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The Dragon Awakens

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The document would arrive in a sealed canister, with a wax emblem of the banner that flew within that of the Imperium. It would be carried to several different nations, arriving at diplomatic offices and so forth, getting to the people it would need to. Its appearance was that of an off white, nearly cream in colour. The tips were ebony, and seamless in the transition. The emblem of the Imperium's banner engraved with wax. Once said engraving was split, the canister would come apart in two neat pieces, and within was a bit of an ornate scroll. It was stylistically done in old script, as well as upon a style of parchment not seen in some time.


Upon opening of the parchment, unrolling it, the words would come alive, with the scent of ink and the papyrus, mingling as one.

By decree of the Crown Prince Ji'mar Be'la Kyorl, First of the Line to be Emperor, Fleetlord of House Kyorl and Rightful Heir to the Throne of the Sovereign Imperium of Machina Haruspex, 

The following statement is thus made via the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

The Emperor is dead. Sa'Karn Renor Elemmiire of House Renor Elemmiire, twenty-eighth ruler to sit upon the throne of the now Imperium, has passed peacefully into the beyond. The nation mourns the loss of this great man, this hero whom turned the dark shadow of war into itself, and thus defeated it. We whom nearly split the world apart, now stand united in our mourning for the passage of this individual. Our Lord sought to undo many of the damages that others before him had committed against the Occidental and those beyond. 

In these uncertain times, even as we hold fiercely to one another, another beacon of light emerges, and so to face against the times ahead, the nation embraces the First in Line Heir, to lead them from this dark moment in our history, to the those pages yet unwritten. 

And so in this moment, we extend the olive branch towards old counterparts and new associates beyond and within our realm of influence.

Let our old comrades and those who wish to be counted amongst them, step once more within, to lay rest a dragon, and bear witness to the future of change that is happening within the Imperium.

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Taipei_101_view.jpgMail-Administrating Centre, Yuyake 101, Government Seat of the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands

Although the architectonic style of Yuyake 101 was based on the historical fortresses of competing warlords who once reigned over the islands centuries ago, the tower was way more worthy of the description "fortress" as any other building in the entirety of the archipelago. Everyone and everything going in and out of the building was meticulously examined to prevent any kind of seditious activity that might have somehow avoided the tightly-knit net of surveillance spanning across the entire nation. Naturally, this also included any and all letters and parcels delivered to the national government. The personnel and security forces were prepared for uncountable scenarios, from envelopes containing anthrax to pipe bombs. Therefore, it wasn't surprising that the entire office went on full lockdown when a cylindrical container of unknown make and origin was picked up by the sophisticated array of scanners and sensors. Sirens blared, staff sought shelter behind blast-proof barriers and an elite EOD squad set up shop immediately. The nation had made bad experiences with explosions in government towers before, and the tragedy of 2017 should not repeat itself at any cost.


The officers were calm, besides its weird shape, there was nothing indicating the object to pose an immediate danger. The x-ray analysis did not show any mechanisms that could ignite a charge. Nevertheless, Lucy, a bomb-defusing robot, was dispatched to confirm that no other danger, for example, toxic gas, loose powder or highly radioactive material was contained within the cylinder. A microscopic camera on a thin, snake-like, robotic arm (turns out surveillance states usually produce high-grade cameras), that was introduced into the object through a tiny borehole, showed the team what was inside the container: a single, rolled parchment.

Business was resumed and the unknown object was forwarded to the head of the mail-administrating centre, who, with the help of their staff, identified the seal on the capsule to be the Imperial Seal of Machina Haruspex, a nation the Radiant Republic did not share any recent history with. Carefully, the parchment was unravelled and translated. The message was immediately forwarded to the foreign office after which it made its way onto the desk of Theresa Tumbleweed, the Prime Minister of the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands, who, upon reading it, began formulating an official answer.


TO: His Imperial Majesty, Crown Prince Ji'mar Be'la Kyorl of @Haruspex

It is an honour of the greatest degree, that I, Prime Minister Theresa Tumbleweed of the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands, may be the first representative of my people to reply to Your most gracious letter.

First, let me, as an emissary of this humble nation, to pay respects to the life and legacy of Emperor Sa'Karn Renor Elemmiire. May his striving towards peace be an example for future generations.

Furthermore, I express my thanks that You, and the entirety of Machina Haruspex, consider us worthy of comradeship. As a nation of peaceful diplomats who have learned from the sins of our forefathers, we rejoice time and time again when another nation chooses to emerge from the veil of isolation and reaches out beyond its horizon, especially, when a realm as esteemed as it is ancient, such as Yours, is the nation in question. Truly, let the beacons of diplomacy be pillars of light raking towards the night sky, guiding the way through the turbulent waters of global relations.

As a sign of peace and friendship between our people, I, Prime Minister Theresa Tumbleweed of the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands, hereby propose the establishment of consulates to tie the connections that should have been tied so long ago.

May our ancestors approve of our actions and may our descendants take pride in walking down the path we chose.


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Artificial sunlight streamed forth and into the somewhat large room, coinciding with an alarm that was piping from a screen upon the far right wall. Some forty stories high, the small circle shaped window seemed more as a port hole then anything else. The light turned red as it touched the tinted glass and bathed the interior in a sort of soft radiation red hue. Eyes blinked for a few seconds, then a slow yawn, before swinging his legs over the side and down. Sliding to his feet, the body in the mirror exposed to show the form of the individual in question. Crown Prince to be, Ji'mar. A slow stretch of arms, up and over his head, fingers interlocking behind as he twisted hips to the right and left.

After a moment spent washing up and so forth, he returned to the room and to the closet to the left. A faint appraisal of what lay therein, and a momentary judge of articles of clothing. Which shall it be today he so wondered. Eventually he settled. Fashionable and utilitarian. Comfortable yet purposeful attire, a black suit, grey shirt, and a set of pips upon the right collar. Shoes to match the occasion, and a black watch of tempered steel as an accessory. 

Stepping forth from said room, once more greeted by the Imperial Royal Guard stationed on either side of the door. A polite nod given, and lo behold, one of them did move. A small prong like emblem on the green armband was the only difference between the others present as his eyes could see. " My Prince " The legionary began with. " Your transport is awaiting you upon pad ceti-3." A casual nod of acceptance given and he allowed himself to be led by the ranking legionary officer.

Punch of key codes, the tone of sounds all but lost in the howling of engines as the door itself opened, moving in counter clockwise fashion, the metal unsealed. This was a reserved pad, all part of the royal family's service. The transport was an ungainly but reliable aircraft known as the HIA TR-02 Aykma (Eagle). This one had been geared for a more civilian approach but still retained its passenger armor and safety mechanics. It was his choice really, others before him had more ornate transports, but he believed that this was more suiting of his tastes. It also helped him maintain a connection with the military. A moment in thought as stepping through the now opened portal and down steps. 

The emblem upon the aircraft was beholden to the Seventh Circle. A sort of military command similar to the old Russian FSB. Complete with independent security forces, equipment and agendas all their own as handed down by those apart of the royal bloodline. As admiring the aircraft, a set of boots heralded the arrival of someone. Turning, it was as he expected slightly, someone he knew.

" You've set the stage for the other nations to see us. " Garen spoke calmly as the figure of Ji'mar stood before him, flanked by Circle security officers, and the IRG legionary from earlier. Anyone else might be worried, but Garen's posture wasn't tense. The Prince's reply was also unstrained.

" So it has been. " Ji'mar gave Garen a once over. " Guess you grew older when I wasn't looking ". He offered a playful smile before motioning for Garen to accompany him upon the transport, and once within and settled, continued. " We'll have time to talk for a moment, proceedings with the court made me curious, about what we shall do with our fate, the ideas of destiny and the future of the nation as we awaken once more. "

Garen allowed a grin to surface before he spoke up once aboard. " I am curious to the responses the missive you sent out on behalf of the Third Circle, I bet our southern neighbor is having a fit of conniptions about now. " Light cock of head to the left and then towards the window presented. The city that never slept looked a bit different somehow. " Who has responded so far? "

" A nation that the Third Circle and its diplomats have no knowledge of, other then they were recipients of an invitation. " Brief vibration and then the feeling of weightlessness as the VTOL hurtled down in a steep descent, away from the center of the city and towards the outskirts. An area of Anathan that was controlled by the royal family and by extension, the military, of which maintained a diversionary suburb on top of a hive of various offices and other sorts of areas. " A nation known as the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands. "

Garen nodded a bit. " There isnt much that the Seventh Circle has on them either, our intelligence corps are have woefully outdated dossiers on many of the nations in the area now. We'll have to fix that proper. " A security officer leaned over and whispered something to the Prince as Garen spoke. The VTOL transport leveled out some and came in on an approach towards the northwestern area of the massive Royal Ward.

It would land slowly but surely upon a helipad ringed by a garden, with a singular path towards the beginning of the estate maintained by the staff of the royal palace. It was a bit of a walk away, curving about the exterior, passing a checkpoint and through a small tunnel that led to an open area, a place of mourning, sadness, and memories. The tomb-graves of all whom had passed in the royal line, so far as the court was so concerned. His mother and father alike, now joined in stone, in poses befitting them before death, and their headstones. His mother with a smile that even of stone carried a warmth to it, and his father's stern but wise gaze. 

He offered a slight bow of head to both of them. " Beloved Mother of mine, Honored Father of mine, I have begun to see your dream unfold. I pray that the gods are kind, and that you shall get to observe this land of ours from on high." A sombering gaze fell upon the stonework before he directed his worlds to Garen who stood nearby. " The nation desires the old ways with the passing of my father, before those whom come to stand at our side and sup with us at our tables, they shall stand by me as we give my father his rite of passage to the beyond." A pause. " Let them come to the fatherlands, and weep with us Garen." 

The intelligence officer, dabbler of diplomatic arts blinked at being directly named, told what to do. " As you say My Prince. I will direct the Third Circle to make preparations for the funeral, and to have foreigners within Prathen when it is time."

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Little had been heard from the Haru for years.

And that in and of itself caused the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion, the Holy Imperial Government, a not small amount of consternation.

In fact, so little had been heard that there had been the assumption that Arhomaneia's northern neighbour had undergone some sort of a cataclysm, albeit a very quiet one. The Epistrategaion, the Tagmatine high command, had even considered activating some of the invasion plans that they had written up, like they had when it looked like the Grand Federal Imperium of @Adaptus was falling into disarray. The main aim would be to make sure that none of the dangerous stockpiles that the Sovereign Imperium was thought to possess fell into the hands of unsavoury individuals. More unsavoury than the Haru usually were, of course. Any such invasion wasn't to be taken lightly – even the most optimistic projection had the armed forces of Tagmatium fighting for a decade. And that was without any of the aforementioned stockpiles being used.

A sealed cannister that was conveyed to the offices of the Logothesion ton Barbaron, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, halted any such plans before they had gathered too much steam. This time, there would be no scenes that took place on the Adapton border as an entire army group was halted before it could accidentally invade an ally – the largest single traffic accident in the history of humankind would not be repeated. The sealed tube was handed to one of the people at the front desk and a single glance at the wax seal betrayed who it was sent by.

The person sat in shock for a moment before their colleague leant over and took a look as well. Any Arhomaioi would recognise the flag of the Heart of Christendom's closest barbaroi neighbour.

“Jesus Christ. That needs to go to Goulielmos, right now.”

Of course, it didn't go to the Megas Logothetes straight away, as it was passed through a metal detector before it made its way any further into the building. Even if it was urgent, there was no sense to throw established security routines to the wind.

The first that the Megas Logothetes himself knew of the delivery of the seal was as the double-height oaken doors to his private office were opened. In a stunning breach of protocol, the deliverer did not even bother to knock at the door before entering. The words of chastisement that Eugenios Goulielmos was about to utter died as he caught sight of the cannister as it was carried towards him on a golden platter. The bearer's footsteps echoed across the marble floor as they made the way to the large desk at the end of the room. Eugenios unconsciously started to drum his pen against the top of his desk in a somewhat uncharacteristic display of nervousness.

He wasn't aware of the droplets of green ink, of a specific colour only to be used by Megaloi Logothetai, that sprayed across the desk as he did so.

The aide stood before the desk and a second detached themselves from behind the desk, walked forward and took the cannister from the golden plate, turned and placed it upon the green leather blotter in front of the Megas Logothetes. The plate bearer stood before the desk as Eugenios Goulielmos turned the cylinder over and looked at the seal. He did a comedic double take as he recognised the emblem on the seal and then he stared long and hard at it.

“Well, f*ck me.”

Such as comment didn't quite befit the exalted dignity of one of the highest offices in the Megas Agios Basileia but the three words certainly demonstrated the surprise that the Tagmatine felt. It had been quite some time since Arhomaneia had heard from its northern neighbour. The interactions between the two nations had not often been peaceful.

“I presume that this has checked over?” Goulielmos asked of the nearest of his staff.

The woman nodded. “It has, Megas Logothetes.”

That didn't surprise. There would be easier ways to start a war than poisoning a foreign minister and it wasn't exactly their style, anyway. If the Haru wanted to fight the Megas Agios Basileia, then they'd probably boil across the northern border or down the river valley that demarcated the border. And then into the lines of defences that had existed for generations... Goulielmos shook his head, dismissing that thought. Diplomatic isolation would be the least of the worries of the Sovereign Imperium if they decided to poison him in such a manner. He wondered if any other nation had received one but he supposed that that kind of hinged upon whatever the message contained.

Shrugging to himself, he held out a hand. A third ministerial aide stepped forward and handed the Megas Logothetes a letter opener without even having to be told what Goulielmos wanted. Lightly, Eugenios drew the blade across the seal and broke it. The tube then fell apart quite smoothly and extracted the roll of parchment from one of the halves. It was all remarkably theatrical, he thought. Very in keeping with Machina Haruspex.

From a man who had had three different people help him with opening a letter, it was sadly not an ironic thought.

He unrolled the scroll and started to read. It was a relatively short message and he was finished quickly but he stared briefly at the wall opposite him before he picked up a phone handset from its ornate cradle on his desk.

“Put me through to Mystikos Boionannes, please.”

There was a pause as the Megas Logothetes was put through to the private secretary of God's representative on Eurth.

Mystikos, hello. I have something here that Kommodos needs to see, right away.”



To: The Foreign Ministry of the Sovereign Imperium of Machina @Haruspex

From: the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomaion

Your majesty, Crown Prince Ji'mar Be'la Kyorl,

It comes as a shock to the people and country of Arhomaneia to learn that his majesty, Sa'Karn Renor Elemmiire, has passed from this world.

For many years, his majesty Sa'Karn sat upon the throne of the Megas Agios Basileia's northern neighbour but it could never be said that he sat idle. It was during his reign that our two great and powerful nations approached something that might be considered normalised, for the first time in decades. Because of that, he will always be considered a worthy and noble ruler by the Arhomaioi.

The Sovereign Imperium and the Megas Agios Basileia have had a chequered and often fractious history – the defences that our two nations still yet maintain on our borders demonstrates that. His majesty Sa'Karn was able to to show to the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion that the Haru could be more than enemies who ever threatened the northern border of God's chosen nation on Eurth. Indeed, in time, our nations became allies.

Thus, it is not just with surprise that Arhomaneia hears the news of the death of his majesty Sa'Karn, but with sadness as well. He may not have been a great Christian ruler, but he was a great ruler nonetheless.

May God guide us through these sorrowful times,

Eugenios Goulielmos,

Megas Logothetes

of the

Logothesion ton Barbaron

of the

Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomaion

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Standing before a force, the dragon awoken again, the royal family led by Crown Prince Crown Prince Ji'mar Be'la Kyorl, Lesser Prince Ajax Hur Elemmiire, and Vicelord Kaorin Renor Elemmiire, their aunt and sister of their father before marriage to their mother, Jaiyan " The Kind " Kyorl. Surrounding the trio was that of Seventh Circle Vicelord Garen Thadias Orn, Third Circle Vicelord Nize Kra'xuth, and Fifth Circle Tihun Xun. 

Other notables included Aria Hallas Zun, Vicelord of House Tagnik Zun, Baroness Beira Vek Elemmiire of House Vek Elemmiire, and her kin and sometimes rival, Duke Yasa Elemmiire Orn II, of House Olath Orn. There were other nobles, high ranking clerics and so forth that were spread across a vast dasis. 

To the left and right of the crown prince himself, were the diplomats of foreign nations, most notably their southern one to the right. The other nation that was still more or less unknown was given that of the left side.

Before all, a singular sarcophagus lay, composed of glass, with the body within it. When the time came, his father, and former emperor would be anointed in flame, his ashes given to the statue beside his mother within the royal tomb yard. Beyond that and the four knights at each corner, lay an army vast. The Haru legionary elite, the three main house legions followed by the rest of the minor houses, plus that of the standing national imperial legionary armed services.

Ji'mar stood before a selection of microphones, adorned in black for this day of mourning and remembrance, and something else as well. He spoke firmly and with conviction into the waiting microphones. His voice carrying across the tens of thousands present in their legionary attire, to the hundreds of thousands more beyond and the millions watching upon the many outlets of social media and television.

" The Haru-dakat people have shown extraordinary displays of grief in the days since the death of our leader, Emperor Sa'Karn Renor Elemmiire on April 4th. Today marks the start of a two-day funeral ceremony, as thousands of you will line the streets of Prathen to witness the procession of vehicles as it made its way to Royal Memorial Tomb yard."

He paused to place his left hand against his chest visibly to the cameras. " I weep with all of you for the loss of my father, a guiding light for all of us. In his place as I will take the lead of this great nation, shall our future expand. Many of you wonder, shall we cross sabers with our foes of old and yore, and I say to you, nay. Nay shall we threaten the lives of those we call ally. May they rest easy." He turned to Kommodos in this moment, and then towards the representative from the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands.

" Our expansion shall take the land that we know so well. They have gone dark in the modern age once more, and yet all of us have shared a piece of our souls there. The northern lands of Beautancus have fallen to the wayside. It is up to us to bring our lost Cussian brothers and sisters to a familiar home. To till the land, and to build anew, cities that spill forth light into the night sky. You my sons, my daughters, my brothers, my sisters and uncles, fathers and mothers alike, you brave legionary before me, that shall be your task. After we lay my father to rest besides our fairest mother, shall the Haru-dakat take back the ancient lands north of us, and shall we all be reborn into the age ahead."

Ji'mar stood silent for a moment, looking ahead, before saying once more something into those waiting microphones. " I speak as the Emperor now, and with it comes the burden of command, the trials of leadership. In this moment, I remember words of my father. Let's change our sadness to strength and courage. Remember these words, remember our trials, and our history. Our flame has yet to be diminished, let us burn brightly in this new age!"

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The assembly was unlike anything ever conducted in the Sunset Sea Islands. Even back in the days of the Empire of Mat Troi Lan, the emperor would never openly speak in front of the military and after the empire fell following the crushing defeat in the Thalassan War, there was no military the King could have addressed. Even though the Sovereign Empire of @Haruspex appeared to be modernising and opening itself to the wider world, centuries, maybe millennia of cemented imperial and martial traditions had shaped the nation into something truly exotic for a citizen of the Sunset Sea Islands. This culture shock was amplified even more by the lack of previous contact between the two nations. The delegation of the Radiant Republic found itself to be one of very few international guests. It was very unusual for representatives from the other end of the world to stand on the same stage as Haru and Adapton nobility, the Occidental nations were known to like to keep to themselves when they were not blockading Argic nations for a change of scenery.

The new Emperor's speech was certainly portraying him to be a wise and charismatic leader. Although openly admitting to expansionist ideas was something rare in the political landscape of the Sunset Sea Islands, the delegation was involved enough in SSI politics to be aware of the plans of the Radiant Republic to exploit the humanitarian crisis in the neighbouring island nations that didn't manage to recover as well from the war as @Andalla, for example. However, the promise of not rekindling old conflicts and the invitation of Sunset Sea Islandian delegates to this monumental ceremony in the heart of Prathen was a clear sign that the Sovereign Empire was willing to cooperate more with the outside world. Maybe one day the Haru would also consider the Radiant Republic an ally, and, as all of the Sunset Sea Islandian diplomats knew, where there are good relations, there was prosperity for all the parties involved.

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