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[RP Academy] First Time Tourist - WIP

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"Ladies and gentlemen, we have just arrived at Quelport City. Welcome to Quelport Airport. The local time shown is 1610 hours and the local temperature is 18 Centigrade. For your own safety, please kindly remain seated and fastened your seatbelt until the aircraft comes to a complete stop. You are not allowed to use any electronic devices including the mobile phone until you reach the terminal later. Please be reminded that carrying and smuggling drugs in Quelport will face serious offense, and according to the Constitution of Quelport the drug trafficker will face death penalty. If you suspect someone carrying it, please kindly report to one of our crew  or the ground staff. On behalf of Captain Lee Jung Sik and the First Officer Seon Eun Yang, Northeast Airlines would like to say thank you very much for flying with us and hope you have pleasant stay at Quelport."

"I feel so excited, finally spend holiday in Quelport. Will have a good time on the gorgeous Hyundae Beach." mumbled Erick

The Northeast Airlines flight NE108 type Airbus A320 has finally reached the gate 40 at the International Terminal and the alarming sound of the jetways was about to sliding into the aircraft door. Simultaneously, there were also humming sound indicating that the two cargo doors has been opened. Erick von Woldemar, one of the first-time visitor to Quelport disembarked the aircraft and rushing into the immigration counter. He was a bit scared to see the officer due to his curiosity of the local gesture that was informed badly at the local travelling forum 

 "Never mind! I can face it!" thought Erick

Erick was amazed by the architecture design of the terminal building, expressing the local culture surrounding the area. He saw many colourful sign boards in multi-lingual including English and of course the mother tongue of the Quelportian, which is Korean. He also noticed that the Immigration Counter was at the ground level and need to use escalator to go down. 


Not so long queued in the line for the immigration counter, Erick finally had a chance to meet the Quelportian Immigration Officer, however, he found it that the officer was not as bad as described in previously said in the travelling forum.

"Hello, what's your name please?" asked politely the Immigration Officer whom had the name badge written as Choi -- Mr. Choi.

 "Erick.Erick von Woldemar," replied Erick 

"What is your purpose to visit Quelport, Sir?" asked Mr Choi while smiling, looking shortly at Erick's nervous facial expression. 

 "For holiday, I would visit and enjoy all the day long at Hyundae Beach" replied Erick

 "Sounds good. Have you got Visa?" asked Mr Choi while searching the Visa documentation sticker at Erick's passport. 

  "Let me show you, Sir, would you mind?" said Erick while showing the proper page for his entry visa to Quelport. "Here you go, Sir." he pointed the visa sticker attached to his passport. 

 "Awesome!" smiled Mr Choi and then stamped Erick Passport for 30 days social visit only, then he continued, "Welcome to Quelport, Sir."

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