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Galahindan Holidays And Traditions

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Officially Recognized Holidays:

Summer Solstice: June 21st, the nation celebrates the summer solstice by participating in carnivale themed celebrations sponsored by half of the Corporate Board apportioned by the Chairman. In recent years it has become the defacto Pride celebration of the nation.
Fashion Weeks: The weeks of August 12th and April 12th are the set dates for national fashion weeks, showcasing the upcoming seasons fashions. Smaller independent fashion exhibitions are common but are not officially recognized.

Winter Solstice: December 21st, the nation celebrates the winter solstice by participating in masquerade themed celebrations sponsored by the remaining 10 corporations apportioned by the chairman.

New Years day: January 1st

Election Day: July 1st. At the beginning of every fiscal year, the nation votes on it's representatives for the House, it is a federal holiday allowing for all citizens to be able to vote.

Chairman Selection Day: June 30th. At the end of every fiscal year the Corporate Board meets to vote on the next year's chairman, who serves as the head of state for one calendar year before being up for reappointment. A simple majority is required to confirm the appointment of a chairman. 

Agglomeration Day: July 24th. July 24th is a bank holiday that marks the end of the blackout of 1985 and subsequent buyout of the Galahindan government by the Corporate Board.


Important Cultural Events:

MYNE Gala: July 12th, regarded as the Olympics of Galahindan fashion, the event centers around a theme set by the current creative director of MYNE at the end of the MYNE runway on April 19th. Attendance is by invitation only and all attendees are hand picked by the MYNE creative director, with any plus ones also being under their discretion.




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