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Heart of the Core (OOC)

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Hello. In the next few weeks, a nuclear plant in the city of Chashniki near the Ahranian border will explode. It will be a Chernobyl-Style nuclear accident. @Fulgistan will be involved, as a company of his engineers will be in the plant studying for the opening of Fulgistan's first Nuclear Plant. @Ahrana will be involved, dealing with the catastrophic fallout, and @Girkmand will also be a recipient of a lot of radiation, as well as @Prymont. I will need approval from you to begin.

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On 7/4/2019 at 12:13 PM, Sunset Sea Islands said:

Such accidents are quite obvious to any country that has some sort of area radiation surveillance system. Expect the SSI to notice this incident within a week of the event.

For reference, residual nuclides originating from Fukushima were detected by European systems within two weeks.

Yeah, we were talking about that in the Discord. We think that's a compelling way to show how Dniester is clearly lying about the scope and scale of the accident, which is going to be a plot point.

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