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[RP Academy] Zeefelder Folk Music

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Zeefelder folk music is characterized by songs focused around a simple bass line and yodeling. This is a sharp contrast to folk music in most other countries that is based around a melody and singing. Zeefelder folk music first originated in the Girkfeld region and quickly spread to the rest of the nation. It has long been transmitted by oral tradition with the first record of Zeefelder folk music being a song titled “Eenvoudig Haus” by Fabian Faduz dating back to the 16th century. Zeefelder folk music uses the double bass and barrel organ as its primary instruments. Due to many new generations of children born in the countryside moving to the cities throughout the 20th century, folk music took a huge hit and was mainly relevant in the Girkfeld region. However, there has been a revival of Zeefelder folk music since the 1990s with the emergence of bands and singers dubbed as "New Folk" such as Volkhaus, Dohenk, Jan Konig, and Gretchen van Doordach. While "New Folk" did continue the use of yodeling and traditional bass instruments, they have also used the bass guitar and keyboard. 

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