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A Galahindan Party

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"Mr. Prime Minister, sir, it would appear you have a letter. From... uh, Galahinda? I can't say I remember anything important happening there at present..."

Bavrov Krusken II looked at his secretary from across his desk. No attempt was made to hide her confusion as she addressed him. She was new to his staff, it was obvious even from the way she addressed him: Mr. Prime Minister? Krusken made it abundantly clear how he preferred to be addressed to his staff. If anything, this formality is humorous. I'll leave it for now. Krusken swirled his wine carefully:

"If madam would please hand me this letter?"

The tone was almost mocking. She stood still, struck by a bewildered gaze. Poor girl, now I'm being cruel.

"My apologies. Please, I would like to see my letter."

Without removing her look of confusion, the girl handed the letter to him.

"What was your name, miss?"

"Kuin, sir. I'm your new secretary."

"Please, call me Bavrov, I can't stand formality when I can help it. That includes my office. Kuin, would you leave me to my letter?"

Kuin left without missing a beat.

After the door closed, Krusken sipped his wine and looked down to his letter. Black inlaid with gold: it could only mean one thing. An event in Galahindan style, perhaps a party. Krusken smiled as he opened the letter:

"I wonder what the terms are," he asked the letter.

The terms took Krusken aback. "Nation's Best"? What the f*ck. He checked again. That sounds expensive as hell... besides, what garb was there, really? Krusken's customary outfit was hardly Bulgenstazi, a blue suit and tie. I would have preferred "Nation's Best Beverage"... I could go for some Kipanese saké.

Eventually, Krusken decided on the batik, a traditional Bulgenstazi outfit from the Little States Period. Alenka Krusken would wear a kebyat. Both would have patterns representing both the traditional culture of the Four Glittering Pearls, as well as the patterns of House Krusken. Bavrov elected not to bring any other staff, for the sake of keeping the event relatively cheap. God knows I've spent too much already.

This would likely be the last Galahindan party he would attend. His second term had been an unpopular one: while he was beloved by the public, the Bulgen Rouge abhorred spending, and liked reform even less. Krusken knew he hadn't done enough to sabotage his future as a minor politician or to expel him from office, but it was enough for him to know there was little more for him beyond a seat in the Advisor's Council and a request to keep his mouth shut. "The Tagmatine Incident," as it had now been dubbed in Zalensk, had sealed his fate.

Krusken set the letter on his desk.

"f*ck it, I can still have some fun while it lasts."

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Alexis Hall 

Archbishop Saulius finished his sandwich and wiped his hands off with a napkin.  He burped loudly, then leaned over and threw out the plastic container that had his lunch into the trash can on the side of his mahogany desk.  He was relatively free of work, so he decided to take some mail that he had received from his secretaries, who would usually sort through it before passing on to Saulius.  His secretaries were pleasantly surprised when he had stopped by and picked up a stack of letters. 

Saulius readjusted himself in his seat before grabbing a letter from the top of the pile, which his secretary had made a point of taking as it was a letter from @Galahinda.  Saulius couldn’t recall Salvia ever having official relations with the island nation, although from what he could recall he knew that businesses did business there.  Fashion, if he was recalling correctly, was their major business, although he had no clue if he was actually correct in that assumption. 

He picked up his letter opener and slit open the envelope, taking out the letter and read it.  He scoffed.  An invitation to a party, no doubt host to hedonism, sodomy, and every potential evil known to man. Saulius tossed the letter aside and continued with his mail. 


*            *            *  

Bishop Victor Salmaria of the diocese of Pleinmont and Sark of @Seylos waved at the secretary as he entered the office space.  The secretaries of Archbishop Saulius were all placed outside the closed off room that was Saulius’s office.  There were 6 or so of them, each with their own desk arranged around the room- a few in the corners, one in the middle, and one right in front of the door, which was the one in charge of Saulius’s scheduling and the like.  He looked up from his work before smiling back at Salmaria as he walked past, then returned to his work.   

The bishop walked into Saulius’s office, where the man was sitting at his desk typing something on his computer.  Salmaria had arranged a meeting with Saulius discussing the current situation in Pleinmont and Sark and had decided to meet in person as he was in Salvia visiting. 

Saulius looked up from his work as Salmaria walked in.  He smiled and gestured towards the seat opposite him.   

“I hope God is treating you well, Bishop Salmaria.  Please, sit.  I just need to grab something real quick.” 

Saulius turned around as he searched for something in a filing cabinet behind him.  Salmaria idly looked at Saulius’s desk.  It was a busy desk, he noted, with lots of papers taking up space, however all seemed to be sorted and in some particular order.  His eyes were caught by an open note left on top of some papers.  It had gold lettering.  Salmaria flicked his eyes up at Saulius, still searching for something while muttering to himself, then flicked them back down to the note, leaned forward, and read it.  A party invitation, from Galahinda.  Salmaria’s eyebrows rose in surprise.  He knew of the reputation of the parties held in Galahinda.  And this one is supposed to be special.  Dina Diva was supposed to be there. 

“So, Archbishop, you’re heading to Galahinda for this party?” 

“Bah.” Saulius spat in disgust, still with his back turned.  “Nothing but sodomites, hedonists and heretics.  It would be a mortal sin to simply step foot in Galahinda.” 

Saulius stood up with a manila folder and papers in his hand, apparently finding what he was looking for.  He turned around, still looking at the papers.   

“Just one second, Bishop.  I need to give these to my secretary.”  He walked out. 

Salmaria waited for a second, then quickly stuffed the invitation into his pocket as Saulius chatted with one of his secretaries.   

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"Yiu the outfit is lovely, and we need to go over pronunciations, we can't give the impression that we don't care about the attendees!" Lynne Androni was at her wits end, and as if dealing with a seat on the Corporate Board wasn't enough stress, now it seemed Yiu was throwing a party every other night.

"Quora darling, what do you think?" Queried Yiu, brushing aside their adviser's concern.

"You look stunning as ever chairman." Replied the aide, not looking up from the tablet her eyes were glued to.

Yiu hadn't pulled any punches with their outfit. A towering powdered wig and face beat to resemble lysian aristocracy, trademark corset, rococo leggings, and stilettos created an imposing, editorial figure. The creative director of MYNE had no doubts they were stunning, but the attention and validation never hurt. 

"So who ended up accepting?" Asked Yiu, applying a false beauty mark next to their lips.

"We heard back from our friendly rivals @Fulgistan almost immediately, and @Sunset Sea Islands has sent Liên Viênxuân from Elegy." Began the aide, reading from the tablet in her hand. " @Variota has sent Dina Diva, and we've ordered extra alcohol for her. The prime minister of @Bulgenstaz Bavrov Krusken II has confirmed he's going to be attending. Oh! and  Kera Eka Lam said she'd be thrilled to represent @Oyus." rattled off the aide, barely pausing for breath.

"and what about our more traditionalist friends from @Sancti Imperii Catholico ?" Mused the chairman, half sarcastically.

"No official reply, beyond the standard condemnation of our 'heathenish and blasphemous' lifestyle" replied Quora, 

"Ah well, knowing them there's at least one bishop who will find their way into our arms, if not to see first hand the satanic orgies that occur" joked the chairman, putting the last touches on their makeup."Either way, it's time to face the music, I'll be standing just outside the doors to greet them, remember you two, " the chairman paused and pointed at the two of them, "This is a party, have fun, and please make sure that you say hello to Liên and invite her for coffee tomorrow morning, i'd kill to open a boutique in sunset city and she's always a delight to work with."

With a final lip smack, the fully dressed chairman exited their dressing room and onto the main floor, where the pulsing beat of electronic music could already be felt. Taking a deep breath, Yiu readjusted their wig one last time before stepping out into the night air, and into the waiting crowd.

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Yiu was momentarily blinded by the explosions of light from the press lining the red carpet, a veritable flashbang for those who weren’t accustomed to it, however, Yiu was anything but unaccustomed to the spotlight. Making their way down the red carpet Yiu would stop and pose every few steps, giving the press everything they needed. Shouts rang out from both sides as reporters jostled for positions at the gates that had separated them from the rich and famous of Galahinda, and would do the same to the foreign dignitaries who were set to arrive soon. They desperately shoved each other out of the way, hoping to score a few short words or phrases to over analyze for the next months. As Yiu reached the end of the carpet, they performed their signature lean before cracking a Victorian fan, sending a cloud of white glitter spiralling to the floor.

The spectators loved this, and Yiu held the pose for a moment, letting the cheers soak in before silencing them with a slender gloved hand. “Darlings thank you so much for being here tonight!” Said Yiu, pausing to let the cheers die down slightly before continuing, “Tonight is a special night, you’ve already seen our lovey friends, and they were dressed to kill!” The final statement was punctuated with another fan crack, sending the crowd back into their fervor. “I’ve also invited a few friends from around the world, you all know Dina Diva?” queried Yiu, and was immediately answered by another wave of cheers, “And for you techies looking forward to the next elePhone, Liên Viênxuân is going to be here!” Drawing a few ooohs and ahs from the crowd. “We’ve got friends from all over the world dressed to the nines in their nations best fashion, so without further ado, please welcome our friends from across the world!” As they finished Yiu gestured to the aides lined along the separate path, indicating that it was time to send in the foreign delegations. Yiu remained at the start of the red carpet, ready to shake hands and exchange pleasantries with the members of Eurth politics.

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The flashing lights didn't do anything for Dina Diva. Others, the weaker ones, were blinded, dazzled, dazed by the lights of the press. Dina though, she was hardened. Reality TV, the media and PR, it's all a war, a battlefield. And where the others were fresh recruits, Dina Diva was a battle-hardened veteran doing PMC work; the others were screaming villagers running from their burning homes, Dina Diva was the cool-headed, scarred mercenary flying bombing runs above the village, throwing grenades down on them from a light-sport aircraft, in exchange for blood diamonds.

Hete Henk was the squire to Dina Diva's knight, the Darth Vader to her Palpatine. When most of your salary depends on being butt naked and in some cases getting that butt stuffed like a turkey on Thanksgiving in front of the camera, the lights mean nothing. The only one in the party that was actually affected by the flashes was the guy they had picked up at the airport, the lucky guy that had managed to respond to Dina Diva's call to arms quick enough to get a free international trip and perhaps a bang out of it. Dazed by the lights, the guy got dizzy and almost seemed to fall until one of Dina Diva's production team held him.

''Good, good. Don't drop him Anton, he's carrying the good stuff!''

Both Dina and Henk gave Yiu three kisses and a hug, as was customary. And let's face it, it should be customary in every nation. Because who wants to bow for someone else unless you want bend over for them too? Of course, they skipped making any conversation beyond small talk for the cameras; the real fun would begin once they were inside. Had Yiu and Dina met before? What would they talk about? If you were one of the Dina Diva's premium fans, which were given many benefits such as the ability to watch her sleep on her bedroom feed, you'd soon find out. The regular boring fans, however, would have to make do with reruns of some of their favorite Dina Diva moments until she returned to Variota, after which the footage of the party would be released. While Dina Diva also had to make money like everyone else, she was nothing but generous and allowed her fans to truly share in her life.

Taking a few more moments further down the red carpet to get their pictures taken and blowing kisses to their fans, the duo went inside.

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The blur of the crowd, the flashing of cameras, it was far more than the customary news coverage in Bulgenstaz. In fact, it was near blinding. Krusken did not remember this from last time, though he scarcely remembered anything from last time. Was there a last time? I ought to lay off the drinks at these kinds of events.

Bavrov Krusken II looked to his wife beside him, only briefly enough to assess her situation. She took the paparazzi well, though he could tell from the grip of her hand on his that this was far more than she was ever used to. I was a bastard to have brought her here. She was beautiful, and he wanted her to enjoy a lovely Galahindan party, but he had neglected to warn her about the photography, and for that he condemned her to the long stretch of red carpet to Yiu. Krusken hugged his Alenka closer; it could only last so many meters.

After many pained kilometers of flashing lights and fanfare, they arrived to Yiu Amistacia. Alenka gave a timid curtsey, Krusken a good bow, and both exchanged handshakes with Yiu. 

"We are both pleased to be able to make it to your event." Said Alenka softly, in a tone barely audible amongst the throng. It was a truth. While both felt reluctant to meet the extended press coverage, they valued the change in scenery from the constant political scheming of the Bulgen Rouge.

After exchanging formalities with Yiu, and a light bit of small talk for the press, they moved on, away the center of the party, away from the crowd of overzealous party-goers, toward a source of drinks. That will calm our nerves a little. What helps a party more than a drink? A waiter trailed from Sato, a leader in Kipanese industry, towards them. 

"Excuse me sir and miss, would you like one?" inquired the waiter, holding a champaign tray. 

"Yes please." said both Kruskens in unison.

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