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Meanwhile, In Reality

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@IPS Temp Admin was having a relatively nice day. He sat at his desk, sipping some strong black coffee and logged in to his terminal. Everything was going well, he had just topped-up on gas, that cute receptionist at the building's lobby smiled at him as he came into work today, and he had just finished a rather tasty panini.

Briefly scanning through his work agenda, he decided to dive right into the first item, a help request from a user named "Orioni" on a particularly strange domain named "Europans.com". Shrugging, as he dealt with the world's anti-social weirdos pretty much every hour of his work life, he clicked the link and dove through the hundreds of text and graphic based files.

Which is when everything started to turn pear-shaped.

The window on this floor shattered with a resounding crash, sending shards all over the stunned occupants of the Invision Free office floor.

A millisecond later, men in black fatigues and balaclavas abseiled down, swinging into the office and shouting at the screaming panicked masses to get down or be put down.

IPS temp admin vaguely made out the roars of "SSO IVERICA, NOBODY MOVE. DO NOT RESIST OR YOU WILL BE SHOT", being shouted repeatedly. The team systematically tore through the cubicles, zip tying people and clubbing any resistance down with the stocks of their carbines.

IPS temp admin slowly sank to the floor of his cubicle. He couldn't make heads or tails of this. Who were they? Why would they come here? What did Invision Free do?

His thoughts were suddenly interrupted again by a bang from the fire escape door as it was blown clean off its hinges, several strangely dressed bohemians stormed into the office space, sashaying down the space between cubicles like one would a fashion show runway.

The leader, dressed in a tastefully sexy leopard skin leotard accented with sterling silver spiked studs twerked his/her hips and swept two Varinco PDWs held akimbo around the room. 

"If any of you want to get out of this with an intact orifice, you'll do as we say. This office is now under the fabulous Het Apparth @Variota protection."

The lead SSO element looked like he was about to say something in protest when the ceiling came down, showering them all with insulation bits and asbestos.

A flash grenade dropped to the floor and suddenly, the room was bathed in a wash of blinding white.

When the noise cleared and the afterimages left his eyes, IPS temp admin made out a shout of "TAL DIAN! Burn those @Rihansu f*ckers" as the already wrecked ceiling was torn by an exchange of automatic fire.

Suddenly, IPS temp admin, now cowering on the ground in confusion and shock was lifted, more like dragged, out of his cubicle.

"Come with me if you want to live.", said the figure, his voice deep and resounding over the chaos of the firefight raging around him. IPS temp admin still couldn't make out more than a silhouette as his eyes burned from oversaturation of light and sheer tropey Michael Bay action.

"WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE??!" IPS temp admin screamed, his voice cracking under the strain, coming off as something between a shriek and an injured cat's yowl.

"You accessed the wrong files, saw the wrong plans. You put a hole between our worlds, worst of all for your world...", there was a dramatic pause.

"You're all Elves".

There was a damning finality to the man's tone, as if it were a judge sentencing a man to death row.

IPS temp admin understood none of it, yet still, he managed to muster a terrible wailing scream as he sobbed in mixed confusion and terror.

"HEY! One of them is getting away!", cried a voice.

Suddenly, all the guns in the room were turned towards the figure dragging IPS temp admin down the aisle. The figure broke into a run, hefting IPS temp admin in a fireman's carry... and jumped out the window.


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