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[OOC] Time of Troubles

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This RP is a follow-up from the agreement made on the expansion thread. Please refer to the IIwiki article for a more in-depth information.


This expansion RP will be quite an unorthodox one, in the sense that it is not your usual 'invade and conquer' RP. The RP will partly narrate the story of the monarcho-communist Selayar (now renamed as Vahila) effort to 'retake' the mainland Selayari territory (the reserved area on the map), as they are stuck in the small islands territory of Vahila (the current island territory of Selayar on the map). Many parties will be involved, and other nations involvement is to be expected.


There will be two main parties involved in the war, which are the Purist and the Reformist.

The Purist

The monarchist government and followers. Simply said, the royalist who would like to keep the status-quo intact, thus the name. Their ideology would mainly be a right-leaning one, though it has a mixture of many ideologies. Led by Queen Varamatamarenga, whose coronation triggered the civil war, it has the advantage of having the support of most the noble houses and a trained army. Its aim is to retain the status-quo in Selayar (and thus the longevity of her dynasty).

International supporters/donors: ?

The Reformist

Basically a group of people who are not satisfied with the rise of Queen Varamatamarenga to the throne of Selayar. Their ideology would mainly be a socialist one, though the monarcho-communist ideology become the most recognisable ideology of the Reformist. Led by the cousin of the previous assassinated Queen of Selayar, the group claimed legitimacy from its royal bloodline and its status as a reformist and socialist. Despite its army nickname as 'the untrained army of the mass', it has notably gained support from many sympathetic leftist group outside Selayar. Its aim is to install a new dynasty to the throne, and provide a much-needed welfare and equality to the people of Selayar.

International supporters/donors: @Shffahkia, ?

Many independent groups and mercenaries

There are notably many separatists groups and mercenaries in Selayari territories who wanted various things, be it independence, autonomy, power, money, or just anarchism. This will play a part in the RP, adding flavour to the war rather than the usual dichotomy of war. You could support some of this groups if you want, just for the fun if you don't like the two parties mentioned above.

The RP.

The Civil War will be ICly divided into four periods. The First Period, roughly from 1959-mid 1960s, as the name might tells, covers the time when the war broke out until the first armistice. The Reformist were mostly driven out from west and central Selayar, leaving them in their base, east Selayar and Vahila. The Interlude, roughly from mid 1960s-early 1970s is the generally peaceful period since the First Armistice until the Attack on Fort Wanatara, which saw the beginning of the Second Period of War, where the Reformist are trying to regain their territory in west and central Selayar, but this later ended up in failure as the Reformist government was exiled to the islands of Vahila. After the signing of the Second Armistice, the Negotiation period ensued, where both parties are working to find a way out of the mess.

This RP will only narrate the Second Period and the Negotiation period, because it will be undoubtedly complex to narrate a 20-years war into one RP. I'll mostly write about the political intrigue of how the Reformist (now called Vahila) tried to regain their territory and support in mainland Selayar, though story of warfare would be undoubtedly appear. (Mostly because i know nothing about warfare, guns, and tanks, so help would be appreciated.)



This map should provide a clear situation of what's going on in Selayar and its surrounding lands just before the civil war started. The territories of Selayar will ended up as in the expansion thread (the reserved territory on the map), thus completing the expansion thread. The Treaty of ʻArama officially ended the civil war, and both Reformist and Purist parties were unified once again as one Selayar after extensive negotiation, including a promised expansion of the people's welfare (which is another story).

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I've revamped the thread for visibility, so you should now get a clear idea of how the RP might run and how to involve yourself.

On 6/27/2019 at 8:24 AM, Rihan said:

I'm in.

Welcome to the RP! What parties are you going to support? The Reformist or Purist?

On 6/28/2019 at 2:47 AM, Fulgistan said:

Supporting an autocratic dictatorship that only claims to a be a proletarian state? Dude, you already know I'm available.

The monarch-communist would be more than happy to get your support :P

On 6/30/2019 at 9:42 AM, Tikva said:

I would be happy to get involved...

You're welcome to participate. I've revamped the thread and see where you could join the fun!

On 7/7/2019 at 2:31 AM, Kipan said:

I probably could be involved in a neutral capacity (aka funneling money in exchange for resources).

An opportunist who are trying to get profit from both side? You're in. :P 

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