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[Academy RP] Party prep

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    Marie Engelsen was thrilled. She had received the best news of her life; She was going to be the POSE correspondent for the MYNE Gala next week. This assignment was sought after by every writer on staff, and a new hire being sent to the most important event of the year was unheard of, especially a new hire with no real connections. Yves Nailo, the chief editor for POSE, had personally handpicked her for the event and she would not allow herself to mess this up. But first, she had to find something to wear.
     POSE magazine was the nation's foremost source on the latest fashion trends, celebrity news, and upcoming cultural events. Initially established as the MYNE catalog in the 1960s, it evolved into the cultural juggernaut it is today under the watchful and cunning eyes of Yves Nailo. To be employed at the magazine, you needed to be bright, fashionable, and well connected. Yves ran the magazine better than some modern militaries, and if he were unsatisfied by your work, he would let you know on the pink slip you'd find at your desk the next morning. 
    After all, this magazine was meant to be for the best of the best. It was only twelve years ago that Yiu Amistacia had joined the magazine, and was immediately taken under Yves' wing. The young socialite had blown everyone away, securing interviews from those who always refused them, attending fashion show after fashion show, and getting entrance to clubs so exclusive that the waiting list was rumored to be classified by the Galahindan Security Agency, and even then, they hadn't been assigned as the official MYNE Gala correspondent until their fifth year. 
    Marie was immediately dismissed from all other writing assignments, given an official invite and credit card linked to the company account, and told by Yves that, "Looking good is half the battle, my dear."  Other coworkers had begged her to give them the assignment, pledging themselves to cover all of her stories for the next year, trading cubicles and offices, and even making threats against her success. It wasn't until a memo sent to everyone directly from Yves stating that the next person to ask for the assignment would be fired without compensation that the deluge of desperate emails stopped.
    Stepping off of the tram and onto the famed L'Avenue, Marie had to center herself before taking another step. L'Avenue - whose real name had since been lost to time and fashion- ran straight through the heart of The Cascade's Diamant district and housed the nation's most expensive boutiques, exclusive clubs, and was frequented by the ultra-elite. The wide pedestrian boulevard was packed with the rich, desperate to find an outfit for the upcoming fashion week celebrations. Marie felt out of place; she was wearing her trademark pink bob, leather jacket, knife pleated mini-skirt, and red heels. The people surrounding her were decked head to toe in the latest and greatest the nation had to offer. Marie recognized the trends as they walked past; towering hair, dramatic and icy makeup, skin tight clothes plastered with colors that shifted in the light, and even some who had opted to wear nothing but body glitter, lingerie, and a smile
    Taking a deep breath and heading down the wide street, she passed stores selling perfumes, cosmetics with real jewel powder in them, handbags, shoes, and clubs with lines already down the street - the patrons seemingly oblivious to the fact that it was only 1 pm. Passing smaller shops, she eventually stopped before a building shaped like what could only be described as a pile of black glass shards. White letters shone from above the entrance, "MYNE." The reporter took a deep breath before stepping inside.
    The doors hissed shut behind her, all at once the noise of a city was silenced and replaced by quiet swing music. Looking around, Marie was astonished by just how immaculate the store was. In stark contrast to the black glass exterior, the interior was made up of white marble and seemed to lack a single sharp edge. On one side was a reception area with scattered white couches and low tables with a black granite counter staffed by an obnoxiously androgynous receptionist. Taking a deep breath, Marie pressed forward towards the reception desk. 
    "Nearest thrift store is about ten kilometers that way, Cheri." Said the receptionist without looking up from the tablet in front of them. Marie chose to ignore the cheap jab and replied with, "I'm here to purchase some clothes, could you help me....?" Pausing as an invitation for the receptionist to share their name. 
    "Do you have an appointment?" Asked the receptionist, ignoring the explicit question.
    "I don't, I'm here wi-" However before Marie could finish that thought, the receptionist interrupted, "Cheri I'm sorry, but without an appointment, I'm afraid we can't help you, and we're full until next September, can I take a name?"
    "Yves Nailo," replied the exasperated reporter, "My boss, at POSE magazine?" Marie hated doing that, preferring to see how the customers were treated instead of how the press was.
    "Sure, and I'm Alexi Amistacia, Yiu's sister," retorted the receptionist, "trust me, if I let in every wannabe who said they're with POSE, I'd have been executed for treason." 
    At this, Marie pulled out her press pass, the credit card, and MYNE Gala invitation, causing the receptionist to visibly pale. "ohmygodImsosorryIdidntthinkyouwereactuallyserioushowcanIhelpyou?" Spouted the receptionist, clearly panicked.
     "Like I said, I need some clothes. For the MYNE Gala." 
    "Of course if you take a seat one of our stylists will be with you shortly, again I'm so sorry about the confusion, please forgive me." 
    "No problem," Marie replied much to the visible relief of the receptionist before taking a seat on one of the white couches. About ten minutes later a strikingly beautiful, and strikingly scantily clad, woman emerged and called for her. The woman was wearing nothing but a white underbust corset and swimsuit bottom, leaving her breasts exposed. "Are you our MYNE Gala attendee?' queried the woman in a wonderfully thick Limonaian accent. "Y-yes that's me." Replied the reporter, "Marie."
    "Wonderful darling, Lavinia Mondrelle," replied the woman, smiling, "Yves said he'd be sending someone down, apologies for our receptionist, she wasn't expecting someone who looks so.... pedestrian." The implication in her tone was clear, and Marie almost retorted, but professionalism dictated that she remain calm, and she was determined not to f*ck this up. Suddenly a wave of recognition came over her, Lavinia Mondrelle was a long time friend of Yves, having met the man at an underground art show some twenty years ago, the two had forged a very close friendship.
    "You came at the perfect time, we've got absolutely loads of new and classic MYNE dresses if you'd like a dress, and if you're going masculine, we have wonderfully patterned suits that fit our theme this year." Continued the woman, barely pausing for breath. The theme of this years MYNE Gala was 'Modern History' the MYNE Gala themes weren't usually this strange, but as it was the fashion house's 100th anniversary, it seemed appropriate. "If you want my opinion androgyny is very in this season, and we have a lovely collection centered around it." Continued Lavinia, oblivious to any thoughts that her customer was having. Suddenly the woman turned to face Marie, "Let's do that darling let's go daring, POSE is meant to make an impression and reflect the fashion so let's do it! oh, this is going to be delicious!" Marie was in no place to object, as the woman was a close personal friend to Yves and clearly knew what she was talking about, or so Marie hoped. 
    Marie stepped out of the store three hours later, exhausted beyond all belief. She spent the afternoon trying on more outfits than she thought possible, Lavinia had conceded that maybe androgyny wasn't her style and instead opted for an oversized white fur coat, matching gloves, a black floor-length gown, and at Marie's insistence, red heels. All of this was recorded, alongside Marie's measurements and sent to the ateliers for final tailoring. She didn't know how much the final outfit had cost, but she knew that it was more than she'd make for the next five years. She was confident in her appearance and needed to prepare for the other half of Yves' proverbial battle, the party.

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