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Request: Galahinda

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Nation in Europa: The Unitary Conglomerate of Galahinda
Flag: flag.png
Capital name: Cascadia
Capital location: Coastal Megacity

Factbook link:


Culture: Lysian/Limonaian/adaptan
Climate: Mediterranean/Caribbean 
Location: Island nation
History: A former colony of Limonaia, first colonized in the late 19th century and gaining its independence January first, 1930. In 1983 the economy crashed leading to a depression, ending after the government defaulted on debt in July of 1985 and was unable to supply the nation with fuel or electricity for 5 days. Afterwards the government was approached by the 20 most profitable companies on the island who proposed to finance the island in exchange for being permanent members of a judiciary committee. The government accepted and Galahinda rapidly transformed into the hedonistic and self absorbed society it is today. 

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Personally, I think this place would make a great spot for @Galahinda, @Orioni. The climate would match and there could most certainly be some historical colonial shennanigans between @Limonaia, @Fleur de Lys and @Kipan there. Furthermore, that's a great spot to do business with the powerhouse Kipanese economy, *cough cough* me *cough cough*, and the entirety of the Aurelian continent. Naturally, this might limit Kipan's potential future expansions, so their input would be important to this decision.


Alternatively, one of the islands north of @Synturia might be a suitable place for a postcolonial megacity as well.


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These are all very good points, 

1 hour ago, Sancti Imperii Catholico said:

I remember we had discussed an island location in between the New World and Adaptus that @Galahinda liked.  Maybe he’s changed his mind, but that’s what he had decided on iirc.

the island that Sancti is referencing as us liking is this island to the east of Seylos image0.png

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I apologize for the intrusion *but*

Galahinda arguably wouldn't be that isolated. If anything the screenshot above can be a little misleading. In doing some measurements, his closest neighbors would be a decent bit closer than my own if he became a neighbor to Seylos. Of course, it would likely mean the climate would not be the one originally intended by Galahinda and at that point it would be a compromise I would presume.

To SSI's second suggestion, if I do have any say due to proximity, I would not be opposed to having a neighbor somewhat close to me if Galahinda were to take up residence in the smaller isle east of Synturia. Alternatively, he could take the spot in which Synturia currently resides? I know that Synturia's place on the map has been a little bit of discussion and depending on where it is at, perhaps a new occupant could take their place. This is of course presuming Galahinda likes the thought and that the discussion is where it should be.

If climate and being an island is something very important to Galahinda, and SSI's suggestion is not ideal I would also be willing to offer up my southern isle and reshape Oyus a little to make necessary adjustment as not much-if much at all-has really been done, fleshed out, and written with regard/reference to it. The only major city has been referenced very little and could easily be replaced. There is no catch to this, I don't expect some sort of compensation or anything like that presuming this would be allowed in the first place and presuming if Galahinda really found it to be desirable. (This could be just unnecessary)

I apologize if I made any great leaps and strides in making some presumptions.

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9 hours ago, Tagmatium Rules said:

Presumably the climate would be like that of Ireland IRL, rather than Mediterranean/Caribbean.

I’m honestly not too attached to the climate aspect, as long as it’s not arctic tundra or Sahara I’m fine with whatever.

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@Galahinda I'm glad you made it through the academy. Clean application. This checks all the boxes.

In the above conversation I see three locations being mentioned: west of @Kipan, north of Synturia, east of Seylos.

  • Location: It's perfectly reasonable to request an island all to yourself. As others have already mentioned, do keep in mind that you're complicating your own future expansion plans. 😉 So don't say we didn't warn you, because I'll be referencing this text here if you do.
  • Climate: The island east of Seylos comes closest to your desire to be in a Mediterranean or Caribbean climate. The other two locations are certainly much more tropical.
  • Culture: Choosing a history that is realted to Lysian, Limonaian, or Adapton will most likely result in an Adlantic location. This just makes the most sense. The area on the Oriental Ocean we would like to reserve for other culture groups. More on that later.

Based on your own criteria, I think the best spots would be: either east of Seylos (1st choice) or north of Synturia (2nd choice). As a 3rd choice you could also consider the island west of Seylos. It's currently unoccupied. And I don't believe anyone had expansion plans in that direction. (Do correct me if I'm wrong.)


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Thanks for the reply! You brought up a lot of good points, and I really appreciate it. You mention how if I were an island I would have issues expanding, but to be honest I don't ever envision Galahinda expanding outward but rather upward. Galahinda is inherently a place of massive inequality covered up by a layer of pretentious fashion and self serving hedonism. The idea of a nation like that expanding beyond an island isn't one I particularly think matches the tone I'm looking for. A nation desperate to appear wealthy would invest in ever increasing amounts of vanity projects like superscrapers. As such I feel like the best option for our nation is the island to the east of Seylos, as long as he's fine with it I think that'll be an ideal location,

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10 hours ago, Rihan said:

I say 3 is your best option. Orioni's #2 is actually where @Fulgistan is looking to expand (and where Rihan will hide under the cover of night and blow up his fleet, I mean, launch a massive fireworks display to show the friendship between the two countries).

I'd have said 1, but I don't really have a horse in this race.

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