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[Academy RP] A History of Fenarr.

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The daily meeting of the City Council's closed session began with all the normal functionalities and greetings that were standard nowadays. The meeting was held at its normal place, West 3rd Street, Bordansville, Fenarr. The city where they sat was old, that was for sure. Founded in 1794, before the emergence of the Fenarrian state, Bordansville was the main trading outpost for the Fenarr tribe which originally inhabited the mountains around it. Its walls were made of stone quarried from the surrounding mountains. It's buildings have stood the test of time, with most still made of the original stone. Over time, as the world changed around them, explorers from the city gathered more and more tribespeople from the frontier, bringing them into the city.

In the early 1800s, the tribes decided to band together and form Fenarr, after the tribe they were from. The new state only consisted of Bordansville and two towns at the base of the mountains in the fields and plains of the valleys below. Winters were harsh, though severe weather like tornados and flooding rarely occurred in the city. And in the rare cases such disasters did occur, they posed little actual threat. 

As the 19th century progressed, the newly established Fenarrians built up their defenses and started to research new technologies. Explorers departed to find new knowledge that would better serve the state. What they found wasn't of much use. Steam trains, riverboats, and other transportation methods weren't really applicable. A small steam railroad was built in the mid-1800s between the valley towns and Bordansville. The line proved too much of a hassle, as the rack and pulley system needed to run the trains up a steep grade was still in development at the time. Around the same time, the first explorations into the development of gunpowder and firearms were performed, and explorers brought back working muskets from other parts of the world.

As the dawn of the 20th century was drawing closer, the first of a ring of small forts were built by the stonemasons and the carpenters of the State. Each fort was equipped with a homebuilt rifled field gun, eight smoothbore field guns, and one siege mortar. Over the years these forts would be upgraded as technology progressed, as they are still in operation today. They were placed at high points in the valley overlooking the entrance to it, at high points along the road that leads to the towns, and finally, two of the strongest were placed at the entrance of the road which leads to Bordansville. They still are in operation today, manned by a three-person permanent watch, and twenty volunteers who man the forts in wartime or in times of crisis. 

The State's population had increased to a thousand five hundred by the early 1920s, and it remained stagnant throughout the '40s and '30s. During this time the valley towns merged into Carrack, and a population boom began, though small in nature. Throughout the '50s and 60's the first airport was introduced to the State through the building of an airstrip that was built to handle small commuter aircraft in a modern way. The history of Fenarr between the '60s and '80s was one of expansion. Modern computers, a new, updated railway, and an expansion of international financial banks created a culture of Fenarr being a tax haven for individuals and corporations alike. The 90's to the present was characterized by the establishment of a new airline, an expanded railway, and a population of over three thousand. Today, Fenarr is a modern city, with modern technology and institutions. Foreigners are welcome as now as ever. 

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OOC @Fenarr As I understand it, this story outlines the history of Bordansville. Tall mountains surround Bordansville. Two more villages exist in nearby valleys. During the early 1800s, these towns join together to form Fenarr. Slowly the city-state grows into rich and compact mountain municipality. Really nice. Really vivid.

If I had to give some pointers on what to add, it'd be similar to the previous stories.

  1. Characters. Was Bordansville named after Mr/Mrs Bordan? When Fenarr was formed, who was the first ruler? How does Alex Smith, your Head of States, fit into all of this?
  2. Locations. In your first story about Joseph Schultz, he takes the train to Cabalrosk. Is this one of the nearby towns? You mention a ring of small defensive forts; were any of them named after an important hero?
  3. Numbers. Supposedly by the 1990s, Bordansville has 3000 inhabitants. Yet it has an airport and an international banking centre. This seems rather small. Compare this to other places such as Davos (11K), Liechtenstein (38K), Jersey (99K) or Zurich (380K).
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