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We of the HIA-Haruspex International Arms, would like to extend our thanks for viewing this purchasing catalog of various products meant to ensure defense of your sovereign borders, expanding into territory you desire, and or complimenting your army or perhaps even building your first.

Haruspex International Armaments (HIA) has been putting ideas into action for our clients since 2005, supporting the sale of arms, munitions, vehicles, aerocraft, naval technology, space technology, research and creation of bioweaponry,biologicals, radiologicals, chemical class weaponry and more to any and all that can pay our prices. Furthermore we offer a wide range of high-priority defense requirements working just within the confines of international law, so that we may exploit the work, efforts, and people who toll in our factories to produce quality products for our customer base. As per a fair number of our general admittance employees are considered dissidents and or prisoners, there is a vast amount of savings to our customers as per these workers do not need payment, which drives the cost of our products down.

Haruspex International Armaments espouses a free trade agreement with all nations whose budgets can afford our weaponry and equipment. Everything from relatively simple small arms systems to that of high tech weapons can be found via our product catalog.

HIA is amongst the leaders in the development of highly innovative and effective solutions for our clients. We deliver tailored solutions without bias for specific technology, and we are committed to helping government, industry, and nonprofit organizations gain and sustain a competitive advantage.

Keep in mind that we offer a wide breadth and depth of services and capabilities, and many projects combine the strength of several of the following four categories, bringing the appropriate experts from throughout the company to work on your project. We partner with our clients to ensure they benefit from the full breadth of our capabilities.

Advanced Materials and Manufacturing – HIA engineers and scientists are combining metals, ceramics, and polymers in novel ways to provide superior structural solutions. We’re developing advanced armor and innovative ways to protect weapons platforms from mines and other threats. We continue to develop innovative approaches to mitigate metallic corrosion and other forms of material degradation. From product design and development to surface-engineering technologies to robotics, HIA offers world-class manufacturing improvement capabilities.

Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (CISR) – HIA products and engineering services are helping warfighters and security workers achieve information superiority. HIA’s nascent technologies and solutions are enhancing battlespace awareness; improving communications, information assurance, intelligence analysis, and technology protection.

Readiness – Technology enhancements help keep a multitude of nations prepared at a moment’s notice. HIA is advancing the development and deployment of reliable and secure information networks, streamlined business practices, efficient and effective logistics solutions, and training transformation initiatives and technologies to help meet diverse needs.

Energy and Environmental Sustainability – HIA delivers sustainable advanced energy and environmental solutions by leveraging our extensive background in advanced fuels, distributed power, alternative energy, environmental management, and strategic sustainability planning. HIA’s work focuses on advanced and emerging technologies that can contribute to energy diversity and security, environmental sustainability, and pollution prevention, as well as waste management and clean-up.

Haruspex International Armaments is not only a manufacturing source of weaponry, it is also a private military consulting firm founded in Hades, initially existing as a private security agency but quickly expanding into private military contracting and weapons research & development.

The particular details of the company's origin are unclear, as well as the specifics of how they managed to quickly gain a foothold in the military consulting business. Corporate headquarters are located in the ward of Sveld. Current industry estimates place the total value of HIA's current contracts at several hundred billion credits.

The company has consulting, training & procurement contracts with state-owned and privately-owned military and law enforcement agencies in the Imperium the territory protectorate of Kaldana, as well as those it holds military and trade licenses with, such as the nation of Korrodos.

Furthermore, the corporation aids in the development of research, and progression of the next generation of armaments designers by being a partner of the prestigious Legion International University and through it, The Legion Defense College. 

Haruspex International Armaments Is composed of three divisions:

- ARS (Armaments Research Systems): involved in original & acquired weapons research, development, and sales
- Executive Enterprises: a civil-military operations (CMO) consulting firm, provides specialized legal, financial & public relations services to client military, law enforcement & security organizations
- HIA-MPS: military operations division, providing highly-qualified professional military operators for a variety of functions including, but not limited to: executive protective services, advising client governments & organizations in armed forces training, and sensitive site security

List 1.2 Corporate rank structure (in decreasing order of seniority):
CE-6 Su Nal Valk Sargtlin (Chairman & Chief Global Strategist)
CE-6 Fas ri Valk Zun (President & Chief Executive Officer)
CE-5 Dimar Vek Zun (Vice-President & Chief Operating Officer)
CE-5 Jin Ka Me Sargtlin (Chief Procurement Officer & Director of the Armaments Research Systems Division)
CE-4 Tiyu Havsu Bel'la Kyorl (Chief Information Officer)
CE-4 Atra Vek Elemmiire (Chief Financial Officer & co-Director of the CMO Consulting Division)
CE-4 Nimak Vlos Renor (Chief Legal Officer & co-Director of the CMO Consulting Division)
CE-4 Tsari Ri Mzil Velven (Director, Military Operations Division)
CE-4 Huran Vek Elemmiire (Chief Technology Officer & Director of Special Projects)
CE-3 Saade Tagnik Zun (Chief Information Security Officer)
CE-3 Medra Vlos Zun (Chief Accounting Officer)
CE-3 Faya Huat Jargo (Chief Medical Officer)
CE-3 Toran Buki Elghinn (Behavioral Sciences Consultant)
CE-3 Lanias Hallas Zun (Lead Engineer, Armaments Research Systems Division)
CE-3 Lidra Masai Elemmiire (Lead Tactical Officer, MIlitary Operations Division)
CE-3 Hura'Ni Hallas Zun (Lead Training Officer, Military Operations Division)
CE-3 Zan Hallas Zun (Littoral Operations Officer, Military Operations Division)
CE-3 Nizan Grail Zun (Target Interdiction Instructor, Military Operations Division)
CE-3 Horus'Ni Renor Vlos (Fixed-wing pilot & Military Operations Division Aerial Warfare Consultant)
CM-4 to CE-2 Jeban Officers (senior managers & junior executives within the CMO Consulting Division)
CM-4 to CE-2 Jeban Field Commanders (squad & platoon leaders within the Military Operations Division)
CS-1 to CM-3 Jeban Regulars (riflemen, automatic riflemen, grenadiers, marksmen, frogmen, combat medics, and tactical communications operators within the Military Operations Division)

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Small Arms

  1. MSG-01 10mm +P+ class 7N31 AP - Submachine Gun PU $688 NSD, (1,000) BO $688,000.00 NSD
  2. HBAS 6.8mm +P+ class 7N31 AP - Bullpup Assault Rifle PU $862 NSD, (1,000) BO $862,000.00 NSD
  3. GAR-01TB 6.8mm +P+ class 7N31 AP - Automatic Rifle PU $814 NSD, (1,000) BO $814,000.00 NSD
  4. ACS-011 9.5x76mm - Semi-Automatic Shotgun PU $592 NSD, (1,000) BO $592,000.00 NSD
  5. CCNML-01 12.7mm - Anti-Personnel Sniper Rifle PU $3,000 NSD, (1,000) BO $3 Million NSD
  6. GLM-01 6.8x54mm - Light Machinegun PU $1,280 NSD, (1,000) BO $1.28 Million NSD

Infantry Support Weapons

  1. SRH-2 Man Portable Artillery PU $22,000 NSD, (250) BO $5.5 Million NSD
  2. 9M-Z Man Portable Anti-Aircraft System PU $7,000 NSD, (250) BO $1.75 Million NSD
  3. CSM 01-A Mine PU $1,080 NSD, (1,000) BO $1.08 Million NSD
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Land Based Systems

Logistics Vehicles

  1. 387 Communication's LS/MOR 449 'MOTHER' Radar System PU $290 Million NSD, (100) BO $29 Billion NSD
  2. VCI FS-42 Tank Hauler Military Logistic Vehicle PU $360,000 NSD, (100) BO $36 Million NSD
  3. H17 3.5-Ton Cargo Truck Military Logistic Vehicle PU $134,000 NSD, (100) BO $13.4 Million NSD

Tactical Support Vehicles

  1. Nihypuid (Runabout) LTV Light Tactical Wheeled Vehicle PU $8,000 NSD, (100) BO $800,000.00 NSD
  2. Vannad (Ferret) Light Multirole Vehicle PU $116,000 NSD,(100) BO $11.6 Million NSD
  3. Rihdan (Hunter) Light Multirole Vehicle PU $100,000 NSD, (100) BO $10 Million NSD

Armored Vehicles

  1. HIA Q39 Nota'man (Devil) Anti-Tank Vehicle PU $680,000 NSD, (100) BO $68 Million NSD
  2. S-17 APALV Armored Anti-Personnel Vehicle PU $1.2 Million NSD, (100) BO $120 Million NSD
  3. S-12 Half Track Series Armored Personnel Carrier PU $480,000 NSD, (100) BO $48 Million NSD
  4. LAV-25 Jeban (Viper) 6x6 Infantry Fighting Vehicle PU $845,989.00 NSD, (100) BO $84.5 Million NSD
  5. S-11 Infantry Fighting Vehicle PU $711,080 NSD, (100) BO $71.1 Million NSD


  1. S-94b Jelduno MK II (Victory MK II) Main Battle Tank PU $2.52 Million NSD, (50) BO $126 Million NSD Trillion NSD
  2. Rubmeda (Hoplite) Light Tank PU$980,000.00 NSD, (50) BO $49 Million NSD

Artillery & Rocketry Systems

  1. TAC-12 155mm 45 calibre Towed Artillery PU $400,000 NSD, (100) BO $40 Million NSD
  2. Ryssan (Hammer) Self Propelled Artillery PU $1.2 Million NSD, (50) BO $60 Million NSD
  3. Valkirie MARS Multiple Launch Rocket System PU $778,800 NSD, (100) BO $77.8 Million NSD
  4. Tajem (Devil) HMARS Multiple Launch Rocket System PU $1.1 Million NSD. (50) BO $55 Million

Anti-Aircraft Systems

  1. Pylg Cdyp (Back Stab) Multi-Purpose Missile System PU $1.3 Million NSD. (100) BO $130 Million NSD
  2. Chybban (Snapper) Multi-Purpose Missile System PU $1.1 Million NSD, (100) BO $101 Million NSD
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Aerocraft Systems & Aero Technologies


  1. Hehzy (Ninja) UAV Technology PU $150,000 NSD, (100) BO $15 Million NSD

Missile Technology

  1. P-800 Uhoq (Onyx) Anti-Ship Missile PU $68,000 NSD, (250) BO $17 Million NSD
  2. 231L Myhla (Lance) Surface to Air Missile PU $55,000 NSD, (250) BO $13.75 Million NSD
  3. R4 Dymuh (Talon) Surface to Air Missile PU $56,000 NSD, (250) BO $14 Million NSD
  4. R7-SGFFM Anti-Tank Missile PU $70,000 NSD, (250) BO$17.5 Million NSD

Ground Attack Aircraft

  1. HAD S30 Sylrada (Machete) PU $2.7 Million NSD, (15) BO $40.5 Million NSD
  2. HAD S37 Nyddman (Rattler) PU $29.3 Million NSD, (15) BO $439.5 Million NSD


  1. HAD 22b Lupny (Cobra) Light Strike Fighter PU $4.7 Million NSD, (15) BO $70.5 Million NSD
  2. HAD S34 Jahus (Venom)Light Strike Fighter PU $34 Million NSD, (15) BO $510 Million NSD


  1. HAD S39 Jeban (Viper) Fighter PU $40.3 Million NSD, (15) BO $604.5 Million NSD

Heavy Lifters

  1. HAD HT-01 Vycd Muytan (Fast Mover) PU $65 Million NSD, (20) BO$1.3 Billion NSD

TE-VTOL Gunships

  1. TE-01B Dymuh (Talon) PU $51 Million NSD, (20) BO $1.2 Billion NSD

TR-VTOL Transport

  1. TR-02 Aykma (Eagle) PU $37.3 Million NSD, (20) BO $746 Million NSD

Attack Helicopters

  1. Ryfg (Hawk) Model Series 01 PU $21.4 Million NSD, (20) BO $428 Million NSD

VTOL Heavy Lifters

  1. V-33H SuperFrog PU $30.2 Million NSD, (20) BO $604 Million NSD
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Naval Technologies

Patrol Ships

  1. 202 Cemjanvecr (Silverfish) Class FPAC PU $25 Million, (10) BO $250 Million


  1. 205 Ymekydun (Alligator) Class PU $134.2 Million, (5) BO $671.5 Million


  1. Cay Kut (Sea God) Class Multirole Amphibious Assault Ship PU $2.830 Billion
  2. Dymuh (Talon) Class Multirole Amphibious Assault Ship PU $2.37 Billion


  1. 214 Olath Vlos (Dark Blood) Class PU $964 Million
  2. 210 Dekan (Tiger) Class PU $706 Million


  1. 212 Cfunt (Sword) Class PU $765 Million
  2. 208 Ryssan (Hammer) Class PU $597 Million
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HIA Information and Research Division News


Field trials of the new HIA artillery reconnaissance system have been completed.

The new HIA Creamt Series 01/A (Shield, Pronounced: "KU-raeayahm-te") mobile weapon locating system, commonly known as counter-battery radar, designed to detect and track incoming artillery and rocket fire to determine the point of origin for counter-battery fire.

The tests, which took place at HIA's Operational Combat Testing Ground, allowed to confirm the technical specifications of the Creamt Series 01/A, which significantly exceeds the counter-battery radars, which are now in service with the HIL (Haru Imperial Legionary).

Counter-battery radar Creamt Series 01/A is intended for reconnaissance positions of enemy artillery. Thanks to a powerful radar station that operates in the microwave range, the radar “sees” the artillery shells, and the powerful digital system “builds” the trajectories of their flights.

When locating enemy artillery, the radar tracks the up-going trajectory of shells, calculates their points of origin and impact and, with other information, displays it to the radar operator(s).

The new Creamt Series 01/A has a larger antenna and can detect guns at 28 km, mortars at 30 km and rockets at 55 – 80 km depending on their size, and locate targets.

The Creamt Series 01/A provides effective firing activity under the conditions of reduced visibility and enemy electronic counter-measures; increase of the reconnaissance and killing area by a factor 8 to 10 times, in comparison with the battalions equipped with standard facilities; reduction of fire mission execution time by a factor of 1,5 to 2 times; reduction of the ammunition expenditure by a factor of 2,5 to 3 time.

HIA, after successful completion of field tests, is ready for serial production of Creamt Series 01/A to provide the HIL (Haru Imperial Legionary) within three months and an export version within six months.

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HIA Information and Research Division News


 HIA Chief Procurement Officer & Director of the Armaments Research Systems Division, Jin Ka Me Sargtlin said HIA has successfully conducted a long-range precision strike missile test on 4 April.

On Thursday, the advanced version of the LRPM-01/B missile system, called the "Ynnuf-B" (Pronounced: "AEnnoo-fe"), has been tested, with its missiles being capable of striking the target almost twice as long as those that are currently on armament of the HIL (Haru Imperial Legionary).

The ARSD Officer reminded that last year, the mass production of the “Ynnuf-A” missile system was launched; the system was put on armament of the HIL (Haru Imperial Legionary), “its missiles hit the target precisely at a distance of 70 km”.

“But our designers and manufacturers continued to work on the further improvement of missilery, and very important tests of the modernized “Ynnuf-B” system, with its new missiles striking at a distance of 130 km, have been carried out today”.

According to Officer Sargtlin, the use of missiles for the destruction of targets at the maximum range, as well as the accuracy and efficiency of the target destruction was checked. “The missiles confirmed the specified characteristics, precisely destroying the targets at a distance of 120 and 130 kilometers”, – he said adding that the work of the new command system, the effectiveness of the navigation equipment, and the quality of the new missile fire control system were also checked.

Within the shortest time, we received a more powerful missile, and I want to emphasize that the work of our scientists and designers within the framework of the implementation of the missile program approved by the ARSD, continues systematically”, – the ARSD Officer noticed.

He informed that in the near future, it is expected to complete the development of a new generation of missiles of this class, capable of striking targets at distances of 200 and more kilometers. Especially concerning ever frosty relations with southern neighbor The Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium and Western neighbor The Grand Federal Imperium of Adaptus, the military and HIA are continually at work to keep the fatherland secure.

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TO: Chief Technology Officer & Director of Special Projects Huran Vek Elemmiire of @Haruspex International Armaments


my name is Liên Viênxuân, CEO of Elegy Corporation.

This appears to be the first instance of our corporations interacting, therefore, let me express my respect for You and the workers of Your company for their decades of continuous industriousness.

The reason why I seek to get in touch with You is Your recent advancement into a market which is currently under the monopoly of Elegy Corporation: mass data analysis and crime prevention algorithms. The Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands, whose government is a valued customer of my company, is a prime example for the success of such measurements. Ever since the nation-wide implementation of the Synapse System, an AI-optimised system cumulating and evaluating CCTV footage, internet traffic, movement patterns and profiling data, in 2017, the crime rate in the SSI plummeted. Never before, in the entire history of the Sunset Sea Islands, has the risk of terrorism in the nation been lower. The success of our product has sparked international interest, resulting in individual applications of the Synapse System overseas.

The newly announced system for Collection and Analysis of Open Source Data produced by Haruspex International Armaments and the Imperium Security Services appears to be in direct competition with our own flagship product.

However, Elegy Corporation has always been supportive of disruptive technology. Although we believe that healthy competition is a driving force in the development of new and revolutionary technologies, we prefer to invest our funds into R&D than brand competition campaigns. As a sign of goodwill, Elegy Corporation hereby suggests limited cooperation to exchange know-how between our nations and to improve the quality of our products. The growing tech capital of the Radiant Republic, the city of Tenma, might be an ideal spot for our companies to work together to optimise the technology both of our companies develop for the sake of a safer tomorrow.

We hope that You will accept this proposal, for the sake of safety and the future prosperity of our corporations.



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HIA Global Operations Legality Division

Addressing: Liên Viênxuân, CEO of Elegy Corporation.

From: Nimak Vlos Renor (Chief Legal Officer & co-Director of the CMO Consulting Division)

Subject: S.C.A.O.S.D.

We appreciate the concern that the respectable Elegy Corporation has over our project with the Imperium Security Services, this modern age has seen a growth and a need for such systems as this. On behalf of HIA and the Legality Division, we have been authorized via the upper echelons of the corporation to go ahead and conduct limited sharing of technologies and ideas to improve either of our brand's product.

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HIA Information and Research Division News

Haruspex International Armaments, in corporation with its subsidiary food brand, HMP has won the contract to provide the legionary with their combat/patrol rations. Formerly VCI's contact, the outbidding by HIA has been successful and our rations will begin circulation within the next three months.

Our current staple rations are of the following types:

Delicacies of the Haru field kitchen packed in handy airtight packages! A ration pack like this is supposed to keep a soldier operational for about 12 hours. Not only for being Haru but also because of their army surplus nature, we can't sell them for actual consumption.

Blistering with delicious Imperial Ministry of Defence-approved content, everything packed separately in airtight containers so the legionnaire can pick the battles - some things are best left uneaten, while others can be consumed right away... only your imagination and stoutness of mind are the limits.

The basic package contains:
Main course
Snacks and desserts
Beverage powders
Dental gum
Salt & pepper

(These Accessories come with every ration pack):
2x Water purification tablets
Flameless heater
Durable plastic utensils
A durable minigrip bag
3x Wet wipes
2x Tissue paper
Menu sheet

Menu Varieties

Patrol Combat Ration Pack: Occidental Menu 1
Chicken & Vegetables Meal 350g, bun apple 100g, protean drink powder apple flavour, isotonic drink powder grapefruit flavour, 50g Tropical Fruit & Nut Mix; 30g Fruit Sweet – Pastille Block; 50g Chockablock Bar; 50g Sesame Seed Bar; 2x 20g Sugar sachets;  9g Dental Gum.

Patrol Combat Ration Pack: Occidental Menu 2 
Beef Curry Meal, 350g; Cinnamon Bun 100g; Apple Flavour Protein drink Powder; Orange Flavour Isotonic Drink Powder; 50g Tropical Fruit & Nut Mix; 30g Fruit Sweet – Pastille Block; 50g Chockablock Bar; 50g Sesame Seed Bar; 2x 20g Sugar sachets; 9g Dental Gum.

Legionary Deployment Ration Pack 1
2x 300g retort pouches – Chickpea & Mutton Stew and Chicken Biryani; 2x 125g packs Salted Biscuits; 1x 55g pack Sweet Bran Biscuits; 1x 85g Vanilla Cake; 2x 50g Pineapple Paste; 2x 20g Peach Jam; 100g vacuum-packed Dates; 2x 30g Fruit Jelly; 1x 15g sachet of Clear Honey; 4x Isotonic Drink Powder; 2x Instant Coffee; 2x Tea Bag; 2x Coffee Creamer; 4x Sugars

Legionary Deployment Ration Pack 2
1x 250g can of Meat Stew with Pearl Barley; 1x vacuum-sealed bag containing 100g Rye Bread; 1x 50g sachet of freeze-dried Rice Porridge with Blueberries; 1x 42g pack of Boiled Sweets; 1x 20g pot of Honey, 1x 20g pot of Blackcurrant Jam; 1x 50g pack of Mixed Cashews & Almonds; 4x Dried Coffee sachets; 1x Citrus Green Teabag; 2x 20g Sugar sachets; 1x Chewing Gum strip;

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From: Haruspex International Armaments

To: The Offices of Hrafn Hf, Kingdom of @Ateenia
CC: The Offices of The Second Circle [SCMCC - Military Command and Control]
Subject: Military Hardware Acquisition Via Diplomatic Channels

With authorization from the highest authority of the SCMCC, one Kaorin Renor Vlos Elemmiire, Fleetlord of the Northern Territories. HIA will begin shipment of the Tajem (Devil) strategic rocketry system to the Kingdom of Ateenia. The kingdom's Ministry of Defense is then authorized to do with said weapons platform as they wish. 

Product Shipped To Kingdom of @Ateenia, via Ministry of Defense channels
[*] [1] Bulk Order of: Tajem Strategic Rocketry System

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