlitlalio


Culture: Predominately Mesoamerican

Climate: Mountainous, tropics surrounding mountains. (Hot, Wet, High up)

Location: Inland, DRC-esque panhandle following a river from the mountain range.


History: (Just the major parts)

-Tapelt City States

-Arrival of Proto-Azlo and conquer/assimilate low laying Tapelt, remaining Tapelt high in the mountain range

-Azlo groups spread up the mountain range and nearby area

-Eventually over many wars and politics, unify under the Crescent Empire (500s-1100s)

-Conquer large portions of territory (1200s-1300s)

-Contact with Limonaia, plagues and warfare cause the empire to collapse and most Azlo outside the mountain range and nearby lands to die out. (1500s)

-Remnants of the empire centralise from a hegemonic empire to a territorial one, empire becomes isolationist at this point. (1600s)

-Limonaia comes in round two, neo-colonisation of Metztlitlalio, empire is dismissed for the Archpriest Dominion. (1800s)

-Limonaia relinquishes it's control over the nation back to the Metztlikua (1900s), although still had a large influence over the economy.

-Discovery of abundance of Aluminium and other raw metals deep in the mountain range (Late 1900s)

-Tapelt War of Independance (Early 2000s)

-Modern Day, mostly peaceful.


(New history may contradict old one, will reboot factbook post-map placement to make it more complete.)

(Ignore below if not allowed)


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11 hours ago, Rihan said:

I am game with the Red area but perhaps 1/2 the size and use the other half for future expansion.

It’s not for size of the nation, it says “general location”, as in the nation to be placed within those parameters as part of my wish list.

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@Metztlitlalio Nice application. I'll use the map you drew as a reference.

  • Culture: Predominately Mesoamerican is a good fit for the Equatorial area. There is plenty of space in Alharu, and certainly in the mountains in between.
  • Climate: "Mountainous, tropics surrounding mountains. (Hot, Wet, High up)." Certainly in this area yes.
  • Location: "Inland, DRC-esque panhandle following a river from the mountain range." Now this becomes a bit more tricky.
    • Mountainous = all colours
    • Inland = yellow or green
    • Panhandle = yellow or green

What if there were higher mountains around the massive river valley between Mauridiviah and Faramount? Making those a bit higher would fit all three criteria. What do you think?


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That would actually be perfect, if you are willing to raise mountain ranges yellow would most likely be a better fit, however either yellow or green works and I wouldn't complain one way or the other. Thank you.

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