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Hello there!


My names Linus, but in-game/irp i prefer Naari. I love politics and roleplaying has been a hidden interest so i decided to try it out with my very own nation i created based on my liking with its own big inside problems, but also its structure and how it maybe will change. will it be because of internal pressure, pressure from neighbouring countries, or economial reasons? i don't know yet, however what i do know is that i wanna grow and become more experienced with political rp and would love to chat or rp with anyone who's interested.


Thank for your time! ^^

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Being new to this can definitely be a little overwhelming as to where you want to take things, I know it was for me when I first started RPing. Feel free to join the Discord as @Rihan suggested. A great place to socialize with others here and discuss potential ideas and the course you want to take your nation! The glory of worldbuilding is the only thing that can truly limit you (aside from sensible community rules) is your imagination! Welcome to the community, I hope we'll see you around here.

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Hello there @Nuuri Stasti. 🙂 Welcome to Planet Eurth.

If the Discord is overwhelming, you can also hang around the forums with regulars.

And as I read that RP is your thing, perhaps I might point you in the direction of our IIWiki: https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Eurth This should give you a good first impression.

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