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Dniester Freedom Index

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The Dniesterian National Index Organization, has, in co-operation with their counterparts in Bulgenstatz, have made a freedom index.



Dniester - Dniester is the most free country on Eurth because of its amazing civil rights, devotion to the glorious cause of communism, and its fostering of freedom movements across the Eurth. Dniester also signs many nuclear power deals to keep the Eurth spinning and power to all. There is zero corruption and the military is the most powerful and splendid on Eurth. Dniester also has a program to keep its citizens in as to not cause them to defect from the country due to hostile propaganda poisoning the minds of many. That's why the Dniesterian Secret Poli[REDACTED]many. This is also why Dniester is #1 in EVERY RESPECT.

Bulgenstatz - Bulgenstatz  is the second most free country because of devotion to communism and its close ties to Dniester. It is lower because it has abandoned some Dniesterian ideals.

Fulgistan - Fulgistan is communist but it practices democracy

People's Republic of Faramount - The only true Faramount is communist but practices democracy and is lead by foreigners

Ahrana - Ahrana is communist but it maintains some good relations to evil imperialists (e.g. Prymont)

Iverica - Iverica has made weapons deals with the dniesterian government

Adaptus - Adaptus has made weapons deals with the dniesterian government


Derthalen - at war with allies of Dniester

Prymont - evil imperialist 

[CENSORS NOTE: Prymont has been moved lower for threatening freedom of the press in Dniester.]

S.I.C. - religion



1. Dniesterian South Zagorian Main Administration

2. Dniesterian Presidental Foundation

3. Bulgenstaz-Dniester Friendship Foundation

4. Dniesterian Army

5. Dniesterian Air Force

6. Dniesterian Air Assault Forces

7. Dniesterian Navy

8. Dniesterian Naval Air Corps

9. Dniesterian Secret Po[REDACTED]

10. Dniesterian Redaction Administration

...And many more!

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