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A Lighter Perspective


A New Capital for PyeMcGowan?

Malburg kolaž, Westia. The smal, village in southern Westia is fairly empty and incredibly flat. The area has a small castle, a private school, a country house and a population of 230. Then why would people think that this would make a capital city? A joint venture between the Royal Institute of Architecture, the National Urban Planning Committee And Ministry for Housing an Urban Development, has created a digital mock-up of the proposed city.

Our reporters got an early look at this digital capital.


The proposed National Strip, at the end is the proposed Parliament building, with a large arch designed by Paula Newbank behind.

The digitised 3D model of the city will be released to the public in July, and has been sent to Parliament for debate. The location is fairly central, and is 36 miles from the Westia  capital, Llanbwrgandi, leading to one reason for the capital move, a central location, symbolisinga equally represented nation.


Malburg House, Owned by the aristocratic Malburg Family, has been for sale since April, and has been chosen as the Prime Minister’s residence in the simulated city. The Residence would face the high court and Library of Parliament.

Many of the Aspects of the city already exist, such as Malburg House, Malburg Collage (to become the House of Nobles, and Parliamentary living spaces) and Curting Castle, which would become a Museum of PyeMcGowian History under the plan.



Ideas for privately owned buildings, such as the business district, have already been submitted by prominent companies, who have helped fund the project.

The Plan has been critisised for its tremendous cost, the project will cost tens of billions if approved, which has been a primary point in the argument against a new capital. Another point is the question, do we need a new capital? Charleston is already a global hub for business, and hosts some of the worlds largest banks and one of the largest Stock Exchanges, so is a new capital worth it for a futher sense of national unity? Tell us in our poll!


The proposed new foreign Ministry, Department for Foreign Aid And a Statue designed by the sculptor Mark Zoolander.

Construction Companies from PyeMcGowan and across Eurth have shown intrest in possible multi billion Poggle contracts to construct this new capital, which could have a population of 150,000-900,000, depending on the public reaction to a possible move. Critics have also critisised it as a way for the rich to get richer, and to keep the government close to the wealthy and powerful, especially as the Chief Designer of the project’s family owns a portion of the lands that will be bought by the government and private investors if the project is given the go ahead, which the Press Secretary to the Prime Minister called a possibility.


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