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[Academy RP] A death in Metztli

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(Sorry it's so short, couldn't think of what else to write 😔)

The room was dark and smoggy, the slick black painted wood chairs rested aside the gloomy blood-black wooden walls. Several candles in their holders lay on the table, their insignificant flames wavering to the draft in the room. Across the table were maps and contracts strewn about, along with bowls of fruits and vegetables. Around the room were several men and women, one of which was leaning over the table commanding the others.


The one in question was an old pale grey man with a silver beard and hair. His Alamatli gem necklace hung loosely around his shrivelled wrinkly neck with his gold and green clothing similarly held onto his body with a slack effort. His name was Tlelotokinonoli, often shortened to Kinono. A powerful Tekutli who over his lifetime became to infest the body of Metztli in it’s youth, carving over three quarters of it’s public land for his own domain. His voice was like sand grit with the power of moving boulders.

“Has it been done?” He had asked the men and women in front of him. From one of their pockets came a gold leafed Alamatli gem, carved from the bone of ancient creatures. A cruel vicious smile had emerged from the old man’s face. The first ‘lower’ man who had killed an Archpriest, something he knew very well would live in infamy throughout Metztli history.


Kinono slowly had rissen from his slouched position over the table to standing up straight, his long poncho like a rich man’s dress, it glittered in the faint light.

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