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Cascadia Current:

Cascadia's primary source of news since 1985. Cascadia Current aims to provide relevant, timely, and accurate news from across the Unitary Conglomerate of Galahinda. Print editions are available for a small subscription fee, but all content is freely accessible on the internet as per the generous donations from our readers and government grants.


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Yiu Amistacia Appointed Chairman in Historic Vote

July 2nd, 2018, FY32. 

In a stunning victory for young progressives, MYNE creative director Yiu Amistacia has been appointed chairman by a nearly unanimous vote of 16-3 yesterday, defeating the incumbent Fontaine Bitmann, current owner of Bitmann Financial Holdings and Chairman since 1994. Yiu had announced their candidacy for chairman at the yearly MYNE gala, and quickly gained the endorsements of notable Corporate Board members Lynne Androni, Liam Piner, and Aya St. Claire. Former writer for POSE and prolific socialite, some have questioned the governing ability of Chairman Amistacia, with Richard Spai going so far as to say, "This victory goes against all precedent for good leadership." 

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Fontaine Bitmann Announces Retirement

July 17th, 2018, FY32

Fontaine Bitmann, owner of Galahindan banking giant Bitmann Financial Holdings and former Corporate Board Chairman, has announced his retirement today, citing increased stress and the wish to spend more time with his family. This comes only two weeks after his defeat at the hands of Yiu Amistacia, who managed to rally the support of a large faction of the island's social elite. Bitmann will not ofically resign until the end of the calendar year, but has begun the transfer of power to Marina Chun, CFO of Bitmann Financial Holdings. In a recent press conference Yiu stated that, "While I am saddened by the loss of a strong member of the Corporate Board, I understand that 23 years of chairmanship is a long time, and his dedication to the nation cannot be overstated." The relationship between the two has been hostile, with the chairman refusing to acknowledge Amistacia's use of non-binary pronouns, even going so far as to refer to them as "It" during a particularly heated floor debate. When approached for comment on whether the appointment of Yiu was the cause for his resignation, Fontaine replied that the two have since made peace, and restated that it was a matter of spending more time with his family.

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L'Avenue To Be Closed To Vehicles

April 23rd, 2017, FY31

In an attempt to make Cascadia's famed shopping district more accessible, the Corporate board has proposed to convert the road from a street to a pedestrian only walkway, with exceptions for emergency vehicles. This change would allow more capacity, a more walkable city, and allow for future renovations that could transform the boulevard into a green space. The board is expected to vote on this next week, and if passed the changes would enter into effect the following month. Alternative modes of public transit are also being considered, with the possibility of a new subway line extending into the Diamant district in order to support the tram lines already in place. Cascadia residents are urged to begin planning alternative routes if one is to travel by car. A spokesperson for the Galahindan Transport Committee has said that proposals for subway and tram line extensions are being considered for the following years, but nothing is concrete yet as that would require Corporate Board approval.

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