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[Academy RP] RZG Election Night Broadcast

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*The scene is at RZG 2019 Election Night Broadcast*

Erwin Heijkamp: "It is only five seconds until Big Pieter strikes 10. We will be revealing the results of the RZG exit poll. Throughout the day, we polled 14,000 people at 68 polling stations in swing constituencies. As usual, please take this poll with a pinch of spice."

*Big Pieter strikes 10*

*The screen behind them displays a seating chart of the new Parliament with the predicted number of seats listed for each party.*

Erwin Heijkamp: "We predict that the Catholic Action Party, despite losing seats, will be the biggest party in parliament once again with 140 seats but will be short of a majority of 10. The Social Democrats lost a few seats, earning 100. The Catholic Action Party's coalition partner, the Free Liberals lost most of their seats, earning 10 seats. The other parties made significant gains with the Greens winning 25, the Socialists winning 15, and the Zeefelder People's Party winning 10 seats. I'll turn over to you, Adriaan."

Adriaan Reimann: "Thank you, Erwin. As you said, even though our exit poll is likely to differ a little from the actual results that we'll get in a few hours, it is unlikely the situation will change much. Although the CAP could still form a coalition with the Free Liberals, the Free Liberals have ruled out any consideration of a coalition due to their devastating loss in this election. We should be expecting coalition negotiations to take a while in the aftermath of the results. According to CAP officials I have spoken to, they're considering all options. That can range from a grand coalition with the Social Democrats or a coalition with the Greens." 

Erwin: "Thank you, Adriaan. We will be broadcasting the results in a few hours. For now, we will be going to our correspondents who are on the grounds at different election night parties for candidates throughout the country."

*Few hour later goes by, it is now 12am*

*The screen behind them a seating chart of the new Parliament with number of seats listed for each party.*

Erwin Heijkamp: Welcome back to RZG 2019 Election Night, we now have the official results of this election. As expected, it did not differ much. The Catholic Action Party will enter Parliament with 139 seats, the Green Party with 26, the Social Democrats with 101, the Socialists winning 16, the Free Liberals with 8, and with the Zeefelder People's Party also with 10. It is likely that the Catholic Action Party will be mulling their options and to reach out to other parties for putting together a coalition. Adriaan, what options are the Catholic Action Party looking at now that the results are in?

Adriaan Reimann: Well, first off, several parties already have announced that they will not be considering a coalition at all if they are reached out to. In addition to the Free Liberals, the Socialists and Social Democrats have said that they will not consider such a proposal. However, both the People's Party and Greens said they would be interested in a coalition if parts of their platform were included. Specifically, the People's Party would want a hardline anti-immigration stance and the Greens would want a comprehensive plan regarding climate change. Incumbent Prime Minister of the CAP, Christianne Bauer, has not made any indication at all yet which coalition she prefers. That will likely be up to what caucus in her party will exert the greatest amount of influence on her for which coalition would be preferable. Earlier today, I talked to Markus Klaver and Franz van Es, leaders of the Pragmatic Caucus and Conservative Caucus, respectively. They said the following.

*The screen behind them displays a picture of Markus Klaver and his statement.*

Markus Klaver: "The Pragmatic Caucus has determined that with our options, it would be preferable to have a coalition with the Greens compared to the People's Party. While the Greens have long been on the other side of the aisle across from us, we recognize the existential threat of climate change. Instead of focusing on unwarranted fears regarding immigration and our culture, it would be beneficial for us to have their expertise in environmental science in our coalition to help us form an even more comprehensive plan to combat climate change."

*The screen behind them then displays a picture of Franz van Es and his statement."

Franz van Es: "In the face of the devastating loss our coalition partner, the Free Liberals had and also the fact that we lost some seats ourselves, the Conservative Caucus has determined we should form a coalition with the People's Party. We did not lose seats because we were not seen as liberal enough, we lost seats because we did not stick to our principles as a party for advocating conservative ideals. Our culture based in traditional Zeefelder and Catholic principles is weakening every day and the People's Party would help us in a coalition to preserve the Zeefeld that has been held up on a pedestal to the world."

Erwin Heijkamp: Well, Prime Minister Christianne Bauer now has her options made clear now. We will be covering coalition negotiations over the next week. Thank you for tuning into RZG Election Night 2019. Goodnight. 

*Outro theme song of RZG plays and it goes off.*

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