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I need your help!


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Hi all! Sage here. I am asking for your help because you are all either young or foreign web surfers and I need your opinions! All I ask is that you fill out this quick survey and then send it back to me asap at sageluvsu@hotmail.com




Do you surf the web?


When you go onto a website, what is the first thing that catches your eye?


Are there any sites that you consider to have excellent visual appeal? (if so, please write link in)


If you came across a firefighting website, what would you want to see on it?


Would you like that site to have a forum where you could ask questions?


What is the most important part of a website in your opinion?


Would you consider buying firefighting merchandise online?


What would you like to buy from a fire brigade?


Are there any fun additions you would suggest for children?


Any other comments?


Thanks guys, I appreciate your help.


Love Sage

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questionairrre indeed...



-title, good colours (black or dark backgrounds never look that good in my opinion)

-er, well, obvious, sddresses, numbers (aside from 999 obviously rolleyes.gif ) er, some decent pics of fire engenes, maybe some pics of firefighting in action...

-yes, forums are always good ideas, but only if they are updated regularely

-most importent part: title page, it gasbs attention, also it should be easy to get around, if you hide links or make it too complicated visitors often wont bother

-firefighting merchendise.... to be honest ive never considered buying it at all! but if i did, it would probobly be online, not that many high street shops stock fireproof suits and massive hoses!

-er, any old fire engines! to be honest, no idea...

-ooh, ooh, how about a little flash game, go around putting out fires in a dinky little truck, with a massive hose! actully, scrap the kids, i want that!

-any other comments, good luck with the website!

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Thanks to all who did this for me, and all of those who will do it now...*evil glare*


I am doing some research to aid my fire brigade in the reconstruction of our website. No I will not tell you which one, because that could open stalker lines... rolleyes.gif

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