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Internal Power Struggles in Dniester

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After returning from his speech at the Presidental Building, Chairman of the Communist Party of Dniester, Enver Hoxha, was disgruntled. His grand speech, which was meant to be his magnum opus, instead, it was a sign. A sign that he wouldn't stay in his position. A sign he'll be quietly removed and forced into retirement with hardly any benefits for his years of service. He's been in this damn position since 1992! He knew his days were numbered. Unless... maybe he can contact his allies in the Army and Secret Police. Maybe he can hold onto power, but not as a simple Chairman. As the new President. He got on the phone and called his ally in the Secret Police, General-Commissioner Adamski.

"Have you heard my speech?"

"I have. Tragedy with the denial."

"I have a plan."

"Let me guess, you want to coup the government?"

"How'd you know?"

"Its pretty easy to guess. I bet the President doesn't know though, the old fool. When do I start?"


"That quick?"

"With the speech in the world's mind, I can get the Fulgistanis to support me."

"Very well."

He had the same conversation with his allies in the Army, the political officers, and the Field Marshal of the 3rd Ahranian Border Front. By tomorrow, he'll have a whole division in Minsk to seize power. Things were shaping up nicely. Very, very nicely.

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On May 1st, after some unexpected delays with the General of the Army, soldiers from the 3rd Ahranian Border Front rode into the Dniestrian Capital of Minsk. Traffic was halted, the police either joined the soldiers or were shot with no remorse. Martial law was declared, the Presidential Guard made a valiant defense and held out for 4 hours before tanks began to show up. In the meantime, while the President was cowering in his bunker, the mastermind behind this, Enver Hoxha, made an appearance on State TV,

"Those, who went against my motion to declare war upon the Derthalers and unleashed held out in the capital, are criminals. But this is not only a crime of individual bandits and pogrommakers. Everything that took place and is still taking place in Minsk is simply those who resist change. It has been organized by Communist revanchists, Fascist leaders, the President, and others.
Under the cover of 'neutrality' they, recruited bandit troops of mercenaries, who were accustomed to murders and violence to support the Derthalers against our very allies. A petty gang of politicians attempted to impose their will on the entire country. The means by which they wanted to govern Dniester have been shown to the entire world. These are the cynical lie, bribery. These are cobblestones, sharpened iron rods, automatic weapons and machine guns. They hoped for the unexpectedness, for the fact that their impudence and unprecedented cruelty will sow fear and confusion. They are wrong. To-day, the Army has moved in to restore order. Citizens, stay in your homes. Martial law is declared until order can be restored. Even now, the President cowers in his bunker. He will not last long. Long live the Party! Long live the State! Long live our Motherland!"


The state of Dniester is now in a state of quasi-civil war. The consequences of these actions are unknown, but they cannot be good.




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