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[RP Academy] Welcome to Amsterfurt

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*The setting is in a gathering room at Amsterfurt Visitor Center. There is a sizeable group of tourists, approximately 15, who are listening to a tour guide. It is currently 1 pm.*

Annegret: Guten Middag! My name is Annegret, but feel free to call me Anne, and I am your tour guide today. Before we head out onto the streets of Amsterfurt, I am first going to talk a bit about the history and culture of this city. Amsterfurt was a planned city established in the early 18th century to become the political and financial capital of Zeefeld. The royal family and nobility at the time felt that Rotterzig, the most populous city at the time and still is, was ripe for a revolution by the common people. If one did occur, they were afraid they would able to quickly take over royal and political institutions of the city. Thus, Amsterfurt was planned and built. Back then, it would have taken you quite a few days to walk from Rotterzig to Amsterdam if you didn't have a horse! Not only did the nobility and government relocate there, so did financial institutions. Even today, you will still find many Zeefelder companies headquartered there, especially on the infamous Border Street.

However, with the nobility, politicians, and bankers moving to Amsterfurt, ordinary people still moved here. They were members of the king's court, secretaries for MPs, and clerks for bankers. In addition to that, some companies that recently relocated to Amsterfurt went far enough to even establish some factories around here. With that, came the rise of middle-class and working-class neighborhoods surrounding Centrumdorf. However, the city was not seen as a place for aspirational young citizens to move to. For a long time, it was expected you should only be in Amsterfurt for three reasons. You have a job here, you were visiting, or you were on a business trip. 

Thus, the culture of Amsterfurt became very formal. The nightlife did not consist of bars and clubs, it consisted of well-to-do restaurants and theaters. People were expected to be polite, regular Mass-goers, well-mannered, and to discuss topics civilly. While Amsterfurt these days have become more and more of a city for aspiring artists and start-ups, it has retained most of that culture, especially with older residents. As we go on this tour guide today, you will find many people you encounter to be very formal and polite. I would strongly advise you to not cuss at all. Many people here still regularly go to a Catholic church, although you will find people of different faiths and even atheists. Political protests and public provocative artwork are also stared down upon in this city.

We will be starting in the old working-class neighborhood of Loosberg, although now considered a hipster hot spot, where I will be showing you the oldest Catholic church in this city, St. Alto Cathedral. I will also be showing you a gorgeous park in this city called Jansen Park which is known for hosting flea markets every week in the warmer months. There is a flea market scheduled today, actually! We will then progress to Centrumdorf where I will show you the Nationaalstag, the Royal Palace of Amsterfurt, and then Border Street which hosts many of our most well-known Fortune 500 companies. Let's head out! Please do not forget your belongings and take a travel pamphlet on the way out!"

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