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[Academy RP] Heatwave

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    Julian was desperate; the country was being hit with the worst heatwave in recorded history. With temperatures peaking at 40 degrees in the worst parts of town. The myriad fans, window unit, and cold shower employed were barely making a dent in the omnipresent heat. The rest of the neighborhood was faring no better, being in the Limonaian quarter meant that the buildings had been standing since the country had been colonized by Limonaia some hundred years ago, and didn't have air conditioning. The city was practically at a standstill, nobody wanted to be outside, and those that were had resigned themselves to slow meandering paths punctuated by stops in the shade. The weather stations had promised rain days ago, with none materializing. 
    Julian was on the down and out, the market crash of 1983 had left him jobless, and much like the majority of the population, Julian had yet to recover. The government continually promised new aid programs and bailouts for those worst affected, the radical amongst the body had even suggested a total reset on debt. Nothing had materialized, old rivalries had resurfaced, and after the 1984 election, the house had devolved entirely into political factions who refused to compromise. No reform had passed for over a year, and with the ballooning debt, the government was running out of options.
    Julian wasn't much for politics; he voted in elections but only for his party candidate. A more politically active person would be driven to revolution by this heat, but so far nobody could bring themselves to go out in the harsh July sun. The sun was beginning to set as Julian found himself spacing off as the radio droned on about proposed tax reforms and increased spending by the government on fuel, and what that meant for people like him. The ceiling fan overhead continued its lazy rotations as the forecast for tomorrow was announced, "Well folks it looks like we're in for another day of this heat, with a high of 41 and a low of 39. There's a 20 percent chance o-" the radio cut off abruptly alongside all of the fans. Julian sighed in annoyance as he waited for the power to resume. Few were surprised at this: the number of air conditioning units running across the nation must have been too much for the grid to handle. 
    Instead of resigning himself to lazily waving the hand fan in front of his face, Julian forced himself to get up and begin planning for the next day. He needed to go to the grocers to pick up more bread and eggs, as well as to ask about his job application, after that he had to walk his elderly neighbor's dog and ask if he could get an advance payment for the next week to cover his bills. His landlord was a stickler for on-time payments but who could blame him? He had a family to support. By now the sun had fully set, and the heat had begun to make Julian sleepy. Reasoning that there was nothing left to do for the night that didn't require electricity, he laid down and drifted into sleep.

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