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[Academy RP] A Galahindan Gala

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“Darling I really can’t talk right now, I have to give the opening speech for the MYNE Gala in thirty minutes, and this corset isn’t going to tighten itself.” Talking into the phone was Yiu Amistacia, newly minted creative director for MYNE and newcomer into Galahindan politics. Yiu paused, listening to the irate voice on the other end before replying through gritted teeth as they fastened the corset, “Yes I know it’s important, but unless it’s your endorsement for chairmanship it can wait.”

On the other end Lynne Androni sighed in frustration, her patience with Yiu wearing thin. ”Yiu I need you to pay attention for just one moment, this could make or break your chances at chairmanship. Tonight you are hosting the most important party in The Cascade, in my home might I a-”

“I’ve already thanked you several times for your help!” Interrupted Yiu hotly, not wanting her to have that leverage over them, “And I’m designing you a custom wardrobe for the summer!” This was something that Lynne couldn’t deny was important, a custom wardrobe from Galahindas top designer would usually run upwards of her quarterly budget, not to mention keep her name in the public mind for a long time.

Yiu took as deep a breath as their corset would allow before continuing, “It’s not like I haven’t hosted parties before, I hosted the New Years celebrations for the Spais last year and they haven’t stopped requesting my services since!” A socialite by trade, Yiu had more experience working a room than almost all of Galahinda, second only to Lynne herself. 

“While that may be true the Spais couldn’t read the tone if it was spelt out in front of them, they’re not from here.” Replied Lynne, barely able to contain the disdain in her voice at the mention of the Spai family. “We both know they paid their way into Fontaine’s inner circle and that means we have to deal with them until he’s replaced.” Lynne paused, waiting for a response. 

After several seconds of silence Yiu realized she had stopped talking and was waiting for them to say something, “Sorry darling I was putting on my hair for tonight, it’s very complicated to get right but I think it’ll be a delicious nod to the past. I had a similar idea about your summer collection, how do you feel about 1930’s women’s wear?” 

At this Lynne hung up, exasperated by the young socialites attitude. Yiu smiled into the mirror, knowing that their outfit was perfect. All that was left was to put on heels. Yiu picked up the phone and took a quick selfie, looking gorgeous as ever, and posted it with the caption “Happy fashion week darlings! Can’t wait to see all of my friends at tonight’s party! XO” 

Yiu set down the phone, and stepped out into the car waiting to take them to Lynne’s house, telling the driver to take the long way, they wanted to be fashionably late. As always.

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