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The Red Trials

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The Red Trials

Since the establishment of the Ahranaian Federation the main goal of the Federal Government has been to make those who committed heinous crimes against the people and humanity, it is not just the wish of the Federal Government to persecute these so people but the will of the people for those involved in such acts be punished by the full extent of the Law in the Federation. Trial #19-6149001 of also known as, The Red Trials, is a case of the People against the people who committed terrible things under or during the Ivanoff Era. This trial will be conducted by the Supreme Court of the Ahranaian Federation and the Federal President will be in presence for the Opening Statement and Verdict reading. Each person will be given three days to set out their case to prove that they are innocent as it is stated by law, "You are guilty till proven otherwise." At the end of each session they will be dismissed and all will receive their verdicts at the end after all involved in Trial 19-6149001.


The Procurator of the Federation Speaking:

The next Two weeks this Court, the Supreme Court of the Ahranaian Federation will hear the Cases of the following Suspects and or Subjects: Ingrid Clarks- Lieutenant in the Red Army, Rolf Vans- Sargent in the Red Army, Victor Vimmons- Minister for State Security under the Ivanoff Government, Karl Karson- Chief of Station of the Intelligence Asperities in Tatani, Jakob Jimmison- Lieutenant Colonel of the Red Army Execution Squad, Gustov Ingriss- Agent of the Ministry for State Security, Kristoffer Halden-Agent of the Ministry of State Security Internal Surveillance, Gustoff Boden- Agent of the Ministry for State Security Interrogation Commander, Erika Greta- Agent of the Ministry for State Security Interrogation Specialist, Freya Nikkson- Agent for Internal Security of the Black Site in Moskovo, Helga Hans- Execution Commander for the Red Army in Ahran, Raberta Hans- Execution Commander for the Red Army in Lockiee, Robert Hans- Agent of the Ministry of State Security Interrogation Specialist, Lars Alberts- Colonel of the Red Army Execution Squad Northern Tatani, Markus Niles- Commander of the Red Army Ahran Socialist Republic.

Each of these people committed Crimes that are unthinkable and indiscernible to the Children of today, Some of them have admitted to wrong doing and wish to make amends others not so much. So people of the Court room and the Justices that will decide the final verdicts and Madam President I ask that we all take careful attention to this entire case as it is not just another Ivanoff Case but one bigger than Ivanoff himself. Thank you and that is all.

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court:

Thank you Procurator for the opening of this trial I look forward to hearing the case your bench has brought forth here today for Trial #19-6149001. Each Subject will be given three days to present their case and after each Subject has been hear we the Chairs of the Supreme Court will convene to discus the final verdict, upon the Final Verdict being read whatever has been decided will come into effect immediately. We will read out each subjects name and the Profile along with the Charges on that person. This Trial will be televised for the entire duration of the Readings and Hearings of the Subjects, so some Charges will not be read all the way out for reasons of Decency.

Ingrid Clarks, Lieutenant in the Red Army during the Revolution and became a Lieutenant in the Peoples' Army under the Ivanoff Government. She created the Program for imprisonment of those who went against the Party and who tried to leave the Country. Clarks was also one of the main voices in the Ivanoff Government having played a big role in many lucrative events that are still coming to light. She stands by her actions and states she has done nothing out of the ordinary as everything she did was aske of by the State and by her own will. Clarks is Charged with Four Counts of Mass Genocide in Peterburi, One Count of Mass Execution of Imperial Government Sympathizers, Three Counts of Embezzlement and One Count of Wire Fraud.

Rolf Vans, Sargent in the Red Army during the Revolution and left the Military after the Provisional Government was established. Vans would become one of the Communist Parties Secretariats till his resignation two weeks prior to Ivanoffs arrest. Vans denounced his Communist Party Membership when he resigned and became an key person on the actions in the Revolution by the Red Army and the Communists Still having denounced his membership Vans is charged on One Count of Mass Genocide in Tatani, One Count of Misconduct towards Children and Three Counts of Murder of the 1st sanctioned by the Ivanoff Government. Vans proclaims that he is Guilty of all Charges and seeks no way from avoiding his death if it comes to that.

Victor Vimmons, Minister of the Ministry for State Security during the Ivanoff Government who was a General in the Red Army during the Revolution. Vimmons came to be the Minister for State Security while the Provisional Government was in place, he would also be the Minister for said Minister under the Socialist Federations Government of Ivanoff. Vimmons sanctioned many Death Warrants, Unreasonable Search Warrants and okayed the mutilation of many persons while in the Interrogation Rooms. Vimmons is charged with Twelve Counts of Wire Fraud, Three Counts of Known Embezzlement, Four Counts of Statutory Rape, Six Counts of Rape, Six Counts of Vehicular Homicide and Two Counts of First Degree Murder. 

Karl Karson, Chief of Station of the Black Site in Larrson, Tatani. Former Corporal in the Red Army during the Revolution became a favorite of the Minister for State Security, was appointed Acting Chief of Station of the Prison Camp in Stephanson, Lockiee then appointed Chief of Station of the Black Site in Larrson, Tatani. Karson has issued a plea of not guilty stating he did what he did on his free will and did it with pride and pleasure and would do it again if time presented itself to him. The charges placed before Karson are Ten Counts of Mass Genocide, Twelve Counts of Rape known Currently, Three Counts of Robbery of three Individuals, Six Counts of Statutory Rape and One Count of Crimes Against Humanity and the People.

Jakob Jimmirson, Lieutenant Colonel of the Red Army during the Revolution and also the Peoples' Army Extermination Squad Commander under the Ivanoff Government. Jimmirson established the protocol for how the Army and Government would go about getting rid of the Undesirables in the Socialist Republic they were creating. Jimmirson has stated that he pleads guilty to all charges placed on him and asks for forgiveness from those who he has hurt. The Charges are as follows Twenty Counts of Confirmed Mass Genocide, Twenty Counts of Mutilation of the Human Body through Experiments and Sixteen Counts of Embezzlement.

Kristoffer Halden, Agent of the Ministry of State Security Internal Surveillance under the Ivanoff Government, a former Commander in the Red Army at the Red Army Station of Strasburg. Halden was a favorite of the Interior Minister, Minister George Erikkson who took his own life a Day after Ivanoffs arrest. Halden was made Lieutenant in the Internal Surveillance Program that spied on not jus the People and Government Personnel but also Foreign Diplomats. Halden states that if he did not follow the orders and recorded what he heard he would have been shot on the spot by State Security Personnel so he followed his orders. The Charges are as follows Ten Counts of Mass Genocide, Six Counts of Statuary Rape (confirmed), Sixteen Counts of Rape and Twenty-Five Counts of Confirmed Wire Tapping.

Gustov Ingriss, Agent of  the Ministry for State Security under the Ivanoff Government and a former Brigadier General of the Red Army during the Revolution. Ingriss has issued a no statement and will not present any form of Case before the Court as stated on the Paper here before me. The Charges are as follows Thirty Counts of Mass Genocide, Sixteen Counts of Live Human Experiments, Twelve Counts of Mass Extermination, and Twelve Counts of Crimes Against Humanity and the People.

Gustoff Boden, Agent of the Ministry for State Security and the Interrogation Commander/Specialist, also a Former Captain of the Red Army during the Revolution. Boden was the right-hand man for General Ivanoff during the Revolution hence becoming the spokesman for Ivanoff on some occasions. Boden has issued a no statement and will not present any form of Case before the Court as stated on the Paper here before me. The Charges are as follows Sixteen Counts of Rape (confirmed), Ten Counts of Crimes Against Humanity and the People.

Erika Greta, Agent of the Ministry for State Security Interrogation Specialist under the Ivanoff Government. Former Lieutenant General in the Red Army during the Revolution. Greta was the main Interrogation Specialist for the Ministry for State Security, she outlined the types of torture to be used and when to use them. Greta went as far as torturing some People till the brink of death then stopping and healing them just to be able to torture them again. The Charge are as follows Thirty-Nine Counts of Mass Genocide, Sixteen Counts of Voluntary Manslaughter, Six Counts of Embezzlement and Two Counts of Statutory Rape.

Freya Nikkson, Agent of the Ministry for State Security the Internal Security Division of Black Site Moskovo. Former Captain of the Red Army Air Corps and Former Commander of the Women's Battalion of the Red Army. Nikkson has issued a no statement and will not present a case before the Court, however there has been a reason given as the Black Site is still not declassified as stated by the Government. The Charges are as follows Sixteen Counts of Mass Genocide, Six Counts Crimes Against Humanity and the People and One Count of Extreme Torture of a Human Experiment.

Helga Hans, Execution Commander and Specialist of the Red Army In Ahran and the People's Army. H. Hans is the Sister of Raberta Hans who both were in same Branch of the Military. H. Hans states that she was just following orders to escape with her life, she only joined the Red Army for the Money so she could provide for her family. She was found to be cruel when times were hard which got her the Position she was in, she became the Execution Specialist as she held no remorse for those she killed. The Charges are as follows Several Counts of Mass Genocide (Unknown Amount), Several Counts of Crimes Against Humanity (Unknown Amount) and Ten Counts of Embezzlement.

Raberta Hans, Execution Commander and Specialist of the Red Army in Lockiee and Heilig and the People's Army. R. Hans the Younger Sister of H. Hans who both were in the same branch of the Military. R. Hans states that she took full pride and full knowledge on what she was doing during the Revolution and After the Revolution. She has stated that if she did not do it who would, she got pure joy from Killing People who fought against the Communist and were Enemies of the State under the Ivanoff Government. The Counts are as follows Several Counts of Mass Genocide (Unknown Amount), Several Counts of Crimes Against Humanity and the People (Unknown Amount), Sixteen Counts of Mutilation of Humans while alive and Twenty Counts of Extreme Torture.

Robert Hans, Agent of the Ministry for State Security Interrogation Specialist under the Ivanoff Government. Former Corporal of the Red Army during the Revolution where many crimes of Genocide were committed by Robert Hans. Robert Hans is the Husband of Raberta Hans. Robert Hans has issued a no statement and will not present a case before the Court as stated here on paper before me. The Charges are as follows Thirty-Five Counts of Mass Genocide, Twenty-One Counts of Extreme Torture of Humans while alive, Twelve Counts of Statutory Rape and Thirteen Counts of Rape.

Lars Alberts, Colonel of the Red Army Extermination Squad in Northern Tatani during, before and after the Revolution. Alberts was a favorite of General Ivanoff as he begun killing hundreds in Northern Tatani before the Revolution happened and it would continue till the arrest of Lars Alberts. Alberts states that he took pride in his job and what he did for his life and regrets nothing, Alberts also pleads not guilty on the bases of following orders. The Charges are as follows Forty-One Counts of Mass Genocide, Twenty Counts of Extreme Torture, Fifteen Counts of Rape, Thirty Counts of Embezzlement, Sixteen Counts of Wire Tapping and Six Counts of Wire Fraud.

Markus Niles, Commander of the Red Army in Ahran Socialist Republic during the Revolution, Commander of the People's Army in Ahran. Niles was the main Communist Leader in the Socialist Republic of Ahran during the Ivanoff Government till the very last day of Ivanoffs Tenure of Office. Niles states he did nothing wrong other than what needed to be done. The Charges are as follows Several Counts of Genocide (Unknown Number), Thirty Counts of Extreme Torture, Several Counts of Illegal Search Warrens (Unknown Number), Several Counts of Embezzlement (Unknown Number), Sixteen Counts of Arson and Several Counts of Crimes Against Humanity and the People (Unknown Number).

These are the people who are on trial here and they are the ones who will face the final judgment at the end of the Entire Hearing, I would like to take the time issue this warning to the Public here in the Court Room and at home. If you are not able to deal with what will be said here during this trial then by all means do not be present in the Room or watch the TV while this Trial is ongoing. I also ask the Press to wait to publish all findings and statements till the Verdict Reading please, this will help us stop the ideas that will circulate like they did at he Ivanoff Trial and I do not want a repeat of that mess. Now I will hand the floor to the Federal President for a few Words.

The Federal President:

Thank you Chief Justice Ryan. Now today and the following weeks are most certainly going to be in our History Books in the future as it will dictate how this Country recovers and handles its past. The atrocities that these People have committed are gravely unsatisfying and disturbing no doubt but this Trial must happen. The Core Government paved the way for this trial and those that will come after this one and it is with that precedent that we must make those who committed such acts pay for their actions and show them and others that its not tolerable nor is it okay for such things to ever happen. It is my hope that with this trial and those before and after it will help us remember what has happened and what should never happen. Thank you, I will now leave the floor to the Chief Justice again.

The Chief Justice:

This Court will reconvene Tomorrow at 07:00 AST to hear the first Subjects case, the Case of Ingrid Clarks. Thank you all for being here today. This Court is in recess till tomorrow at 07:00 AST all will convene here tomorrow to bare witness to history in the making. Thank you.

The Chief Justice slams his Hammer down on his desk marking the end of the first session of Trial 19-6149001.

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The Red Trials | The Supreme Court of Ahrana

14 Friday 2019 | 07:00 AST


It was Friday the Second day since the Red Trials started, the First day of the Subjects Presentation of their Case the first of many to come. As the people in the Courts Lobby started heading to the Court Room where the Case would be held the rest of the duration of the Trials, they all looked at each other with a facial expression of confusion, eagerness and hope for some. Some looked for hope where the very thing of hope was not noticeable in a place like this. The Media were dressed like normal people in a court room and held on note pads and were being told not to release information till it has been okayed to do so. As the People and the Media walk in the Guards are at all exits and unlike the Ivanoff Trial these guards were not armed rifles but instead a standard Federal Police issued handgun and gear. The people got to their seats and sat and talked amongst themselves till the Head Guard stepped forth to speak:

Please rise for the Justices of the Supreme Court.

As the Four Justices walked into the room and took their seat the Chief Justice spoke:

Please be seated and bring in the Subjects to the Box please.

The Chief Justice had sat down while the Guards opened the Box Door and in walked the Subjects instead of wearing their Uniforms and Office Apparel they had been given the White Jumpsuits that Inmates get in the Prison System. On the back of each Jumpsuit it said, Moskovo Federal Maximum Security Prison. The Federal Government were not chancing it they placed them in the strictest Prison that was the closest to the Court and where they could easily move each of them without alerting people. They all go to their chair and were told to stay standing till they were told to sit. The Chief Justice then stood up and begin speaking:

During the duration of this trial you will all be asked to tell the truth to each question asked and you are expected to answer truthfully as by answering untruly will ultimately end in giving you a charge of Perjury and will be added to the list of charges. When it is your case that is being presented you and your Lawyer will be sat at the Defendant Chair and you will respect the Rules of the Court Room procedures while the State is presenting its case as will they when your case is being presented. You all agreed to follow the Court Room Procedure and Etiquette by signing the paper this morning when you arrived to the Court House. You the accused may all be seated now.

The Subjects and the Chief Justice all sat down and papers were shuffled at the head of the room by all of the justices, the First Lawyer was walked to the Defendant Chairs and the State walked to the Plaintiff Chair.

Ingrid Clarks please stand and step forward to the door to be walked down please.

As Ingrid was being walked all eyes were on Clarks many people looked at her with Shame others with rage, the silence in the room was intense and it could be cut with a knife as if nothing of sort happened. As the guard pulled her chair out and she sat the justice looked at her and begin speaking:

Mrs. Clarks, you do understand all charges that have been brought forth to you and that they have all been properly explained to you and describe on the meaning correct?

Yes I do your honor and I understand completely.

Do you have anything in particular to add to them or would you like to make an opening statement to this Court Room?

Your Honors I have nothing to add to them but I would like to make a Opening Statement if I may be allowed to.

Please go ahead with the Statement then Mrs. Clarks.

The Charges that have been placed on me are as they are and has been said yes, but what the people fail to realize that everything that I did was sanctioned by the Government and some of those people who were in the government at the time are still in the same positions that they were during the Revolution and after it. Why is it that I am being charged and not them they are the ones who issued the orders and the ones who told me to do what was issued. Yes, I did not challenge said orders nor did I question them, I took pride in those orders I was given and the ones I gave I would never change anything that I have done. It has been stated I created the system for imprisoning traitors to the people and of the Revolution that we all fought for, yes I did do such a thing. I believe that those who tried to flee and those who did not comply with the Party are traitors and deserve much more than what they got, they should've been killed instead they were just put to jail time. For those who do not understand the Military Way then I advise you to join the Military and experience it because now its noting its more of piece of S*** and isn't what it used to be its not the military I fought for and this is not the Country I fought to create this is a perversion of what the great Ivanoff created its a joke now.

Thank you Mrs. Clark that will be all from you now please sit down, also understand any use of that language in this room will earn you a seat back in the Detention Box the rest of the duration of your trial. The State may present the case now please take the floor.

Thank you Chief Justice Smith, now that we have the opening statement done I would like to take the time to remind everyone here that the things that will be discussed and shown is graphic and may be offensive to some people, if you are that person I do ask for you to leave without causing a disturbance. Mrs. Clarks has been charged with Four Counts of Mass Genocide in Peterburi, One Count of Mass Execution of Imperial Government Sympathizers, Three Counts of Embezzlement and One Count of Wire Fraud. These charges has been issued by the State or the Federal Government along with the Federal Republic of Peterburi which the majority of the crimes were committed. 

My first exhibit that I will show is a map of the Federation marked with the spots of which the Mass Graves are for the Genocide and Execution sites, I will also say before hand that all sites are not close to one another and they are spread out across Peterburi.

As the State Prosecutor set up his map the Justices pointed to the board to have it placed in such a way that they could see it as well as the people inside the room.

 Okay as you all see the first found site that was connected to Mrs. Clark was found In the Village of Jamsa in the Northern Part of the Federal Republic, inside this site a massive amount of bodies were found all dumped inside the pit many of them could be seen with bullet holes in the back of the skulls in the middle back on the spherical part of the back skull. When the Forensic Personnel finished sorting the bodies into groups of how they possibly died they found another group that had no bullet holes nor any marks of hanging like a small group of bodies had. Instead these bodies were examined further and were found that they were gassed with mustard gas which is highly dangerous for humans to breathe in and to be around as it is volatile to the body.

Sorry to interrupt you Prosecutor but could you give us a number of bodies that were shot, Hanged and Gassed please?

Most certainly can your honors, the number of bodies that were Shot in any form were 75 Bodies, Number of Hanged was 65 and the Number of Gassed Bodies were 92 bring the total to 232 Bodies total which was on the low end of the spectrum. Mind you all that these bodies were dated to the time of the Pre-Revolution when the Tatani Conflict was going on actually. The last two sites that were found were dated to be towards the end of the Revolution when the Provisional Revolutionary Government was in power. None of the what are being called "Genocide" Holes were filled during the Revolution as Mrs. Clark was called out to the Socialist Province of Thralhaven which we suspect she committed many more atrocities but we have not yet found the evidence for those one.

Prosecutor, Could you tell us exactly how the State became aware of these sites that were and are connected to Mrs. Clark were connected to her exactly. I and I believe the rest of us want to know how the sites were linked to her and if there were any leaks given to the Government or if they found documentation of the sites and so forth, basically explain how this was all found out please.

I will Madam Justice Victoria, these sites were connected to Mrs. Clark due to one of her man she commanded during the Revolution and Post-Revolution came forward with information and maps that had the locations on them. The Map before you is the actual map that he gave us and it is the actual map that was in the hand of Mrs. Clark during these acts and after these Acts. The person who has given me permission to call him to the Chair for Statement which I will call forth now, was none other than her Second in Command who at the time of all Acts was normally drawing up all battle plans. Mr. Viktor Samas please come forward to the Chair please.

Viktor Samas walked through the gate and looked at the Justices and took a seat.

Mr. Samas you took your oath before coming into this Court Room and have swore before a Government Official to tell the truth about all questions asked and things shown to you correct?

Yes I have swore that and I will tell all truths to all things asked.

Very well, Mr. Samas please state your Full Name, Rank, and Age for the court please.

I am Viktor Illyvanch Samas, Captain in the Federal Police Force of the Lavon District in the Federal Republic of Lockiee and I am 41 years of age.

Thank you Mr. Samas, now please state to me and the Court that the map you seen in front of you is the very map you presented to the Federal Procurator not long ago.

That is the very map that I handed over as evidence and that is the very map that Ingrid Clark had during the Pre-Revolution, Revolution and Post-Revolution period. I only came into possession of it when she had left it on my desk about a week after the Provisional Government was created and she had left to be in the Government Apparatus in Moskovo. I had been trying to get that map into my possession for weeks and she left the window of opportunity right before me one day. I turned it over to the Procurator who I knew was wanting to get their hands on to use against her in the upcoming case.

So what you say is what you told the Procurator of the Federation the day you handed over all evidence that he asked for?

Yes everything I gave him is what he asked for.

Did the Procurator offer you anything I nreturn?

No, he knew my wrap sheet for during the war and I did not hide the fact that I had a few things that would considered a Crime. When he asked me if I knew about my record of crimes and charges that were being brought against me I stated yes and understood jail time involved. I was recently let go from the Peterburi Correction Facility for my Charges and I have since been given a job in the Federal Police since I knew the structure and how to run the system of the Police.

If I remember correct you just got out of the Facility last week serving a 15 month sentence correct?

Yes Correct.

Very well that's all the question  have for you, you may leave and I levy for the Defense to be able to call him forth again if need be your honors. Your Honors I motion for a quick recess for say thirty minutes before my next piece which is highly disturbing.

Very Well Councilor for the State we will allow the recess we will motion for a thirty-five minute to allow those who wish to leave to leave.


(To Be Continued)

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The Red Trials

14 June Friday | Court Room 001


As everyone walked back into the room and took their seats the Justices were already in the room talking to each other. The Microphones were turned off of course but they were in a middle of a heated discussion that was cut short.

Would the State Councilor please continue delivering his case to the Court and to the People please.

The State Councilor got up and walked back to his map:

On this Map we have actually covered two areas of massive amounts of Bodies that were found, yes those were horrible but there is more to come. I have here a Document signed by Ingrid Clarks, on here she is a Lieutenant in the Red Army which has many perks but having her own Special Battalion was a unique one compared to the other in her area of rank. In this letter it is from the then General of the Red Army, Greggor Ivanoff, who permitted her to create a Special Battalion that would do two things. 1) Capture Non Revolutionaries regardless if they were Military or Civilian and detain them in the Northern Area of Tatani where they would be processed as traitors to the People and sent to Work for the rest of their life. 2) Those who cannot work nor will not work will and should be relieved of their Burdon on this world in whatever means thought of. 

Now This letter dates back to the Middle of the War and has a Classification Date Label till the Core Government is sworn in, the letter was found in a pile of Papers and Folders that where Declassified under the Reconciliation Act that the Core Government enacted. among this letter three other were found two from Mrs. Clarks and one from Greggor Ivanoff. Those two letters were numbers, numbers of the amount being "Processed" as she called it. When she said Processed its not the amount entering the camp its the amount leaving the Camp, the number I have on this paper is an exact number from books. 165,239 People were Processed and out of those 165,239 none were heard from again. When she said Processed what she really meant was, Exterminated. She signed the death warrants of 165,239 People in that Camp alone, there were two other Camps that were classified as Work Camps and I regret to say that those Papers have been lost as they were either burned or shredded when the Ivanoff Government Fell.

The Fact that Mrs. Clarks is responsible for a proven number so far of 165,471 Deaths just from her Camps alone plus the Mass Graves in the same area of Camp 0001 and claims she's innocent because she only followed orders. The orders she followed were the ones she created and sent to the Military High Council and in return they were approved by Ivanoff because he like her ambition and intuition, She is not innocent of the things she did she knows full well what she did and she did it with a sane mind and will.

That is all I have to present to you for the case of Ingrid Clarks your honors.

The State Councilor walked to his chair and sat down and took a drink of water and waited to see if Clarks would present a case like she was wanting to do.

At this time your Honors, Mrs. Ingrid Clarks states that given the States evidence and amount of reports he seems to have she wishes to present no case as she guilty of all charges and of sane mind and will on her actions nor and then. She does however want to make a statement if you will allow it?

Very well, we will allow it and after her Statement we will pass verdict after we have consulted the rest of the evidence in private.

Your Honors, and People of the Federation listening at home. I have committed many inhumane acts and I stand by them without shame, regret, or disloyalty to the Revolutionary Ideas of Greggor Ivanoff. I am the monster the State makes me out to be I admit that in free will, I am the creator of the Instalment Camps as they were called and I did condemn many to death in those camps as it was my duty to the State and to the People to rid the Country of that filth. I would gladly do it again without remorse or regret or fear of being trialed at a court like this, I am a hero to many and a hero is what I will die just like Greggor Ivanoff did when he died.

Very well thank you for that Mrs. Clarks you are done with your statement, the Court will be on recess for ten minutes while we discus the verdict on Ingrid Clarks. No one is to the leave the room till after the verdict reading.

The Justices get up and walk into the lounge area for them and they take a seat.

The President is on her way for the Verdict reading and will deliver the Verdict reading to the Room, now to the verdict those in favor of Guilty say aye and those in favor of not guilty day Nye: 3 Aye-1 Nye its a guilty verdict then. 

I say she is guilty on the Charges of Five Counts of Mass Genocide in Peterburi, Three Counts of Embezzlement and One Count of Wire Fraud and Six Counts of Crimes Against Humanity given the rest of the evidence I read through earlier.

I am sure we all agree there on that one Justice Victoria. The President should walk in any moment...….and there she is. Here is the verdict Madam President we await you to read and deliver the verdict.

They all walk in one by one with the President being the first out of the Room. The all line the podiums with their hands crossed and their face expression stern and emotionless.

Would Ingrid Clark please stand for the reading of the Verdict. Ingrid Clarks, former Lieutenant in the Red Army and the Peoples Army, the Charges of Mass Genocide on Five Counts, Wire Fraud on One Count, and Embezzlement  on Three Counts are rightfully place upon you as you have been found Guilty of those Charges by the Full extent of this Court and the Law. You have also been found Guilty of Six Counts of Crimes Against Humanity by reasoning of the "Projects" you created for the betterment of the State as you stated. Mrs Clarks, with the full power of the Law as given to me by the Constitution of the Ahranaian Federation I sentence you Death. After the rest of the Trials are done your sentence will be carried out swiftly and without hesitation. I hope you understand what this means, guards please take her to Confinement and put her on Watch till her Death sentence please.

Thank You Madam President this Court Will convene at 0800 AST on Saturday, 15 June 2019. Thank you and Case Closed.

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