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Yes! NationDates is back again. :) And this time it comes with writing prompts.

I've been snooping around on other worldbuilding communities and their Discord servers. A nice one is Worldbuilding Magazine. They have a "Worldbuilding Wednesday". It includes a weekly writing prompt. Here is a selection:

  1. When somebody has money to blow and a desire to travel in style, how do they do this in your world? Have you got a fancy car, prized steeds, or perhaps sleek ships that do the trick?
  2. Why was a town named the way it was? Why is the border strange-looking? What happened in the past to cause these things?
  3. Every world has that piece which people forget about. Tell us about what makes your forgettable corner of the world or region unique.
  4. Everyone likes to play a game, be it for gambling, simple chance, or education. In your world, what sort of games do your folk enjoy?
  5. Let's discuss medicine. What is your worlds most advanced medical salve, operation, or other treatment? What medical practices are being used despite the fact they are outdated? Do they know of germs, or have they discovered that germs aren't real and it's something else which causes ailments?
  6. What roles in your world/culture are affected by gender? An example would be how women in the music industry in America are much more likely to be solo performers, while men are seen more often in bands.
  7. What are some of the most prominent, influential, and/or divisive corporations in your world? What do they do that causes such a response? What do they do which most don't know about? What's their logo look like?

These selected writing prompts I shared are focussed mainly on a single person writing. If the aim is to establish ties between two people, there needs to be a twist that brings them together. Let's use the opportunity here to collect some of those ideas.

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Moved this into the regular parts of the forum. The writing prompts @Orioni gave are a good beginning of a list, so I'll add them. In case everything goes right, I think we could start the first sign ups at the end of the week/beginning of this weekend.

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I've listed them more as general ideas, so 'currency', 'wealth', 'immigration', 'entertainment', etc. That way, there's room for two people to come together.

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