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Eurth Olympics Summer 2019


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  • Oyus dominates freestyle swimming competitions, wins 7 gold medals.
  • Shffahkia pounds the competition into the dirt on the track, breaks world record in the men's 100 meter dash.
  • Orioni female runners make a stunning charge on the track, winning most dashs with a medal.
  • In primetime tomorrow night, men's rowing -- the true rivalry in these contests, Rihan vs. Gallambria. Tune in at 7pm ACT.


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Highlights from the Last Few Days:

  • Fulgistan stuns wurld by winning gold in Men's 100 m backstroke
  • Rihan eeks out a gold in the Men's Marathon, beating Sunset Sea Islands by less than two-tenths of a second
  • Gallambria places second in the Men's eight Rowing, loses to Rihan, but dominates men's tennis singles.
  • The Tagmatine Empire's medal count has grown over the past 3 days, their biggest upset in track and field, getting gold in the Men's 4x100 m relay.
  • Kipan hits a direct bullseye in archery with their best archer getting gold.
  • The little island nation of Little Flau wins both gold and silver in the Men's 200 m breaststroke, the entire nation's team is only made up of 2 swimmers; perhaps they can strike further success against Oyus in the coming days?

The gymnastics competitons will be occurring towards the very end of the games and will surely be watched by the whole Eurth in primetime. In tomorrow's primetime, Judo and women's rowing. Stay tuned.

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Medal Count Update

  • Orioni, Gallambria, and Oyus each have more than 20 medals total.
  • Tagmatium, Rihan, and Fulgistan had their best net gain in medals yesterday.
  • If you won a sport in which it involves a team, it may say 1x, this will be revised to reflect the # of medals by regulation team size (i.e. if you win football or syncro swimming, you will get the number of golds/silvers/bronze as are the number of people on the team)
  • 1/3rd of all events have been completed to date. Still many opportunities to win.
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Latest Highlights from the Olympics:

  • Fulgistan continues to dominate equestrian, taking all three medals in the jumping competition.
  • Tagmatines show how to properly do Adapton-Tagmatine wrestling, getting gold over Rihan.
  • Rihan has a good day on the track, getting 2 gold medals in jumps but loses the pole vault to Tagmatium.
  • Fulgistani men's basketball team sweaps the floor and pummels Selayar.
  • Oyusard female beats out Orioni female in surfing, shocking as Gallambria was favored to win.
  • Variot women win football competition over rival Iverica.
  • Seloysi women win doubles tennis over Iverica who only lost by a set.
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Top 10 Medal Earners

Gallambria: 15 Gold, 27 Silver, 19 Bronze -- 61

 Fulgistan (host): 33 Gold, 11 Silver, 9 Bronze -- 53

 Rihan: 27 Gold, 16 Silver, 9 Bronze -- 52

 Orioni: 20 Gold, 13 Silver, 13 Bronze -- 46

 Sunset Sea Islands: 18 Gold, 16 Silver, 12 Bronze -- 46

 Variota: 24 Gold, 6 Silver, 13Bronze -- 43

 Tagmatium: 7 Gold, 9 Silver, 24 Bronze -- 40

 Iverica: 5 Gold, 20 Silver, 13 Bronze -- 38

 Selayar: 14 Gold, 10 Silver, 14 Bronze -- 38

 Oyus: 14 Gold, 6 Silver, 15 Bronze -- 35

 Mauridiviah: 6 Gold, 8 Silver, 18 Bronze -- 32


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  • Gallambrian pair win mixed doubles tennis, beating Ivericans.
  • Fulgistanis still hold 2nd place in the overall medal count, still dominate equestrian. Notable table tennis master wins gold.
  • Rihannsu man wins gold in decatholon.
  • Tagmatine outthrows the discus, leaving Rihannsu in dust.
  • Ahranaian women wipe the floor in weightlighting, winning most medals. IEOC officials suspect foul play.
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  • Salvian women wins lighteweight boxing match, leaves compeitor with bloody noise.
  • Rihannsu women who just completed mandatory service in military wins Heptathlon.
  • Fulgistani Men's Baseball team beats Kipan and Sunset Sea Islands by 1 run overall to get gold.
  • Kirvinska saberists beat out Rihannsu, both swear to fight each other after the Olympics.
  • Limonian men's volleyball team wins.
  • Oyusard women breaks record on 100 m butterfly, gets gold, outpacing opponent by less than a tenth of a second.
  • Iverican women's football team beats Variots for gold, Soreanans come in third.

All gymnastics competitions will occur on the final day. It will be on prime-time TV. You won't want to miss it.

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  • Fulgistani women's table tennis team beats Kipan for gold.
  • Tikvan woman dominate gymnastics competition, receives 6 gold medals. Ahranians demand rematch.
  • Oyusard woman wins gold in 10km Open Water.
  • Gallambrian man wins triatholon, edges out Rihannsu who gets silver.
  • Faramountian man shows how to truly use the pommel horse, gets gold. Ide Jimans get silver.


Final Medal Count (Top 10):

  • Fulgistan - 96
  • Gallambria - 86
  • Rihan - 78
  • Variota - 71
  • Orioni - 70
  • Sunset Sea Islands - 70
  • Tagmatium - 60
  • Iverica - 58
  • Ahrana - 52
  • Oyus - 51

Total 10 countries: 692 (53%)

All other countries: 608 (47%)

The final ceremony will take place tomorrow evening.

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