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The Provincial Radios and News Articles of Metztlitlalio

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Tazakoli'kozatika Kalpolli Provincial Radio
[Time of Recording: 21:45 25/07/2019 CE/AD, EAT-██]
[Radio Presenters: Xoxitlēketlōta to Kaliomakilōsitla’kanikasa (Kaliomaki) and Nimitazanaki Oketlikisikoztika’siwana (Nimita)]



“--Welcome back to TKK Provincial Radio, we are your hosts, Xoxi Kanikasa…”
“And Nimita Siwana”
“And tonight’s top story, Anti-Xoxillasitɬa and Ekonomasitɬa Protestors have taken to the main streets of Altepetl Tēkakēn over the controversial statement that has arisen from the top Teōpanatli, stating that Metztlitlalio is not going to be involved in the Olympics. This has come as the latest of many recent declarations from the top Teōpanatli which have been predominantly seen as negatively impacting Metztlitlalio’s relevancy on the world stage, with the Anti-Xoxillasitɬas Kaliomakilōsitla Coalition[1] main figure heads stating these actions can only further harm Metztlitlalio’s relevancy on the world stage.”

Xoxi Kanikasa turned her head to Nimita Siwana, and with a gentle smile and nod, his eyes glanced quickly to hers and to his own mic and script and hesitantly begun to speak out into the microphone.
“A-and, this comes at a terrible time for the establishment, as the recent decision for the public to vote on if their name should be switched from the Yatotla[2] exonym to a traditional name for the nation.”
Nimita’s eyes flicked from his script to Xoxi’s face, darting across the instrument-filled room, it’s puke green walls and grey carpet, up his booth, and back to his script. He felt a rising pressure inside his chest and his stomach clenching.
“Which was one of several proposals by the Iritentesitɬa Kaliomakilōsitla[3]. The voting is meant to commence next week, however many have criticised this as ‘unneeded’ and ‘a waste of high company profits’.”


Nimita stopped and steadily turned his eyesight down to Xoxi who had already begun to speak down into the microphone. Her voice was as delicate as her name but with confidence he only could imagine an Archpriestess could achieve, his eyes locked to different points of her face: her irises like deep saturated brown gems, her face round like his own, and short jaggedly cut hair. Nimita felt the pressure in his chest slowly subside with his stomach resting. As if all his troubles...


“--And with the increase in popularity with the opposition, after a 30 year streak, Oketlokisitla may be resting it’s once great might.” Xoxi turned her head to face Nimita, startling him for a brief second.
“What do you think, Nimita?”
Nimita’s face flushed a rust red as his head swung back to his script, stumbling over his words as reality crashed down on him from all sides.
“A-ah, uh, it’s certainly a-uh, interesting to say the least, Xoxi. Anyways, this has been Nimita” Nimita spluttered, quickly turning to Xoxi.


A flash of a faint smile appeared on Xoxi's face, before leaning in to speak into the mic.
“And Xoxi, see you tomorrow.”



The dim, musty, light bulb above their recording booth spluttered and went dark. After several awkward silence minutes of saying their goodbyes to one another and the recording crew, Xoxi and Nimita bowed to one another, and went their separate ways. Nimita found himself at the cafeteria, to which he sat at one of the tables in silence, unable to stick to one thought at a time. Eventually he turned his head to see the cream-coloured box television in the corner; on the screen were protestors against the standing establishment, the demonstration reminded Nimita of the Tapelt Independence Conflict from the 90s, under his breath Nimita muttered a scripture he remembered from his childhood, to be ignored by the Alamatli of blood. With those words, Nimita found his consciousness slipping.
“Just a nap.” He said, his voice wavering.
And drifted to sleep.





[1] Anti-Xoxillasitɬas Kaliomakilōsitla Coalition directly translated is the Anti-Isolationist Political Party Coalition, and is made up of several parties in opposition to Oketlokisitla and Iritentesitɬa, the political party currently with just under a majority of seats within the Teōpantli of Order.

[2]Limonaia exonym, but is often also used as a derogative for non-native Alharun, Premerian, and Aurelian nations.

[3] A popular fringe party which Oketlokisitla had formed a coalition with to reach a majority.


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Tapekatl Kalpolli Provincial News Service

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Seven taken to hospital after explosion at new factory.


Last night, 7 workers of the recently opened Okatli City's Aluminium Processing Factory were sent to hospital after an explosion had ripped through the main building. There are no confirmed deaths as of writing with only 2 sustaining major injuries and burns. The fire occurred around 9pm with the local Fire-station was called shortly after 9:10pm.

The fire was suspected to have been caused by faulty wiring near the fuel storage was located, setting off sparks and detonating the fuel supply. By the time the proceeding fire was put out, an estimation of 65% of the main building was destroyed or badly damaged by the explosion and fire, with 80% minor or smoke damage. One firefighter stated "It was a miracle no one died." when asked about losses. The damages cost is estimated to be over 2.3 million Iztak Tlitepozuas. This is seen as particularly tragic economically as the factory had only opened last month as an Aluminum Electrolysis and ingot manufacturing, employing 480 workers, the Metztli National Aluminium Company has yet to release a statement about the event that occurred, however the management of factory, Tekutlatl Pitasotlanatli'Xikalli, stated it was "and absolute tragedy.".

The factory itself was funded by several undisclosed Yatotla Governments, leading many investigators to theorize that the wire was deliberately faulty and was designed to set off a fire, most likely done so by an extremist Iritentesitɬa or as a group infiltration effort by said extremists. The company involved in construction of the factory has come under investigation due to this theory. However most likely it was an accident from poor oversight of construction.

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Tapekatl Kalpolli Provincial News Service

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The Highest Temple Blockades Name Vote.

In a stunning turn of events, Archpriestess Tletlaxoxitle the II of the Highest Temple, and the All-High Temple have vetoed the Commoner's Temple attempted public vote of switching the nation's Yatotla Exonym "Metztlitlalio" to it's Nawat translation of "Tlalomēsatli" used within the nation. The vote of the two temples was enacted at midnight, and revealed earlier this afternoon.

The vote itself was first proposed in 1992 by at the time small Iritentesitɬa political party, but was shot down as seen as 'unnecessary' by the Commoner's Temple, and never got further. Archpriest Itzekotla of the Highest Temple at the time commented: "It will be a waste of the bureaucracy and temples time and efforts for what would be a hike up a steep mountain with no benefits to my people." In 2005 a second attempt by the Iritentesitɬa political party who was within a coalition of similar fringe political parties, however was immediately shot down by Archpriest Itzekotla of the Highest Temple due to the ongoing Tapelt war of independence, which wouldn't have been resolved until 2009. Making this the third time in the past 30 years by the Iritentesitɬa political party to push the change, as well as the first time for it to pass through the Commoner's Temple. Archpriestess Tletlaxoxitle the II of the Highest Temple has been quoted at a meeting with the Tlatonitōnatli of the Tapetlikaxitl Kalpolli with his advisors and family that "There is a possibility that in the future, Tlalomēsatli make take over as the new name the world should call, and not the name Yatotla merchants derived from the old empire. But more pressing matters are at hand.".

This vetoing of the commoner's majority vote proposed by Iritentesitɬa political party has not been without consequences however, as many supporters of the Iritentesitɬa political party have gone to the streets of Altepetl Tekaken in protest, increasing the instability and protests within the capital. The recent cooperation with Tagmatium and beginnings of construction of a Chancery to house an embassy of the nation has only fanned the flames of Iritentesitɬa extremists and Xoxillasitɬa moderates. However the distaste has not been universal, as many have commented on the 'economic rationality' of the Archpriestess and the All-High Temple, as the vote was expected to cost roughly 210,000,000 Isatak Tliteposas[1], as well as ties to a strong Europan such as Tagmatium could bring further economic growth and stability via trade.

No comment from the Iritentesitɬa political party's leader as been made about the veto as of yet.



[1] Meta Note: Roughly 11,000,000 US Dollars

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Tapekatl Kalpolli Provincial News Service

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Tapetlikaxitl Kalpolli Unbans Grapes

For the past 400 years, the Sémillon grapes, also known as green grapes, have been banned within the Tapetlikaxitl Kalpolli, but last night the Tlatonitōnatli and his advisors came to a vote that the grape ban would finally be stricken from law tomorrow midday.

The law itself came about in 1618, when at the time Tlatonitōnatli had written it into the law of the Kalpolli that all Sémillon grapes were to be destroyed and no longer sold within his lands, this was done before the centralizing of the Crescent Empire from a hegemonic empire to a territorial empire, and the law was never retracted. The law itself had stopped being enforced as strictly over the past decades, but national companies and locals could not sell Sémillon grapes up until tomorrow midday. No one had been arrested since 1806 due to the law, and the last execution due to the law was in 1802. The person executed was a Yatotla trader who had not known about the law, due to his outsider status, he was executed via beheading.

The reasons behind why this law was enact are fuzzy and not well documents, but it is most likely due to the fact the Kalpolli was putting significant funds into purchasing of Sémillon grapes from Europan nations for consumption, causing the Kalpolli to go into high debt and lack of tribute funds. Another theory is that the Tlatonitōnatli had attempted to strangle out the production of white wine, as alcoholic drinks were and still are considered taboo due to the inherit loss of inhibitions when drunk, although that does not explain why other types of grapes were not outlawed as well.

The removal of the law is unlikely to effect Tapetlikaxitl Kalpolli significantly, except the start of sales of Sémillon grapes within the Kalpolli by the Metztli External Fruits Company.

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