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    • By Metztlitlaca
      Chapter 1, Scene 1: Oyānci
      Archpriest Oyānci, the uncle-in-law of the first ever Archpriestess (Archpriestess Moyoluani), was the Archpriest who led the Azlo from the Great Paran lake in 8 BCE by the orders of Lōzōnxicoyol herself. Before Oyānci, the Azlo had many archpriests and each archpriest was said to be the divine "Cōconēλ" (Directly translates to "Mouth Piece" or "Puppet") of separate Wēcatoc deities. Under the guidance of Oyānci, the Azlo who left the lake came to be unified under the banner of Ce Meƶλ, The Mun. Without the groundworks for a near-unified religion, the Crescent Empire could not of ever unified lands from the Paluvian Rainforest to the Synthe Bay, to the Paititi mountains, to the Manamana Isthmus.
      Modern Day
      A middle-aged man, around his late forties, early fifties, in a yellow-cream military jacket was hunched over head down at a gnarled dusty wooden table with numerous yellow-stained documents and large A3 sheets of rolled out and bent maps. The room he was in shook slightly, cream-coloured dust trickling from the ceiling, the same colour as the ceiling and cracked walls. The room was dead silent, but soon began to be periodically cut by the rattling of distant gunfire and eventually built up to be like an orchestra of woodpeckers, the sounds of individual bangs from the guns merged into one long drawn out buzz. Thankfully for Alez he was not on the front lines down at Pezidenteza Street, he was two streets back at their temporary base, but the periodic hallowing echoes of faraway explosives still trickled cold sweat down his neck. He was far too close to the conflict for his liking. In the outlying front lines, the roaring of a collapsing concrete building echoed through the streets followed by broken up cheering. Alez wasn't sure if that was his own side cheering or that of the opposing forces, but the fact that the long drawn out buzz of machine guns did not end had dampened any hope in his heart. The greyish wooden door - the only way in and out of the room - rattled causing Alez to flinch in place, his head glancing up towards his door. A small part of his brain almost hoped it was the men of the opposing force, finally here to put him out of his misery, but instead it was another man in a similar yellow-cream military jacket, with grey combat trousers and a partially unbuttoned grey shirt.
      "We have the map, sir." The man declared, saluting to the hunched man. Alez sighed, his eyes locking with the man.
      "Please Camillo, I have repeatedly requested that you call me Alez. I am no more a sir then General-President Tario is."
      "Yes si--Alez." Camillo stumbled. "The map you requested of the city has arrived."
      "Excellent, thank you." Alez replied. Two more individuals in similar jackets stepped through the door, one (a lady) holding a large rolled up tube of paper held together only by an elastic band and the other (a man) with a single plastic wallet with several cleaner papers inside. The hunched man finally stood up properly, sweeping aside several of his papers to make room. "I'd have expected we'd afford more than a single rubber band to be wrapped around our most valuable current intelligence." Alez sarcastically commented, before being cut by Camille.
      "There was a problem s–Alez. The scouting men came across numerous wandering soldiers, General-President soldiers, beyond our controlled territory." He commented, the man with the paper rolled it out on to the table for all men currently in the room to see.
      "It's incomplete." Alez snarled, backhanding a pile of paper near himself to the ground, sheets of paper sprawling out everywhere. The two newcomers traded anxious stares before Alez let out a frustrated sigh with a hand to the bridge of his nose. "I'm fine, we're fine. This is still useful. The map ends where President-General soldiers were contacted? Camille?"
      "Yes Alez."
      “Is this the only map?” Alez questioned, his voice still tense a bit raspy but now looking back to the three men. The old man pulled out a thick black pen from his table and stacks of papers. He turned his head back to Camille.
      “No sir, just a copy.” He replied, his voice a tad quieter then previously.
      “Excellent” Alez remarked as he carved out great black line across the map following where the surveyed area ended, the scraping of the marker against the paper ringing out across the now silent room. Once Alez finished he took several steps back, the black line going from the top to the bottom of the city map.

      "Then this still gives us a rough indication of current front lines of the liberation of the city. If there were lone General-President men, we can safely assume they were attempting to survey the arena of battle themselves. But they held this city before it was even evacuated, why would they need multiple men out beyond the active front lines? They only have so many men at the old city hall building.."
      "Perhaps they are looking to find a hole in our defences?” Camille postulated, the three other men and women in the room turning to him. Camille bent over the map pulling out a Sitallian copper peso, the older lady frowned as she folded her arms – waiting for her turn to speak. “Whilst the General in the city hall has a portion of his men on Pezidenteza Street,” He began, sliding the coin from the town hall to Pezidenteza Street, then rummaging for a smaller silver peso he dropped it back at the city hall on the map, dragging it over several streets to the side. “The General sends out a secondary force to our flank, in hopes of breaking through to Pezidenteza.” He continued, moving both pesos into the street and towards the University. “And break through.” Camille concluded, swiping both pesos back into his pocket. He nodded to the lady, but before she could speak the whole room shook as dust sprinkled from the ceiling and a crack in the wall. The echoes of a second falling building – louder than before – erupted followed shortly by faint cheering. Alez shook his head, sighing and turning his attention to the lady.
      "They are desperate." The lady stated, her eyes squinted as the wrinkles on her face curled around. She was the oldest of the four, her salt and pepper hair that was more salt than pepper showed that well. "Before our men came together, my men fought at Papapietolia on the coast. They sent out men to find a clean route into the front lines. Week later, President tanks and heavy artillery arrived. Half my men were lost on a single day and we were forced to flee from the city. f*cking spineless men. Soon as they believe they might loose, they run to daddy Tario and-" The lady was cut off as a young man in a basic grey uniform burst into the room, breathing frantically. Alez's face burned red.
      "What in the damned Hell do you think you're doing?! What's your name division so I know who to smack later?" The old man roared towards the young boy.
      "Oyānci s-sir, the Ƶantico d-division! Alez, sir! I-its your son!" The man cried out, with Alez's face going from red to purple.
      "Well dammit boy! What Hell has he gotten himself into?!" He snarled, slamming a fist onto the table causing a single sheet of paper to flutter to the ground and Camille to flinch.
      "He's at the first aid camp, he got shot at th--" Once again, no one can get a single word out as Alez stormed past the boy and down a hallway, leaving the young man to the ire of the three men and women.
    • By Tamurin
      (OOC: Yes, your idea is good. If you or anybody else has more of this kind of ideas - just tell. The more, the better. I officially start this RP now. Anyone who wants to join later: Please contact me via PM or via OOC-Message in this topic).
      The most important newspaper in the Empire
      Our most benevolent Emperor, Jacob Menelassar III., inaugurated the monument of his father, the great George Menelassar I. who died exactly 15 years ago. Our emperor said:
      "There has never been a greater man on Earth. He formed the most advanced Empire ever seen on this planet. Our progress is unstoppable and the day when Tamurin will dominate Europa and the world will come. This century will be remembered as the "Century of Tamurin". Knowledge, Technology and the Spirit of Progress and Power are localized and concentrated most in our great nation.
      We have to stand united against all threats from within and without. Other Empires, like the old corrupt Byzantinum Empire, are threatening us in a desperate attempt to stop our progress. Byzantinum-led political groups inside our great nation are trying to weaken and divide our country. We cannot let this happen! We have to stand united! Remember the spirit of our people when this great Empire was founded. Honour the name of my father and all your fathers in continueing, what they started."
      The speech of the Emperor was followed by cheers, applause and rejoicing.

       The monument of George Menelassar I.
      In the biggest fleet manoeuvre since the founding of our great Empire, the imperial fleet has once again proven that it is the most powerful and advanced Navy in the world.

      The 5th fleet before departing to the manoeuvre
      "Our navy would crush any enemy!" said Admiral von Tarnoff. "Our guns are very precise and our shells will penetrate any armour! Nothing can defeat this great navy."

      Imperial Cruiser "Tiger", one of the medium-class warships of our navy, personal ship of Admiral von Tarnoff
      "One day this great Navy will be seen at all shores of this world. And when this day comes, I will be among a very special shore, looking at the burning ships of a very specific navy..."

      The imperial naval port Arrabar
      The five leaders of the Republican Terrorist Cell "Republican Progress Now", who were captured two days ago trying to place a bomb near the Imperial Palace, have been sentenced to death by shooting. The execution will take place in two days.
      The Republican Party, always sympathizing with terrorists, protested, but was overruled by the Upper House.
    • By Derthalen
      The Younger Uddomar
      This is the tale of Otto the Peaceful, or as he was known at the time, Uddomar. The God Emperor who crushed the skulls of his enemies, and created great bonds of kinship and friendship with those that were willing to hear him. Hear these words and bask in his light, for without Him our world and people would have sunk into the waves of our enemies. Long before he had unified our peoples and created our great empire he was a young princeling, full of wanderlust and thirst for conquest.
      'Uddomar! Stay near!' The sound of swords and the crash of axes rang out through the valley. Uddomar's raiders continued to pile into the ambushed host, forming an encirclement and pushing the defenders into the valley's river. The young princeling the ever growing glory hound had insisted on leading the centre, for where else would one prove their mettle? His eagerness had placed him in imminent danger though. Despite the warnings of his more experienced comrades, he had urged his men to keep on pushing, and he had found himself in an unstable salient which could collapse at any moment. Seeing the danger, his second in command, a Goth named Wendel, had ordered the men from the reserves into the centre to replace those that had fallen due to this folly. With the influx of fresh warriors, the centre line began to stabilise again and the men pushed forward as a uniform force. Within three hours the last of the ambushed host lay dead on the ground, or had drowned trying to escape across the river. No slaves were to be taken today, as even those that had laid down their arms had been killed afterwards; the raiding host could not afford to take prisoners with them. 
      'Bring the bodies into the woods, we can not afford for anyone to notice what has happened here.' Despite the tiredness of the warriors, they all had to help collect the fallen and hide them out of sight. It was crucial that no one should discover that they had won a battle here. 'My lord, Hrothkar sends his praise, and wishes for me to inform you of a meeting that is to take place and of his wishes that you attend.' The Princeling was ecstatic; despite being told months ago that he would have his father's favoured retainer with him, he still could not get over the fact that his idol was calling for him to join in a meeting after battle. The Princeling had spent many a winter's night gathered with his siblings hearing tales of Hrothkar's exploits, and his bravery in leading the defence of the Kingdom thirteen years ago when the Plattengotts had tried to claim our rich mines while the King and his army were busy elsewhere fighting in a far-off war. The man was now quite venerable, being aged around forty-three years. 'I will go to him immediately then, thank you for bringing me this news.' The Uddomar barked a few orders to his men and began running off to the forest camp to join the meeting. When he got there, the mood was rather sombre though. His second in command and Blood Brother, Wendel was nervously sitting at one end of a table looking like he had seen a fish jump out of water and talk to him, while Hrothkar looked absolutely furious. You could practically see his beard curling up in anger as the Princeling entered the tent. 'What were you thinking by pushing that far you cretin! Our encirclement was nearly broken thanks to your stupidity, and we lost over thirty men in the centre alone because of it!' Taken aback, Uddomar started stammering excuses about taking the initiative and pushing the advantage before realising that he was the leader and starting to shout back. He was cowed nearly in an instant. 'I do not want to hear it milksop! Of the ninety men who followed you, only forty-eight are still in fighting condition. Ten men are viciously injured, and the rest are dead. That is not counting the men from the reserve Wendel here had to send for you.' The Prince sat down quietly and did not try to defend his actions further; with that the meeting began in earnest. 'All right then, now that you have hopefully learnt your lesson we can start. Despite losing fifty-three men, we still have three-hundred and seven men left. That should be enough for our purposes, and then some.' Wendel followed it up with good news 'The men we fought here appear to have been mostly peasant levies, but a good portion were from the garrison of the castle we are after. Your plan of harassing the local villages has worked. Judging by how many we fought here, the castle should have some fifty or so men left defending.' 'I would advise that we march immediately for the castle once we are done looting and hiding the dead. If we move quickly, we will be able to attack it tomorrow night and take it before news of our location spreads!'
      After two hours of debate, a plan was decided upon. They were going to march on the castle right away while having a thirty-man warband break off and harass villages. Reports of the warband's continued attacks and harassment would filter back to the castle within a day and would give the defenders the false idea of their enemies being far off, and with luck would draw more of them out to go get request help.
      OOC: Sorry for the short post, but I lost most of what I was writing and decided to just do this.
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