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Wasteland News

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Hello Leaders,

Good Morning and today I will give you my nations news (Limu and Doug run this)

our nation has been doing the well with political freedom at zero and civil rights barely any.

Recent updates is that we have decided to start building a nuclear bomb program it will at least take about 3-4 months for the first bombs to be built and plan to make it the biggest in Eurth 

Good night, Bye Bye



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Top Secret


Wasteland News

Hello and welcome to the only television show Limu Emu and Doug,

If you are watching this now It is only because you're a government official for the Emu's or you are a Leader of a Country on Eurth.

If you didn't know Limu Emu and Doug is a nuclear wasteland, so when intelligent Emus + Limu Emu, and Doug (the only human in the entire country) left there home planet the Western Colonies they found a planet teaming with life and when they landed on it they founded a country that was in the middle of a nuclear wasteland 

Good Bye and see you tomorrow for this 1 minute show!

 p.s. I will reveal to you leaders more and more stuff about Limu Emu and Doug, I revealed today about its history.

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On 7/13/2019 at 1:07 PM, Rihan said:

@Limu Emu and Doug: I have read your posts and for your benefit, I want to impart some advice. We previously had someone who took the approach you had with a nuclear wasteland country and they did not last long here, similarly such things occurred with another who wanted elves. We are a human-based Modern RP world with space exploration that is barely beyond (if that) of known missions to date. One of your previous posts outlines building a nuclear bomb -- we as a region have taken the angle that such weapons should not be easy to obtain and certainly not without certain RP consequences and requsite writing, research, and processing. Can you please message me when you are able to chat about this?

In the interim, please read the rules: 


Sorry, I will try to be more realistic

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