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[Academy RP] Strength in Unity

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Narrator's voice: It has only been a few months after the recession of 2008 hit the nation of Zeefeld. During the few months after recession, incumbent Prime Minister Dirk Kohl of the Free Liberals became deeply unpopular for his unwillingness to enact wide-reaching programs to reduce unemployment. In that time, the economy only improved slightly. He lost a vote of no-confidence and the Social Democratic Party led by Gerhard Drees, campaigning on a program of job creation and expanded welfare programs, formed the next government after the snap election. Not only was he known for his successful attempt to alleviate poverty and get the economy back on track, but also for his inspiring spirit. This was most noticeable in his inauguration speech.

*It cuts to a video recording. It is a giant crowd in front of the Nationaalstag where Prime Minister Gerhard Drees is giving his inauguration speech from the steps of the Nationaalstag behind a podium.*               

Gerhard Drees: "St. Augustine once defined a nation as "a multitude of rational beings united by the common objects of our love." We, as a nation, have our differences with each other, whether it is in the city halls across this nation or in Parliament, but we are all united by the values that have defined Zeefeld for us and for the world. Avoiding dogmatic entangling foreign alliances, the belief in all citizens having their own voice in democracy, and being pragmatic about what we can achieve - not just what we can propose. We may face circumstances abroad when these values are not seen to light. But, we will continue to light that flaming beacon of liberty. We can never be in self-doubt or self-paralyzing fear, but instead, we shall be in self-affirmation of our values that is the beauty of Zeefeld. 

Self-affirmation of our values is not the only key to stand up for ourselves, but it is also key to unlocking the true potential of our nation. No matter how much we do each day, we may feel not much has changed. But when we look back on those days, whether a decade or a hundred years ago, everything seems different. What we do does not just change your experience of being a Zeefelder; it can also create our history at the same time. We have the wonderful capability of being able to do just that. So, I call upon my fellow citizens to rise up to the occasion to perhaps become one of our history's greatest generations. I do not speak of just entering public service or the military, but also being involved in your local city hall meetings, opening up your own business, creating art that shows the spirit of this nation, or to travel the world to bring back new ideas. Just by your own endeavors, even you can make the time we're living in continue in the books of history.

That call is more important than ever as we face unfortunate circumstances today. There is no doubt that despite the economy improving, what we are facing feels much worse than just your recession. It is something bigger than that. We are approaching crossroads where some are expecting more and more results of the current policies, but yet others believe that those policies are not working for them. We can not continue to ram through the roads with the same old, hoping that everyone will eventually approve. We are going to engage every citizen, no matter who they are or where they come from, on how we can address their fears and insecurities regarding their livelihood.. We will also not just engage citizens that have spoken up, but also the ones that have stayed quiet. That is the promise I have been beholden to. This nation can not prosper when only some people feel comfortable with looking toward the next day. Everyone must be able to feel comfortable to look toward the next day. We must prosper together. 

A phrase that comes to my mind in this very moment is the motto of my own province which is "Juncta Juvant." which is popularly translated as "Strength in Unity." We are not here to serve an individual or a clique or a political party. We are here to serve one another and to walk together with faith that we can have a brighter future. When we are united in that, we are stronger together as a region. With that, let us get to work." 

*The crowd cheers on jubilantly and he waves the crowd goodbye before being escorted away by security to head to the inauguration parade.*


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